How to get Free items

How to get Free items

How To Earn

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as far as i know there are 3 ways to get skins

earn BP (Battle point)

earn G-COIN



to earn BP you just need to play game and complete the Challenges

How to find Challenges

in main menu, from top-right side click on airdrop box

once you open airdrop box, you can see 4 sort of Challenges(events)

click on each one and click join event, by completing them you will get skins

there are couple of Challenges too, which gives you Coupons, you can use Coupons to open HIDEOUT case , also these Challenges give you 1800 G-COIN which you can buy item in store menu or you can open 10 HIDEOUT case

each HIDEOUT case have their own special weapon skins, scraps and Polymers

there are 2 type of weapon skins

marketable (you can sell them in steam market)

Not marketable (sorry you cant sell them)

What if you get scraps, with each 10 scraps you get a Coupon or weapon skins(need a lot of scraps)

How about Polymers?, Polymers are use to upgrade weapons


if you open a case with G-COIN and you get a weapon skin(marketable type)

there will be cooldown for few days to sell

How to buy Coupons by BP

in store menu, click on Items tab then form left-side click on Utility and buy a Coupon

each Coupon cost 800 BP


go make a new steam account, run pubg, complete challenges ,reach level 10 and enter your code

you will receive 200 G-COIN and coupons

entering 1 code (5 coupons)

entering code in 3 different accounts (200 G-COIN)

there u go