How to get the emo kangel ending

How to get the emo kangel ending

A General Idea Of How To

How to get the emo kangel ending image 1

-Get to 1 million subs

-Go through the 1st stress event

-Unlock all internet angel streams

-When stress is at 100, do the 5th stream

Best Method

-Doing all of the sexy streams to gain enough followers

-lowering the stress by doing *** with P-chan or by going out/hospital (don't do either thing too much and occasionally separate with small tasks)

-trigger the 1st stress event where ame cuts herself before you reach 1 million followers

Here is what should happen if you have done it correctly

Ame-chan texts you in the noon about her 1 million follower milestone, but she says that she is tired and scared and feels like everyone hates her. At night when you stream a different version of Internet Angel 5, she transforms into an Ame-color-schemed KAngel outfit instead of her usual outfit, and adopts her own personality instead of her regular KAngel one. She rants about how screwed up the internet is and blames everything on her fans. After the stream, she tweets about how she is not going let them get away with it. The next day, Ame streams again and immediately starts ranting, at one point even showing her viewers her self-harm scars. At the end, she pulls out a box cutter and slits her throat, and blood splatters on the screen.