Achievement Guide


Flip through the sections to find the one about the achievement you need help with. I'll update this guide and keep adding more information.

Let's start off with the easiest achievement, "Big Mistake". Simply join the game...

Pain And Suffering - Death Count

There are four achievements associated with the amount of times you have died in Muck. They are:

Pain and suffering - Die 10 times

This is fine - Die 25 times

Muck off - Die 50 times

Muck this game - Die 100 times

If you're playing solo, as soon as you die, it's game over. If you're playing with others, the game only ends until everyone is dead. But people can only be revived after 15 seconds.

The thing is, it's counted as a death as soon as you see the death message. So if you're playing solo, you can simply die, then leave the game, and quickly host a new one, much under 15 seconds.

The fastest way to die is by using the /kill command, which kills you when used.

So the quickest way to get the total 100 deaths is by copying "/kill" to clipboard, then repeatedly hosting a game, opening chat, pasting the command, sending the message, and then leaving the game.

Muckinator - Kill Count

There are four achievements associated with the total amount of mobs you have killed. They are:

Muckinator - Kill 100 mobs

Muckinator 2 - Kill 1,000 mobs

Muckinator 3 - Kill 10,000 mobs

Muckinator 4 - Kill 100,000 mobsIn order to quickly kill mobs, you need to deal as much damage as possible. First, get a weapon like Chief's Spear, Nightblade, or Obamium Sword. Either use a seed to get one to spawn in a chest (just search something like "Nightblade seed") or craft one.

Get the weapon quickly, no later than the third day. Next, you'll want to start battles and use your coins on chests. Get as many power-ups as you can. You may also want to spend some coins to buy food from a chef woodman.

Eventually, you'll have opened every single chest on the island. You'll already be pretty strong, but you can get even more overpowered. Mine some chunkium and make chunkium armour (you need 40 bars to make a full set). A full set will increase your range, making it easier to kill enemies.

Along the way you should also make a bow. Ancient bow is the best, and can be bought off an archer or made easily with an ancient bone (which drops randomly from goblins and another mob that I forgot). Elemental arrows are probably the best, but I have no idea how to craft them.

At this point, you just need to go around slashing and shooting arrows. Once you're in this position, there are other things achievements you can get...


I'm still working on this, but I'll try to cover all 49 achievements. Awarding steam points would be nice, but I hope this guide helped you on your way to get 100% completion. Bye!


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