Binding thumb mouse buttons

Binding thumb mouse buttons

How To

Binding thumb mouse buttons image 1

Binding thumb mouse buttons image 2

Go to %localappdata%\MOE\Saved\Config\WindowsClient

Open GameUserSettings.ini with any text editor

Find any ActionKeyMapping that you want to change. In my case I wanted to "Stab" and "Overhead" with my thumb mouse buttons. On that ActionKeyMapping change the Key= value to whichever input you want, in my case ThumbMouseButton2 which is the back button on the side of the mouse (see image below, AttackU). Now you will strike from above with your back button. I then did the same on AttackD for ThumbMouseButton so that I stab with the forward button on my mouse.

Do any more changes you want and then save the file, it should now work in-game.

A list of all keys can be found here: Link[]

After it should be showing up as correctly bound in-game.


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