100 gb? No problem

100 gb? No problem

May I Introduce You To Compression

100 gb? No problem image 1

100 gb? No problem image 2
100 gb? No problem image 3
100 gb? No problem image 4
100 gb? No problem image 5
100 gb? No problem image 6

Step 1 : Open CMD as admin using Win + X

Step 2 : write on the cmd the letter of the drive where the game is installed. In my case, my game is installed on the "F" drive, so I have to write:


Step 3 write cd on the cmd and then, the folder of the game. In my case, the command would be like this:

cd F:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not

Step 4 : Paste this command

compact /C /S /A /I /F /EXE:XPRESS4K

Step 5 : Press enter and wait until the process is finished. It should take some minutes. It should

look like this once the process has started


Step 6 : Profit. The size of the game is reduced. As you can see. now it is only 60gb

Extra Step: If the game updates. Repeat the process up until Step 3. When you get to Step 4, replace the command for the following one:

compact /C /S /A /I /EXE:XPRESS4K

This one will only compress the "new" files, or uncompressed files

When the process finishes. The CMD promt should look like this

The promt will tell you the compressed size of the game in bytes. Here you can just close CMD.

This guide is inspired by this one for Squad. So go there and give the man the credit he deserves!


Also yeah, this process can be applied to any game/folder. It will vary from game to game.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2906347109					

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