My Evil Genius 2 Henchmen Tier List


-Carl Cafard. Carl is the WORST henchmen in the game. He has decent health, low damage and his abilities SUCK. His first ability is Cunning trap, cunning trap traps agents and does morale damage, but it does not even trigger all the time. His second action, imperfect replica should provide rouges with fake loot to steal, even though the action does not even work 50% of the time.


-Janet Bombe, Janet is a pretty bad henchmen, but she has a few good things abilities. Janet has low damage melee attack, and decent stats, but here abilities are her strong suit. Her first action is remote detonation, which hijacks an agents weapon and turns its against them, with different effects. Her second action is scramble evidence, which reduces large amounts of suspicion from Agents.

-Clara Jones, Clara is a low tier deception henchmen, with decent abilities. Her first action is Heirs and Graces, which is a very strong action which lets Clara do massive resolve and suspicion damage to Agents. Her second action is Knowledge of the Ancients, which gives a very bad buff to a trap, increasing its potential to hit Agents.


-Incendio, Incendio is a good deception henchmen, even though he has his flaws. His abilities are quite good, effective, and he has a high-damage ranged attack. Incendio's first action is Magic Trick, which draws Agents and Tourists in, and does high resolve damage. His second action, Misdirection, lets Incendio become invisible to Tourists, to distract Agents easier. Incendio would place higher, except for his ranged attack, which can burn down your cover operation, and kill your Minions.


-Dr. Magnolia Ming. Dr Ming is a very good Henchmen, having multiple crowd control and healing abilities, with a strong melee attack. Dr. Ming's first action, Contagion, lets Dr. Ming throw a canister of gas at Agents that does extreme damage, but can also hit your Minions and Henchmen. Her second action, cure, can heal your Minions, and Agents, so its best to keep her in the back. (Note, i would place Dr. Ming in S Tier instead of Fugu, but because of Fugu's scheme's she will place higher.)

-Espectro. Espectro, coming with the Cabal DLC, is a very good support and damage dealing henchmen. (Note, Espectro's ranking is based on his own skills by himself, excluding the R.A.Y.G.U.N device and the Cabal Indoctrination Chamber.) Espectro's first action, Piston Punch, lets Espectro take a while to charge up his fists, and do massive damage (Around 105) to Agents on his first hit. His second action, Clone, lets Espectro summon an exact clone of himself, with lesser stats, this Clone is very strong because, like Espectro, the clone can still use the piston punch to do damage to Agents.

-Full Metal Jackie. Jackie is an amazing long range, and crowd control Henchmen, as long as being able to support your muscle minions, even though she is hard to get. Jackie's first action is Fire Sale, which gives Jackie a chance to set enemies on fire, even though it can do damage to your lair. Her second action, Hand Guns, gives muscle minions close to her, well, handguns!


-Fugu Furkukuwaka. Fugu is a deception Hencmen, excelling in poisoning Agents at close and long ranges. Fugu's first action, Food Poisoning lets her give a poison dish to an Agent, that can kill most low level Agents and give you Minions an chance to attack higher level Agents while they are reeling. Her second action, Blow Fish explosion, lets her throw a Blow Fish at an Agent, which deals damage much like Dr. Ming's action, but can only harm Agents. Fugu has a hidden perk that lets her make schemes on the world stage that can decrease heat for free and give you $120000 for very few low-level Minions.

-Sir Daniel. Sir Daniel is a long ranged hunter, able to kill most Agents in one shot, and easily decimate super Agents. His first action,Camouflage lets him hide from Agents and do massive damage if he gets a jump on his prey. His second action, Trap, lets Sir Daniel place down a trap anywhere in your lair, that can trap Agents in place for your guards to attack.

-I.R.I.S. IRIS is an Incredible Henchmen, that does massive damage at range and, is the only reliable tank in the game. Her first action, reroute power, makes her temporarily INVINCIBLE to enemy attacks while rapidly healing vitality. Her second action, Security Network Link, lets IRIS act as a security camera with massive range, and that can summon guards. (Note, IRIS can be recruited as your first henchmen, with the side story, you computer, but you can recruit her after this by completing the Roboticist side story.)

-Eli Barracuda Jr. Eli is an amazing Henchmen, with high melee damage and strong abilities. His first action, Silver Revolver which lets him pull out his famous Silver Revolver to kill Agents, and if he is in a good position he can easily kill Atomic Olga, and lower level Agents. His second action, Silver Tongue, Lets him use his charisma to deal resolve damage to Agents and regenerate his stats. and it costs NOTHING!


-Jubei. Jubei is an amazing high-damage melee henchmen, with strong abilities. His first action, flow, lets Jebei turn blue and start doing even more damage every hit he does, and moving faster. His second action, Windwalk, lets Jubei teleport to ANYWHERE in your lair, allowing you to easily employ hit and run tactics to destroy your opponents.


Here are some commonly asked questions, maybe some questions you might have about this rating.

Q: Why is Fugu ranked higher then Dr. Ming?

A: Dr. Ming is better, but with Fugus scheme, she becomes better then Dr. Ming's abilities.


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