Nier Replicant Guide - 7 tips for getting started in the game


There are no autosaves in the remake. Instead, you must interact with mailboxes. These are your save points. And do this as often as possible - in fact, whenever you move past such a box.


When you first arrive at a location, any area will appear as a large black spot on the mini-map. To see the details of that spot, you'll have to search for the map. Sometimes you will get these maps for completing story or side quests. Most of the time you have to buy them in stores. They are relatively cheap, so they should be the first item you buy when you visit a new place.


There are tons of resources in every region you visit. Look for any glowing dots on the ground, pick up items that fall from enemies, or obtain resources by hunting animals. Some items are only available in specific regions, others are constantly falling from enemies or animals, and others are rare, making them highly valuable. Take what you can get. Some items will be needed to complete quests, while others are needed to upgrade weapons.

Don't Be A Hurry

Eventually, you will accumulate a lot of items that will clutter up your inventory. You can sell them to any merchant. This is what you should do if you have a lot of resources. For example, if you hunted animals during the day and collected a lot of meat, you can sell most of it. But if you have 1-2 units of some resource, don't be in a hurry to part with it, regardless of the value of that particular item. You never know what an item might be useful for in the future. Besides, it's much easier and faster to complete side quests with items in your inventory!

Make Money

Side quests in NieR Replicant remake are quite time-consuming. The vast majority of them are simple quests like "find and bring me 10 units of such and such resource". But they actually flesh out the story and allow you to explore the world around you. More importantly, they're the easiest way to make money. Quests from the village at the very beginning of the game can get you 10,000 gold.


As soon as you meet Grimoire, you will start collecting Sealed Verses. Words are enhancements that you can use for weapons, Sealed Verses magic attacks, or defense. Use the pause menu to combine words. Select Grimoire and click on edit (Word Edit). New words will drop from the Shadows. Check the vocabulary periodically. It may have gotten some better stuff in it. There's even an automatic option to set the best words.

Two Parts

Doesn't sound like advice for beginners, but it's very, very important information that everyone should know. The story and the entire game is broken into two parts. When you get to the second one (this will be an important moment in the story, and you'll know when it happens), you can't go back to the content from the first half. This means you must complete all side quests and collect every weapon from the first half of the game before moving on to the second half. Otherwise, you'll deprive yourself of some of the content, and in terms of weapons, you'll block endings C, D, E for yourself.


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