How to progress on the game and finish the levels ?

How to progress on the game and finish the levels ?

How To Progress On The Game And Finish All The Levels ?

Here Is Some General Tips :

How to progress on the game and finish the levels ? image 2


Some players had difficulty to pass the levels after the new patches, that tuto is to help them with some tips.

1-First of all, when you start a new game, you should buy health potions and keep a lot of them in your inventory, never start an other level than the level one without multiple health potions.

2-Don't be shy to dodge the attacks with space at the start, it could prevent some damage. Never stay motionless and you will be harder to be hit by archers !

3-Don't be shy on the start to use your bow, he is really nice at the start but less on later levels. Again don't stay motionless with the bow !

4-You can make the same level multiple times to farm gold and get a better inventory, Forsaken Height and Ghost Cave are really good to get a lot of gold. Forsaken gives almost 3000 Gold + some loot to sell and best armor and weapon cost 13 000, you got really fast a really nice stuff

5-Try to find as soon as possible a rounded shield because it protects you from the arrow when you use mouse2.

6-The best Fate is the fireball spell, it causes a lot of damage, if you find it, take it.

7-Take the bonus on the map, there are some red, yellow, blue angels and they are usefull because it increases your statistics.

8-A ring gives you some armor points, it is not write but it will gives you some armor points.

9-To farm, there is a ring giving 10% coins drops, he is really nice, buy it !

10- Don't take the weapon with the most damage amount but with the more damage per minute, especially you need a fast weapon to deal with ennemy swarm.

How to deal with the Wizard skeleton (fireball skeleton) ?

They deal a lot of damage but they are easy to counterplay :

1-you need to use your sword versus them, wait them to shot and dodge it : then fight them hand to hand with a sword.

2-play with wall and other ennemy, they can burn themselves if they miss their shot on an other entity or a wall close to them.

How to deal final chamber with a lot of ennemy ?

1-When you got few health potions remaining, don't forget the market is selling health potion, you can buy at the market during the fight !

2-When there are Wizard skeleton, they launch fireball and that can friendly fire the others ennemy so if you don't stay motionless, they will help you to pass the level by killing their own friends.

3-Try to kill first archers and fast ennemies (burnt zombie or ghoul for example)

So a final replay to illustrate below, there are fireball skeleton and a lot of ennemy, i got only two health potions remaining because i did bad but i will survive with all the tricks explained before. Gameplay isn't perfect, i took stupidly a fireball and i wasn't able to climb a wall (probably a missconception for that one) but it will illustrate the tricks. That was ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ fun part of my game !

Enjoy !


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