How to Run (or atleast walk faster)


Step 1: Open Options

Step 2: Navigate to Controls -> Interaction

Step 3: Scroll down until you find "HOLD LOW-READY"

Step 4: Assign it to the Key you'd like (probably Shift)


Instead of walking with the Gun out, ready to shoot at any given moment, like this

the SWAT Character will now hold his weapon down low.

This is NOT only for role-playing purposes, it will also make you walk faster.

Good To Know

The "running" is also applied to the Bots that follow you. If you give them a call, and they take a while to get to where you called them to, you can hold the assigned key to speed them up a little.

Be aware, as you might have guessed, you can't shoot whilest running around.

Don't Hate Me, Please :(

I know that this is not the type of game where you want to rush in and take everybody out asap. But everyone I played this game with has asked the same first question.

"Can't I go faster?"

The "Speed-Boost" you get is very small, BUT it does make you a little faster.


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