How to play SKS

14 Steps To Success

1. Set as BOT nickname

2. Never fly with a team after all, you are an alpha gamer and need more loot than the others

3. Remember to always kill everyone down, even when your teammate is fighting with others, finishing is more important

4. Always play with 4x or more

5. When someone steals the attachment you want to take, disconnect

6. When you die, disconnect

7. When your teammate is lower than lvl 500 disconnect

8. Remember to always use suppressor for stealth

9. You must be the most sweaty on the map

10. Ping as fast as you can when someone knocks you down, it helps

11. Smoke Grenades? Who needs it for

12. If I want to use secondary gun, you will die anyway because it has such a long time to swap

13. You must have a Padded Jacket (Khaki) or one of the Beanie headwear, you are weak without it

14. yell at your teammates how bad their aim are

congratulations, after learning all 14 steps you are officially a SKS player.