How to use REAL drugs to get better at ready or not

The Gaming Guide

Have you heard of estrogen? its a drug that can be taken in pill form to make one appear more feminine, Taking estrogen will allow your skin to become smoother, smooth skin means less friction with joints and the gamer mice and keyboards for quicker movement and smoother aim.

eostregen prevents sweating in large ammounts so you can spend less time in a shower and more time gaming and becoming a better pro gamer, less sweat also allows for more traction on the mouse.

Shaving all bodily hair is common place in sports like running, cycling and mma, make sure to shave all body hair to reduce drag and increase RAW SPEED, allowing for crispier headshots and cleaner flicks.

Maintaining a good operating temperature allows for quicker thinking and reaction times make sure if its cold out to wear a pair of gaming spec thigh high socks optimised for heat intake, thats right wearing these you will be so hot, and if its warm inside your gaming lair make sure to wear fishnets for maximum airflow.

Using dark makeup like eyeliner allows for light to easily enter your retinas so you can actually see enemies quicker, MAKE SURE when doing this you also put on long eyelashes to keep beads of gamer sweat dust and grit out of your newly painted gamer eyes.

Finally make sure to change your ingame name in to a womans name and speak as much like a female as possible, this may trick the ai into thinking you are a female, the ai and other online players are programmed in this game to yell misogynistic slurs at you distracting them lowering their reaction time.


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