FOV fix for wide monitors.

FOV fix for wide monitors.

What You Need To Do:

IMPORTANT! Always Make A Backup Of A File Before Editing It!

Go to this folder: "C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\MOE\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\".

"AppData\Local" is a hidden folder in the user folder so unless you have the show hidden files/folders option ticked you will not see this folder.

You can go directly to the "AppData\Local" folder by typing "%localappdata%" in the Windows search box and press Enter (the "AppData\Local" folder will now open in a new window) or by opening File Explorer and type "%localappdata%" in the address bar and hit Enter. From there you navigate to MOE -> Saved -> Config -> WindowsClient.

In the mentioned folder open the file called "Engine.ini". Open it with a text editor like for example Notepad.

When you've opened the file "Engine.ini" with Notepad scroll down to the end of the file and add the below two lines to "Engine.ini":



Save the file "Engine.ini" and close Notepad, now fire up the game and you should be able to scroll out further to see your character in full and have a normal/better FOV.

After Editing The Default Engine.ini.

FOV fix for wide monitors. image 11

After adding the two lines to the default "Engine.ini" file it will look like this.


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