Fixing/Preventing the dwarf merchant bug 0.5.0

First Of All What Is The Merchant Bug?

It is a bug that was introduced during with the game version 0.5.0.

People who suffer from this bug never see the dwarf or the traveling merchant, which effectlively prevents you from obtaining crystal ingredients.

If it's been a while since you last saw the merchants and are worried that you might have the bug don't worry. If you saw either merchant (dwarf or traveling) at least once during your save file you do not have the bug. Their appearance is random. Give it a few more days and they will show up again.

How Does One Fix The Bug?

Sadly, fixing the bug is not possible, without starting a new playthrough.

You can only wait until the devs patch the bug.

How Does One Prevent The Bug From Occuring?

There are a few easy steps to preventing the bug.

1. Start a new playthrough and finish the tutorial on day 1

2. On day 2 finish the 1st chapter of the alchemists path before starting day 3.

3. Make a new save.

4. Decline all customers and skip everything until you reach day 10.

5a. If you saw either the traveling merchant or the dwarf merchant this save file is good to go. You can load the file you made in step 3 and enjoy playing.

5b. If you didn't see either of the 2 merchants you will have to start over from step 1.

Good luck.


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