Victory in Space


We are concerned with one thing: victory. There are no rules, there are no limits. We must become obsessed with victory. Obsession can often cloud reason, as a result we must temper ourselves with knowledge.

To gain the knowledge we need, we must experience events and comprehend them. We must review and analyze experiential events to approach understanding. Understanding begets knowledge, and knowledge begets wisdom. We are seeking to be wise in battle. Wisdom is thus our goal, because wisdom permits us the power to influence conflict in our favor.

While I must reconcile that this is a game, I must admit my own motivations for writing this. I see games as a means to sharpen the mind, and resolve to achieve enlightenment. You will find many of the titles I play can be linked to this goal. Games have utility, and when understood in the right light, we can appreciate the value they have to the individual's betterment. This 'guide' is a meditation of sorts for me. So please understand that while I write, to explore how to win in this game; you can extrapolate your personal experiences into the real world.

I am going to recommend a few books to read for your own betterment. These have no direct relation to the game, but understand they formulate my thinking and approach.

You may or may note decide to read these, but they are good for you none the less.

Inazo Nitobe, Bushido

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars, 5th edition

Confucian Analects, Kongzi

The Daodejing, Laozi

Why are these important?

I hope to use them to manufacture a framework to approach the victory conditions in this game, they may or may not work. This guide will explore the topic. I might reference essays or research papers to help achieve this.

You can treat this as a scholarly exploration. It a muse, and I intend to play it out. You're only reading this if you want to see where the music led me.

I am not a philosopher, I am not a tactician, I am student. I cannot answer all, I will not; I will ask you to recognize my limitations. Thank you for understanding.


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