Things I cannot unsee in Ready or Not

Few Things

I don't have all the weapons unlocked, and I don't know if any of this stuff will be fixed. Anything you find, mention in the comments. I am lazy and didn't feel like putting pictures in, so good luck scavenger hunting for these. If erection lasts longer than 4 hours, seek medical attention.

General Issues

I say "issues" but it's really one thing. Shell casings in this game are all ♥♥♥♥♥♥. All cases ejected have intact primers with no dimples. Sad. Any and all magazines thrown on the floor will be empty, regardless of how much ammo there is in the magazine.

The Primaries

Many of these fit into similar errors, so I will just list error and the weapon.

Ammunition doesn't QUITE make contact with the magazine's lips- M4A1, MP5A2

Reloaded magazine is empty (the ones in asterisks I can't tell but I think they do)- SA58, *M4A1*, *MK16*,

*G36C*, *MP5A2*, UMP45, *MPX*

Fire selector does not properly indicate it is safe- SA58, SR16, ARWC, HK416, MK16, SLR47, G36C, ARN18, MPX

Fire selector does not actually work. Like, at all.- R7 Launcher. Permanently on safe. M4A1 is permanently semi auto.

Sad double stack moment (When you fire 29 rounds and still see 2-3 rounds in the mag)- All double stacked magazines. SA58, SR16, ARWC, HK416, MK16, SLR47, G36C, ARN18, MPX, MP5A2

Ejected round is not fired- All shotguns. This means the 870, the M4 Super 90, the bean bag, and even the breaching shotgun.

Unique problems

Dimples- The damn M32A1 Flash.

Stinky bolt slams forward when checking after dumping the hopper's contents into the bad guy- Tac700 of course. Bonus: your hand goes through the grip. Ain't that fun.

Shotgun moment- All shotguns have no auditory or visual safety when switching between firing modes. Also, you can seemingly hold 7 shells in your hand and reload them all. The 870 and the beanbag shotgun have the unique problem of some strange material coming through the back of the gun when pumping.

The Secondaries

In this category, most of the weapons have unique issues.

G19- Barrel tilts back down when reloading from empty before the slide comes forward, ammunition when popping a fresh mag in to top off the gun's capacity is slightly recessed in the magazine, and this strange thumb thing when checking mags. Your left thumb basically snaps back into a firing grip after checking magazines. You can see it when you check your magazine near a wall.

M45A1- When the slide is back you can see through it (look at the ejection port), and the thumb thing again. The witness holes in the magazine show full capacity all the time, but it's subtle.

May 21 2022 update to information: Ejects the wrong shells. it ejects 5.7 shells which is strange.

.357- D I M P L E S

P92X- I can't tell if it has the thumb thing (I checked as of May 21; it does), and you can see the rounds in the gun appear and disappear from the back of the slide during various animations.

May 21 2022 update to information: Ejects the wrong shells. it ejects 5.7 shells which... uh... no.

Taser- The doors on the reloaded magazine aren't there until the animation is over.

57 USG- Thumb thing is back in action, and the slide lock (release?) is disengaged when checking the magazine.

May 21 2022 update to information: the slide catch doesn't function like on the real pistol anyway. In game, it rotates. In reality, it should slide upward.

USP45- Checking your magazine near a wall while empty shows the ammunition still in the magazine before it is out of the gun. Also, the slide bite I used in the branding image. It's even worse with operators with thicker gloves.

The Long Tacticals

The breaching shotgun is already covered.

However, the M320s are not. And we know the problem with those.

D I M P L E S.


All the gun models have at least one problem in some way, shape, or form. This is not the only game where you see this, either. Any other things you guys see, as I said, put them in the comments.


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