How to get good,


So no offense to some of y'all but I've noticed that a lot of players I come across are worse then the literal bots in casual play not even hard mode so I'm gonna give you tips on how to properly play and not die so easily.

Game Play Basics And Battle Tactics.

I play with a keyboard I don't know the controls for controllers so this guide will be for keyboard players. So first is blocking/parrying the key to block is G and the only time you can block is when your enemy is glowing blue and their weapon this means they're gonna do a charged/special attack and if they're doing a combo it will happen after a couple hits if you time it right you can disarm them they won't automatically switch to their second weapon so use it to your advantage and keep them away from their weapon and hit them because they can't change while taking damage. Next is riposting a riposte occurs when you and your opponent swing at the same time in different directions this is also technically a block but instead of disarming your opponent they'll keep their weapon and you'll block each others attack so if getting beat to a pulp try to riposte and pull back the battle. Next is skills I like to play solo and if you do too then please I beg of you don't play a support character play someone who will either have skills that can help you deal damage or evade attacks you don't want to play a healer in solo play I don't care if they're cute or you like them they're useless in solo play. You want to find someone who fits your play style still but helps deal more damage I personally like to main Yoto Hime she has a very good F skill (your basic skill it has a small cool down usually) and V skill (super) use your F skill whenever you can because it is extremely useful to help defeat your enemy as for your V I recommend saving it for when you're in a pickle and dying fast it can easily help you win the fight. Speaking of the V skill if an enemy uses theirs run for the hills which takes me to another control if you press shift you will preform a dodge and you can do it twice until having to regenerate stamina and it is extremely useful for dodging peoples super attacks and normal attacks in general. Another good trick is to jump you can do a double jump space bar twice if you didn't know that then you're a literal doughnut sorry but anyway it can be very useful for confusing your enemy. Another good tip is to be the aggressor don't let them get the first hit you want to be aggressive when you see another player or hear one and also don't lose sight of them keep your eyes on them at all times or you may be screwed.

What Weapon To Choose.

It doesn't matter. Whatever weapon you like to play with I personally like to use Katana and a Spear and in my bag I usually like to have any ranged weapon just in case I want to blast someone from afar. Of course you don't have to all the weapons are balanced just fine some people are just babies that lack skill and make themselves feel better by trashing every weapon they don't like and die to constantly when in actuality it's just them not their opponents weapon. Go enjoy yourself and play with whatever weapon you want

End Game Tactics

Hide simple as that try to find a tree those are best and get atop it you want a hiding spot where you can still see well wait for everyone else to fight it out and if someone finds you destroy them then go find another space if you can. Then when it's just you and another person leap down and stand in the open blade drawn like a badass and wait for them to have the final fight remember to block and dodge and when you win and claim sweet victory use the pray emote because it's also kinda like a bow to show respect. Congratulations you're now a decent player.