Persistent Kingdoms with HUGE PERFORMANCE (WSE2)

What Is Persistent Kingdoms And Warband Script Enhancer 2?

Persistent Kingdoms is a role playing module on Mount & Blade: Warband. For more information please visit: Persistent Kingdoms

Warband Script Enhancer 2 is a game engine for Mount & Blade: Warband and it is developed by fellow community modders named K700 and cmpxchg8b. For more information please visit: WSE2[]

Why Do We Use Warband Script Enhacer 2 For Performance Boost?

Warband Script Enhancer 2 provides you with new shader format and fixed bugs in the default game engine. It optimizes game to optimum.

How To Install Warband Script Enhancer 2?

Here is how to do it:

Go to this[] page and download WSE2 ( was the latest version when I made this guide) under the Downloads tab.

Should be look like this:

Create a new folder named Warband WSE2 (or whatever you name it) at your desired location of modded game (I have it on my desktop because I only have 1 local disk)

Now copy original Warband files that I mention in the following list with as is:

CommonRes (folder)

Data (folder)

languages (folder)

music (folder)

Skins (folder)

Textures (folder)

TexturesHD (folder)



Should be these:

If you don't know where is your Warband files, simply go to your steam library on steam right click on properties of Mount & Blade: Warband and select Local Files from menu list and then browse button from the shown contents.

Copy the following files to your newly created WSE2 folder and click on "copy and replace all the occurences" if a warning appears:

CommonRes (folder)

languages (folder)






Your folder should be look like this in the end without Modules folder and Persistent Kingdoms shortcut in it:

Create a folder named Modules

Congratulations! You have installed WSE2 but you have no module to play! Continue to other Header for solution.

Edit: I have forgotten to mention some of the files from WSE2 rar. Check the list of files and image accordingly. Image should be missing 2 files. Don't be afraid as far as I remember Persistent Kingdoms doesn't need them at all but you should be adding them just in case.

How To Install Persistent Kindoms To WSE2?

Here is how to do it:

Download latest Persistent Kingdoms version from the files section of the page.

Copy "Persistent Kingdoms" folder that you have downloaded and paste it inside your newly created wse2 folder's "Modules" folder.

Go to this[] page and download "Persistent Kingdoms" under Modules tab.

Should be this:

Open "Persistent Kingdoms" folder that you have downloaded previously and replace your "Resources" Folder under your Persistent Kingdoms inside WSE2 folder with "Resources" that is downloaded

Replace "mb.fx" file that you have, with "mb.fx" that you downloaded previously inside "Persistent Kingdoms" folder

Copy "Persistent_Kingdoms_WSE2.bat" from the downloaded rar and go to your main WSE2 folder and paste it there.

Click on bat file to execute it and wait for the loading screen go. When game's main menu appears close game and go to your documents folder on windows.

There should be a folder named "Mount&Blade Warband WSE2". Go To "Persistent Kingdoms" that is inside "Mount&Blade Warband WSE2" and delete "module_config.ini"

Take "module_config_template.ini" inside that you have downloaded last and paste it rename it instead of previously deleted "module_config.ini".

Congratulations! You have Installed Persistent Kingdoms module for WSE2 and you are ready to play after you have execute the bat file inside your WSE2 folder. Remember you will need bat file to work it everytime to play! For adding it to steam continue to next step of the guide!

How To Add WSE2's Persistent Kingdoms To Steam?

Here is how to do it without steam:

Create a shortcut for mb_warband_wse2.exe inside your WSE2 folder with right clicking on "exe" and selecting "Create shortcut" from the appearing list.

Rename it to "Persistent Kingdoms".

Right click on newly renamed shortcut and select "Properties" from the appearing list.

There should be a "Target" section under "Shourtcut" tab.

Add "--module Persistent Kingdoms -no-intro" after the quotation mark. Now it should look like this (for my case it is in my Desktop): "C:\Users\user\Desktop\Warband WSE2\mb_warband_wse2.exe" --module Persistent Kingdoms -no-intro

Here is how to do it with steam:

Go to your steam appliaction and click on add a game button that is at the left bottom of the screen

Click on "Add a Non-Steam Game" and select the WSE2's exe we have in WSE2 folder

Now browse mb_warband_wse2.exe in your library and right click on it and select properties.

Rename it to Persistent Kingdoms (or whatever you like).

Add "--module Persistent Kingdoms -no-intro" after the quotation mark. Now it should look like this (for my case it is in my Desktop): "C:\Users\user\Desktop\Warband WSE2\mb_warband_wse2.exe" --module Persistent Kingdoms -no-intro

Is It Possible With Other Modules?

Yes. But If your module changed shaders to a different way, you have to delete the shaders or demand the module's WSE2 shaders otherwise it will crash!

For native you just simply copy and paste your original Native folder in to your WSE2's "Modules" folder.

Remember you have to make a bat file or shortcut for it too.


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