Attention Required


Lets start off with a basic overview of this game.

Its fun and requires more skill than most fps games, however this game has a substantial issue.

Now I am not even discussing the fundamentals of the game or the money grabbing Devs. No this issue is substantially more important and it imposes restrictions on the average player.

I hope by this point you all understand what I am talking about.


I am talking about the restriction imposed by cheaters.

Cheaters are present in this game, like all most every other game. Although PUBG does have a better system in place than other games... for instance CSGO. It hasn't stopped the ranked aspect of this game from being ruined.

I reached plat relatively quickly, excluding the fact that to do so it does require you to vpn yourself somewhere with more players as playing in Australia you are unlikely to find a ranked match In under a lifetime of searching.

Upon entering a ranked game 9/10 times its going to end up with you and a hacker battling it out for the win, yes although the game doesn't require you to win to rank up. The difference of elo depends on kills and placement, but when the max amount of players in one game is 70 unless you are substantially aggressive you will end up playing it safe and likely your first opponent is likely will be a hacker.

So imagine the reaction you have when you find a game else where or in Australia and progress to the end, just to have your win taken by a cheater.

Not a lot of fun, but the reason this is important and needs to be covered is because of the fact that this has made the game turn into a HVH ( Hacker vs Hacker) in high ranks. If you attempt to get any higher than plat I say good luck to you. It is impossible, I refuse to believe that the Devs can be so stingy and yet they will not combat a issue as substantial as fixing the cheater issue in the game.

Now I understand that we are all aware this game is getting older, who knows how much longer it has but I can say for certain that by not fixing this issue, the game will die alot faster which goes without saying... is a shame.


So I suggest to the Devs and the general player base that we introduce a system that allows players to watch each other games after a certain amount of reports. Yes I am referring to a similar experience presented by overwatch, this would allow people who actually care (majority of the player base) to assist in stopping cheaters from ruining the game.


Less work on the devs to watch replays

Reward players in medals etc to promote value in assisting in stopping cheaters

Obviously lowers the cheaters in the game.


Only works if people use the system

Requires work from the devs (who knows about this one)

Can be used incorrectly

This system I believe would improve the situation, I am interested to see what you guys think. For those who still play this game I ask that you consider my proposal. If you as well have any thoughts for another system to use please suggest. I'd prefer this game doesn't die just yet. - this is what we are trying to stop.

Anyways thanks for reading.