Good practices and how not to get shot.

Good Practices And How Not To Get Shot.

To begin with, I dont know anything, I am not an operator, I will only talk about things that work in the video game.


Dont use it.

Right now everything ram can do, breaching shotgun can do better. If you breach a door with explosives rigged to it, you will kill yourself and your teammates.

Breaching Shotgun

Shoot a door in its corners or the handle, not at the center. Breaking the door prevents a door from being opened, closed or kicked.

Breach from a distance, some doors are rigged with explosives.

Flashbangs & Stingers

Unless you know a rooms layout exactly, dont throw flashbangs or stingers into a room. Furniture can block a suspect's line of sight to your grenade.

Instead bounce it on the floor, and have it stop just beyond the door body. That way, anyone who would see your entrance would be dazed.

Lean & Peek

Use lean to peek only for a moment, or to shoot. Dont lean more than a second. Only body part that would protect is your opposite foot. However, leaning is faster than strafing, and that is the entire point of it.

You can also use lean (Alt Lean) to look down from ledges or thin walls.

Dont make your fingers play twister on the keyboard while you are trying to shoot.

Corridors & Corners

Use zigzag formation while moving down corridors. First guy moves along left wall, second moves along right, third the left again and so on. That gives everyone the widest angle to protect each other.

Approach corners giving your teammate the widest angle to shoot. For corners at the end of corridors, that means taking the longest path around it.

Every door can be opened both ways, turn them so they dont block your view down a corridor.

Doors & Entry

Dont open doors standing in front of them. Dont open doors while you are leaning into them either. Stack up on either side of the door. The guy opposite of the handle, takes a peek, checks for traps, backs off into cover, then opens the door. The guy on the opposite side, slices what he can see through now open doorway, then goes in. First guy follows behind.

If there are teammates behind a door you would like to open, flash your light through the bottom, that might prevent a friendly fire incident. Suspects dont react to lights as of yet.

Dont needlessly kick doors, this alerts all suspects nearby and they could give you a hard time. A suspect directly behind a door will get dazed if you kick a door onto him, but I have seen this glitch and fail, so better avoid it for the most part.

Trigger Discipline & Friendly Fire

Average human reaction time is about 200-300ms. Depending on your age and if you expect whats coming or not, this can change. This is the reason we use buffer zones in traffic.

Imagine your teammates in a capsule each. The radius of this capsule, is the maximum amount of distance they can run, before you react. You do not shoot into this capsule.

Similarly, do not tailgate. When you are moving in a column, through a doorway or otherwise, leave gaps between each person. If they ever have to retreat, they should be able to.


If you see a suspect and he doesnt see you, great, you have the upper hand, proceed as usual.

If a suspects sees you first, or worse, starts shooting at you first, dont stand there like a potato, your health wont regenerate and you dont have any respawns.

First thing you should do, is get to cover, NOT to shoot back.

I am sure everyone here have played other types of FPS games before, so this will go against your instinct, but you will have to train yourself on this.

Sub-Teams & Working Together

When you are deploying strategems, do not endanger your teammates by blowing a door behind them, make sure they know what you are about to do and are ready for it. You can show them you are holding a c2 before approaching a door for example.

2 man teams work best for two reasons.

>You wont have to fiddle with shoulder camera view (T), you will only have to watch your teammate's.

>People get too comfortable in numbers and slack off. You end up with one lucky suspect killing the entire element.

Your operators are considerably slower than the suspects, and this is a deliberate obstacle to overcome. You will have to do everything in turns, like a ping pong match.

A-Peeks and opens a door

B-throws a grenade

A-enters room


A-peeks and opens a door

B-enters room

For some reason people keep parroting "slow and methodical" while I see people die left and right because they were too slow. Methodical? yes, Slow? F no!

Stop mirroring under every single door.

You cant afford to be slow, especially on bomb or hostage missions.

Clear room by room. I mean it. Dont go chasing after a suspect, dont go through open doors etc. Close the doors if necessary, clear the whole room, under the beds and inside closets, secure evidence, cuff incapacitated suspects and then you can proceed.

wait until the room is safe to deal with civilians and evidence.

Try not to end up on opposite sides with your teammates. You will encounter jumpy people who will shoot anything that moves.


Thats it for now. I might add images later.


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