THE AC130 build

THE AC130 build

AC130 Start Here

THE AC130 build image 1

So how do you build ac130?

1. choose battleship hull

2. put rail guns on all the big weapon slots

3.add some Point defense turrets, don't matter which one just fill up the rest of the empty weapon slot with that

4. get a good communication antenna if you want, but don't really need it, however do get those energy regulator so you can cut down on the reload timer on the rail guns, get it close to 10 second to 11 second area.

5 now build another ship use the smallest ship hull you can and call it spotter, put some good radar on it

6. now you are done when you get into game deploy at the highest possible location and once the game start fly as high as possible,

7 start AC130 enemies.


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