Seed for Muck

Seed for Muck


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Seed - sh*tsaladsandwich ( instead of * write i ) borrowed from Foxbyte_Xx ( on the map you will meet a hut at the very beginning. )2 Seed - Hard/Normal/Easy (I found this seed, a lot of mithril and adamantite).

3 Seed - 6969420 (borrowed from gamebra1).

4 Seed - 61972742 (borrowed from Winnis1).5 Seed - danis milk 69 (borrowed from D-9341).6 Seed - 666,666 (borrowed from D-9341).7 Seed – Updated (I found this seed, it's cool that you will meet a hut with or without loot)8 Seed - G*party ( instead of * write a ) Seed was given by a kind person named l_archer_l

9 Seed – Ahatintime(I found this seed, different types of trees a lot of ore [not to say that it’s a lot] there is a spawn of cows)

10 Seed – Dinosaur (I found this seed, a lot of spawn for the boss, adamantite, mithril, gold and iron are enough.)

11 Seed – Pibalka (I found this seed, spawn next to the wagon, a lot of trees. There are mithril and adamantite)

12 Seed – Sp*d ( instead of * write i ) I found this seed again, good spawn a lot of food, spawns for boss Chunky and ore.

13 Seed - DaniMuck ( gave this good seed named klapergamehag )

14 Seed – PopIT ( I found this seed, spawn in front of the house in which the pickaxe. )

15 Seed - 1122 (Sid was enchanted by a man named Plague.)


Slowly I will add new seeds!

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Good luck with your survival!

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