The Ultimate "StickyGuns" Challenge Rulebook!

The Ultimate "StickyGuns" Challenge Rulebook!

What Is "StickyGuns?"

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StickyGuns is a self-imposed challenge that a group of friends decided to share with the world. Simple in premise, and adds a lot of variety to your experiences.

The general theme involves using limited item pool to achieve victory, requiring strategy and a pinch of luck.

Every time you win a game, you advance one step forward in the guide. Every time you lose, you take one step back. Getting to the end will be a real challenge (something we haven't even managed yet).

Step One: Win A Game!

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Normal playstyle is the ground level. You can do whatever you want, use whatever you want, play for fun, play to win, just get that chicken dinner.

Once you do, the fun begins.

(I) Regular StickyGuns

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Once you have won a game, the following match must be played with Regular Stickyguns rules.These are as follows:

1. You may only use the first two weapons you come across. If they appear in your field of view, they become your first weapons. No being dishonest, no skipping over a shotgun just because there is a kar98 in the next room.

2. If you find two of the same weapon as your first two weapons, the latter one does not exist. You may not pick it up (even if you want two M4's!), you may not take the ammo, you may not let a friend pick it up. Ignore it.

3. You may, if you find your second weapon, choose to forego it in favour of trying to get a carepackage weapon. This can only be done with your second weapon, not your first. The weapon must come out of a carepackage, and only the first one you find, and not off the dead body of a person. Even if that person just took it from the carepackage.

4. Never, ever drop a weapon. If it's in your inventory, you can't drop it.

5. Never, ever trade weapons between you. If you are unlucky enough to have two shotguns, and your friend has two DMRs, you can't take one from each other.

6. (OPTIONAL) The first pistol you come across also counts as a StickyGun.

-The screenshot below demonstrates a very fortunate StickyGun find-

-The second demonstrates a double weapon, one is removed-

(2) Ultra StickyGuns

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So, you managed to win a game with StickyGuns rules, did you? Congratulations, now you progress to the second level. Rules are as follows:

1. You may only use the first ranged weapon you come across. SCAR-L? Nice one! Erangel revolver? Not so good.

2. You may only use the first melee weapon you come across. You only get a pan protecting your ass if you find a pan first!

3. You may only use the first pieces of armor (and backpack) you come across, unless they break. Level one helmet and vest? Well, that's what you're using. No swapping it out for a lucky military vest, unless you found it first. The exception to the rule - if your vest or helmet breaks, you may pick up the first new helmet or vest you find (including off a dead body).

4. Grenades are sticky, too. if you find a flashbang first, you may only use flashbangs (though you may carry multiple) for the rest of the game.

5. One player on your team (probably the unluckiest) can be nominated to get a carepackage. Only that one player may take items from only one carepackage, and only once.

(3) Ultra Mega StickyGuns

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So you've got this far, huh? Well, so have we - but never completed the final challenge. if you manage it, I demand a screenshot.

1. Only the first offensive weapon you find can be used. Crossbow, crowbar, M24, whatever it is. That's your lot, for the entire game.

2. Only the first piece of equipment you find can be used. Military vest? Not bad! Level one backpack? Well, at least you can carry some ammo. Molotov cocktail? Well, you've got another way to damage the enemy, then. And if your armour breaks this time, sorry, no refunds.

3. One player may be nominated to take one item from a carepackage. As before, not off a dead body who had looted a carepackage - and not more than once. Let's hope that level3 helmet saves you.

Godspeed, soldier.

Advice, Minor Exploits

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For StickyGuns (and especially Mega / Ultra), it may be worth it to have one player scout for weapons and gear while the other(s) hide in an area without loot. Then, they can legally claim to have first seen a weapon that a friend communicated to them. if you stumble across a mini-uzi while you try to find that SLR your friend it describing, though, tough. Uzis for you.

During Ultra sticky guns, a teamate can break your armour for you to let you pick up new ones. Hope you have enough meds.

Chasing an early carepackage in a vehicle can get you fighting similarly unequipped players, and set you up for a strong mid-late game to win if you got unfortunate starting weapons.

Obviously, voice chat is necessary to succeed.