Simple Custom Cannon Munitions

Simple Custom Cannon Munitions

Creating A Munition In Unity

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Creating lightweight kinetic munitions in Nebulous is as easy as spawning some scriptable objects and filling in a few stat blocks. The following images will show you how to get the object into the editor:

Step 1: Right-Click in the unity editor, go to "Create"

Step 2: Go to "Nebulous"

Step 3: Click "Lightweight Kinetic Shell" or "Lightweight Explosive Shell" as they apply to you

And there you go! Now you have the object you need in Unity!

You can follow the rest of the tutorial, though checking the notes at the end might save you some trouble.

Editing Munition Properties

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So, you have a munition in the game...but all the stats are at their default! What do they do!?

Well, most are pretty self-descriptive, but I'll go over each one (that I understand) here, along with visual references of their location in the script.


The basic properties govern how expensive the projectile is, how much space it takes up, and who can use it.


Cost: How many points the projectile will cost in the editor.

Point Division: The amount of projectiles you can have for each multiple of Cost.

Storage Volume: The amount of space, in cubic meters, each projectile will take up in a ship's magazines.

Faction Key: Who can use the munition; at time of writing, we only have the alliance faction, so this should be as it is in the example.


Class: What kind of ammunition it is; currently, we have Ballistic/Chemical (for guns) and Ballistic/Magnetic (for railguns), but there are also Missile and Generic munition types.

Subclass: The type of munition it is within its class; this is generally a caliber for guns.

Flight Characteristics:

Max Flight Time: How long, in seconds, the projectile will fly before despawning.

Flight Speed: Speed, in m/s x 10, that the projectile will travel in-game.

Repool Delay: I am unsure of what this does; it has some kind of network functionality, as far as I've been informed.

NOTE: Range is calculated as (Flight Speed x Max Flight Time), e.g. (10 x 110) will translate to the game as 11 km of range.

Damage Characteristics:

Armor Penetration: How much armor the round will penetrate, hitting perpendicular, in centimeters.

Armor Damage Radius: How far from the impact point the round damages the armor, in meters.

Heat Power: How much laser power the cannon round has. Nice. Value seems arbitrary; beam turret has 500 heat power.

Component Damage: How much damage a successful hit will do to a component.

Random Effect Multiplier: Affects the chance the round will trigger a critical effect on the target.

Crew Vulnerability Multiplier: Affects the damage to the crew affected by the weapon.

Max Penetration Distance: How far the round can go into a ship, in m x 10.

Penetration Falloff: A graph showing the effective damage at different ranges.


The VFX you attach to the profile. I'm not really proficient with these, so I'm not qualified to tell you about them.

Explosion options:

Penetration Envelope: How far down the penetration distance the shell will explode; this is calculated (from what the dev told me) as (Penetration Distance - Penetration Envelope). e.g.: a Penetration Distance of 5 and a Penetration Envelope of 0.8 means the round will explode after penetrating 42cm into a hull. ((5 x 10) - (0.8 x 10))

Explosion Radius: Radius of the explosion of an explosive projectile in m x 10.

Final Notes

I am writing this while still rather unfamiliar with the game, and am learning myself. But here's some simple problems you might have:

Don't forget to edit the manifest.xml to include the script as a .asset file, not a .prefab.

Don't forget to assign the scripts to the correct AssetBundle so they build correctly.

If you have any questions, there's a very helpful community on the developer Discord, so check it out!


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