How set up BepInEx for SWPT Script Mods

How set up BepInEx for SWPT Script Mods

Brief Overview (What Is BepinEx?)

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BepInEx is a universal Unity plugin loader to allow code execution and in-memory patching for games that do not have native support for it.

This loader is set apart from other plugin loaders as it has support for editing .DLL assemblies without requiring changes on disk, which makes it extremely powerful to make changes with.

This Guide will help you quickly install BepInEx version 5.4.11 which is afaik the only one compatible with She Will Punish Them.

Step 1 (Link To GitHub And Release)

Download BipinEx by Clicking this Here[]

Alternately you can Download BipinEx installer made by aedenthorn by Clicking this Here[]

Once you reach the download page download the one named:

If you download any others BipinEx will not work with SWPT. I don't know why but that's the one that works.

Once Downloaded Open up the .zip file with WinRaR or 7zip.

Step 2 (BepinEX Extraction)

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Extract the .zip's contents into your SWPT directory located here:

(YourDriveLetter):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\She Will Punish Them

You should have the following now in your game's directory:

Now open your game and wait for it to fully load into the main menu. Once its fully loaded everything you can close the game.

(How To Install A BepinEx Script Mod)

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Goto My other Guide and choose a Nexus mod.

Alternatively you can just goto the SWPT Nexus Mods[] page yourself.

Choose a mod, for this tutorial we will install a mod called Loot Vaccum by aedenthorn[]

Which is a very good mod that I recommend using if you hate constantly picking up items.

Click the Files tab and click "Manual Download" and wait for it to download to your PC

Once downloaded Open the .zip file and extract the LootVacuum.dll into your Plugins directory:

"(YourDriveLetter):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\She Will Punish Them\BepInEx\plugins"


You are done. You have successfully installed BepinEx and a BepinEx Script mod for SWPT. Remember to launch your game so BepinEx can load the script then Create a .cfg file for it so it will work in your game.

If you want any more mods visit the nexus page or my other guide for some links.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helped you all!


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