The easiest way to level up and get lvl 99!

The easiest way to level up and get lvl 99!


Hi Trickster! This is my third run in the game, I always get the maximum level in all my runs and even in the Persona series, so I have been trying all sort of strategies to get it in the most efficient way possible, but not until now I haven't found it, either case let me share my strategy that will get you to the level you want in no time!

Let us start the game.


To be able to use this strategy you will need to meet the following requirements:

Confident Chariot Ryuji Sakamoto in level 7: To get Insta-kill.

Be on 5/9 on forward and days where you can go to Mementos.

Be at last 5-10 higher that the following mid-bosses of each Palaces/Paths of Mementos:

Palace/Paths where can be found Name of the Shadow Level Kamoshida/Aiyatsbus Archangel 9 Madarame/Chemdah Shiki-Ouji 21 Kaneshiro/Kaitul Take-Minakata 26 Futaba/Akzeriyyuth Anubis 37 Okumura/Adyeshach Girimekhala 44 Niijima/Sheriruth Skadi 55 Shido/Depths Kali -Can't be used- 77 Depths of Mementos The Strategy can't be use here / Makuri/Da'at Surt 78 Be a little patient to get the first step of the strategy!


The easiest way to level up and get lvl 99! image 10

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Alright! It is time to explain what the strategy is, for that you will need to follow this steps:

1. Move between floors to get a derivation with an special event that consist of powerful shadows.

Just like this!

Just a thing to know while doing this step: "Bad and good things can happens at the same time" -Tutorial. I take this to account because is more preferable that you not use a floor where the previous event mentioned is mix with "Be aware for your footing", basically makes it more less efficient.

2. Once you find it, explore all the floor while using the Insta-kill skill from Ryuji.

If you don't know how to use it, dash to the enemy and attack him, this will automatically kill him if you are on higher level from him (The requirement I told you). To check if you can do it, press Third View and see the colour surrounding the shadow, if it is green you will be able to use it:

Maybe you already level up, haven't you? Maybe you already found out where is this pointing for.

3. When you already complete the exploration of the floor keep killing all the shadows you encounter, until you hear the Reaper's chain sound, immediately enter the platform that downs you to another floor (when I say enter it is not going to the next floor just enter the space before the stairs)

4. Now take note when you are doing this: exit the platform and dash until you find the reaper, open the map and notice where intercepts you, we will name this as Reaper Point, now get back to the platform, enter on him.

5. Now start making an Imaginary Route starting from the lower platform flipping up when you are in the Reaper Point, and get back to the lower platform and enter him.

Maybe you I didn't explain nicely, very well then take this map for an example:

The red line is the first part of the route.

The yellow line is the second part of the route, that start when you need to flip over because of the Reaper Point.

The brown line is the third and final part of the route.

You will need to adapt this map to your floor.

6. Now use this Imaginary Route and repeat the route until no more shadows can appear!

Done, you already know how to level up in no time! As you may notice, once you reach the lower platform the position of the Reaper will reset allowing you to make the Imaginary Route several times.

Tips To Enhance The Strategy

Before completing this guide I want to give you some ways you can enhance even more this strategy:

Try to use all the stamps on the Exp Bonus until you get the 200% bonus, so you can get all the possible exp from the shadows.

Use this square-shaped room to easily evade the reaper, you just need to flip over.

While making this strategy you may also learn how to evade the reaper without the previous room., try use it for your benefit

If you get the necessarily level to defeat the Reaper (around 70 - 80) try giving a shot, this will make the reaper don't spawn in that floor, but if anything goes wrong don't forget using the Nohar-M


I hope this guide can help you, after all this is my first guide! Also if I commit a mistake or grammar error or if you find another efficient way just let me know!


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