Scoped Sens and Targeting Sens Guide


I remembered during Cannon update stream they talked about they were going to reduce the LR15 Fullbody's zoom which meant its 1:1 scoped sens is prolly going to change

Earlier I did some tests to find LR15's and Phantom's pistol P12K's 1:1 sens values in order to find my Scoped sens and Targeting Sens settings and posted em in a random guides comments section

Prolly wasn't the best idea

After this update I decided to check both of em again but instead of using the pistol I used Phantoms Assault Rifle Nightshade and it was different

Which made me realise just like how now our 2 Snipers doesn't share their 1:1 Scoped Sens anymore

Many main weapons and pistols doesn't share their Targeting Sens either

I didn't test every weapon sadly

Too lazy to do that

But I will give the list of weapons I have checked here so anyone who wants to can get some use out of them

Sens Values

-Tests were done during Canon update-

Scoped Phantom LR15 FullBody Sniper=67

Scoped Fixer Tyr Sniper=44

Targeting Switchblade MLX Mark 4 Assault Rifle=72

Targeting Phantom NightShade Assault Rifle=75

Targeting Phantom P12K Pistol=77

Targeting Switchblade Spitfire Pistol=77

Targeting Dahlia MX-R DMR=75

Targeting Switchblade 24S SMG=77

Targeting Lancer Striker 8x10 Shotgun=77

Targeting Lancer 24S SMG=77

Targeting Lancer Spitfire Pistol=77

Targeting Runway Assault Rifle Hydra=75

Scoped Runway LR15 Fullbody Sniper=67

U can see how I reached these values in this imgur page

I am not sure how accurate they are but they look and feel rather accurate

Extra Info

Even tho I didn't test all and every weapon, based on these we can get some general info

Zoom value doesn't seem to change between characters. Its bound to the weapon not the character, and it make more sense this way anyways, but I just wanted to be sure and checked some weapons on different characters to see if anything is different

Most if not all pistols seem to use 77 for their 1:1 Targeting Sens

Most non-scoped Main weapons use either 77 or 75 for their 1:1 targeting sens and only exception to this was MLX Mark 4 Assault Rifle which zooms a bit more than any other non-scoped weapon I have tested. It might have something to do with the fact that weapon had scope during alpha

Even tho I only checked 1 SMG and 1 Shotgun I would assume based on them being short range weapons they all prolly use 77

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