How to Speedrun Muck

How to Speedrun Muck

Spawning In

I recommend using a seed that has a nightblade near spawn, or some sort of good weapon, but you don't have to.

The first thing you should do is get lots of coins. Get a weapon (if you can't find one just make a pickaxe) and start battles by interacting with the rectangular totems. Killing the mobs gives you coins as well as power-ups, so they're very good for early game. Go around the area and explore, mainly try to find a village.


Trading with the villagers is the most important part of speed-running Muck 1.3. With just 150 coins, you can get yourself adamantite tools, as soon as day 1 even!

To get the adamantite pickaxe, I believe you need to talk to the smith, who has a helmet on his head. To get the adamantite axe, you need to talk to the woodcutter (I think that's his name) who has a tree on his head.

Make sure to remember where the village is because the smith and woodcutter also sell ores and wood, things that are needed to fix the boat. In fact, you may not need to buy the axe even if you're able to afford all the special wood needed for the boat (it takes time to cut down the big trees like oak, so buying the wood saves a lot of time IF you can afford it.

Fixing The Boat

At this point, you simply need to locate the boat (just look in green chests) and fix it up. You'll need all the wood types, and other obscure things like wheat, flax, and rubies. With your adamantite tools, you're able to break any resources.

Boss Battle

When the boat is all fixed up, simply head over to the steering wheel, interact with it, and watch as the island fades away. At this point, I'm pretty sure the day/night cycle has stopped, so all you need to worry about now is the dragon.

Bob (the dragon) has devastating attacks, and can quickly wipe you out even if you have 230 health, so I recommend being as safe as possible. First, dodge his fireballs and wait for him to come down. Then, jump off the boat and swim over to him. Attack him with your strongest melee weapon. Then, when he leaves, get back on the boat so that you regain your stamina.

If you have lots of health (like 230) you should continue fighting even when you start drowning, because if you're able to deal a lot of damage you can finish him off in like 3 minutes.


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Just keep playing the game and beating Bob and you'll get better each time. Try getting the speed-running badge, which is awarded when you complete the game within 8 in-game days. It sure is hard, but not impossible. See for yourself:

The day count is as 7


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