Basic Orc's Guide to Groping

Basic Orc's Guide to Groping

The VIP Massages (The Main Girls)

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The first massages you will do will look like this. Very basic I know, but lets explain what we have here.

Our goal ultimately is to get all the spots to the shape of a heart, and we do this by filling the circles from orange all the way to green.

You have the options of using Fists, Pinching, or Pressing with your palms.

The Controls

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So here are our controls.

Z is our Fists. X is our Pinching. and C is our Palms. Off to the side is our stamina bar, this is how long we can massage for, and every action we use uses this up.

Fists our are area of effect move, and impact all spots around the target, indicated by a white circle.

Like so;

This move will cease as soon as any of the circles hit a heart level, or if a heart turns purple (More on that in a second) regardless of it it's the target location or not.

Our Fingers/Pinch is our single target, focus move. Use it to finish off singular spots that will be too troublesome to use fists on lest you form a purple heart. It has no AOE, and is a relatively safe move to make use of.

Now our palms are our mistake eraser, ideally you don't want to use these. But if you fill a heart to purple past green, it'll turn into an X like so.

Using your palms, or the C key, you can undo this mistake and get back on track, but this will reduce your stamina so avoid this if you can.

Thats the basics of the VIP massage controls.

Generic NPCs

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Alright, these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I think most players I've spoken with so far have struggled with this part.

Ultimately, it's a memory game, and a rhythm game mixed into one. The timing is fierce, and you will more then likely almost always walk away with at least 1 angry customer.

Basically you are to sit and memorize the pattern the customer gives you, consisting of these two icons.

If the NPC has a pinching icon, you're to time your click with the corresponding beat.

If the npc has a X, you do absolutely nothing. So yes sometimes you'll have clients that will give you money just to lay on your massage table for 5 seconds.

The timing as I said is rough though, and no guide I can give will instruct you on that outside of good old practice.


So far, I've only seen the training equipment upgrades so bear with me while I work on this guide.

We have three equipment upgrades we can make use of.

Dumbells. Grips. And Pushups.

Push ups increase your overall stamina, allowing you to massage for longer and go for higher ranks.

Grips increase the range of your fists AoE, which can be a blessing and a curse depending on how your luck fares.

And Dumbells increases the speed you massage, I believe this results in using less stamina per massage but that will require further testing.

"Special" Massage

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So you finally did it, you're at the point where you get to *ahem* really help the girls relax.

Once again we're faced with a rather obtuse set of tutorials.

So first off we got the "Body Massage" section.

Thankfully this part is fairly basic. Just click and drag your hand until the circle around your hand turns red. It's a game of hot and cold. Don't drag your mouse around, and instead click in a few areas to avoid stamina loss.

Then we have the "Intimate Massage", this part is a little more obtuse, and I'm still figuring it out myself, but I will do my best to compartmentalize the info for you all.

Essentially your goal is to find the 3 "hearts" around the girls body. Once the area is found a red and white bar should appear.

Your goal is to drag your mouse around until the heart lands in the red bar, where it will slowly fill with green. Once it's fully green you can safely unclick and the heart will be filled on the bottom menu.

Repeat this process 3 times, finding the heart spot, dragging your mouse around to get it into the sweet spot, and you win. Remember to use protection!


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