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Mount and Blade Gekokujo mod guide for establishing a kingdom.

There will be a ton of repeats so that its organized better so just skip around.

This guide is written to be as extensive as possible, I'll try to update this with more details whenever something pops up.

Though this guide is written for Gekokujo, it applies to native and every other version of this game, as the mechanics and playstyle are similiar, for example, the firearms in this game is just the crossbow in native remodeled.

If you've got any questions or any conflict with what's written or not written, feel free to add me on steam and ask me or ask me on twitch.tv/freehornpub (I'm almost always on twitch ._.)


-Early Game

The goal of the early game would be to establish relations with lords of the clan in which you want to serve under and to build up monetary reserves so as to be able to afford the recruitment of troops. As for equipments, other than buying the bare minimum to start building experience in a certain arms. Generically speaking, the best way as to achieve this is to work for the guidemaster and do tasks for the lords before offering vassalage, with the occassional village raiding. The early game should last about 40 days. Lords taken as prisoneers should be kept to ransom to establish a monetary reserve.

-Mid Game

The goal of the mid game is to inprove the quality and amount of troops currently in the army, at this stage there should be a concious effort to transition the army from a peasant tier army into a samurai class army. After an acceptable army is created, solo invasion of a single town is to be down to set up a base to rebel the lord with. After the successful invasion, its near compulsory to track down and request the town be rewarded to you if not the town is likely to be rewarded to another lord with a higher relationship points with you lord. The mid game should last till about day 110. Lords taken as prisoneers should be released should fianance allow for it.

-Late Game

The goal of the late game to to expand your kingdom, as simple as that, while increasing army size. All other unit gained should be dumped into random owned locations as garrisons. At this stage it is very important to build favourable relationships whenever possible. Lords taken as prisoneers should be released whenever possible, as the passive income from simply owning buildings should be massive.


All named characters in the game cannot be killed, that includes Lords, Ladies, Companions etc.


Combat mechanics

-Running mode

Running mode results in the character moving faster. It gets broken out of whenever the charcater engages in combat.

-Shift Key

The shift key allows for your character to zoom in, mainly for better aim using range equipments, the only set back is that while zoomed in, your character will move slower. It disables running mode.

-R Key

The R key allows for you to play your character in first person, its not really recommended unless attempting for a snipe.

-Z button

Pressing the Z button would result in the character squatting, it is useful when using firearms to minimize being hit while reloading.

-Right Clicking

By pressing the right mouse button, you'll make your character block, tho blocking only works for one direction, by default the game should auto target your block if you did not change the settings (unless enemy ready the attack in another direction after you activate your block). This mechanic of the game is very important and requires a high skill level to use. It disables running mode.


Strafing refers to incorporating sidewards movement without pause. This is done so as to dodge ranged attacks, mostly from gunfire.

-Holding down Left Mouse Key

Holding down the left mouse key places your character in a ready position to attack, this decreases the amount of time required to finish executing an attack, removing the need for the animation to raise the weapon, tho it increases the chance the enemy prepares a block. This mechanic is generically best used for attacking while on a horse. It disables running mode.

-Horse Ranged Weapon Interaction

While on a horse, accuracy of any ranged weapons would decrease greatly, thought it could be mitigated by leveling up the horse archery skill. While the horse is in a complete stop, accuracy is no different compared to foot, by exploiting this mechanic one can kite away from any melee unit without any major penalties to accuracy. Firearms cannot be reloaded on horseback.


Reports exists so as to allow for quick checking of the current political situation. Using the report function to check party state and the like is useful in preventing future troubles.

-Armour Disparity

Armour disparity exists so as to highly a difference in tiering of units. In general, the more extravagent the headpiece, the higher the rank.


Morale reflects how likely it is for part of your army to leave your party at random intervals. Morale can be increased by winning fights and food variety. Drop of morale can occur from having troops from different factions in the same party, or attacking the homeland of the troops within the party.


Defeat results in either one of two events. The first is being imprisoned by enemy, being stripped of random equipment and money with all attached unit and companion leaving. The other is having your companion carry you out from battle.

-Directional input

Directional input refers to controlling which direction the character attacks from. This is done by moving the mouse in a certain direction tho it could be changed under the settings. This also applies to parrying should the settings be adjusted. It is important to note that different directions have different reach.

-Hitting over alllies

Hitting over allies refers to using a melee weapon to attack while standing behind allies. Should your weapon have a further reach than the hitbox of your ally, the attack would register upon the enemy infront of your ally, while preventing the enemy from attacking you.


Flinching occurs when damage above a certain threshhold is hit. Flinching interrupts any form of reloading or preparation for attacks. Its also inflicts a short delay while pushing back the unit.


Headshotting the enemy (only applies to ranged weapons) increased damage dealt by 2.5x.


Non combat mechanics

-C button

It opens the character page. Turning of the character model can be done by pressing around the character model while the character page is opened.

-Tab button

The tab button results in ending fights after defeating or routing all enemies/triggering a retreat while in battle. While in a town/village, pressing tab will bring one back to the previous screen.

-Ctrl Clicking

Ctrl clicking allows for you to select 10 units at a time when applied to selecting units to promote etc. When done towards an item during the looting screen would automatically move the item to the upper most avaliable box in the opposing inventory.


Food refers to the provisions used to feed the army. Different food items has different cause. It is important to note that beef and chicken rot after 3 days and should only be bought when the army is sufficiently large enough to finish consuming it or should it need a large morale boost. The lack of food would result in the army starving, which would in turn lead them to lose morale and to rout.

-Price variance

Pricing of goods in the game varys in accordance to how much of such goods are there in stock in a given location. This mechanic is generally exploited when users wish to "merchant". It is also possible to employ a caravan to exploit this at a certain risk.


Wages for all troops are denoted as upkeep which are paid at the end of every week. Upkeep of troops gets cut in half when garisonned in a town.


The treasury is unlocked when a fianance minister is employed.

-Allocation of fiefs

This is done by talking to one of your companions and selecting the option to entrust a fief, after becoming a faction leader.

-Rebel activities

Rebel spawn often in the game, with a higher concentration around fortresses in which is not owned by a ruler. Occassionally, a rebel hideout forms which constantly pumps out rebels till it is taken down.

Starting Locations

Starting Location



Best late game troop in the game, notable the calvary. It has very high tier samurai gunners too.


Highly contested area, resulting in a high amount of conflicts. The early game troops are nothing special.

-Ikko Ikki


Extremely strong early and mid game troops, with monks being the front runner among all early game units.


Has terrible high tier units, unable to compete with Oda units late.


Nothing of note, not really wise choosing others tho being part of the nanban faction is useful geographically due to being at the very edge of the map.




Though the strengths of varry within itself, it is tied to the amount of land owned. Lords are the lowest class of nobles and the weakest.

-Great Lords

Great lords rule entire factions, they generally have a stronger party and regenerate from defeat faster.

-Formation of new Lords

Formations of new lords are possible by either helping a claimant regain the throne or by allocating a fief to one of your companions.



There exists alternative names to the same tiering.


-1.Samurai Class (best)

Each unit from the samurai class cost 300 to employ in its base form, tho the base form is stronger than the highest tier of the villager class.

-2.Mercenary/3.Peasant class

The mercenary class can be employed by either freeing prisoners and employing them into your service or by paying for them at inns.

-4.Outlaw Class

-5.Villager Class (worst)

The villager class is the cheapest to employ class, costing 10 each for its base form. It is fairly useless in the mid-late game tho its the main unit used in the early game.

-Specific Counters

Some troops are more effective against other types of troops. Swordmen > Spearmen. Archer > Non Armoured unit. Gunmen > Armoured unit. Spearmen > One handed (sickle) unit. Bashing weapon > Swordmen. Calvary > Everything



Peasant tier units can be recruited here for 10 each.


Samurai class units can be recruited here for 300 each.


Samurai class units can be recruited here for 300 each. Mercenary class units can be recruited here in the inn for a varying sum.


You can recruit troops from your prisoner counts thought the party suffer a morale penalty for it.

-Fortresses (mansions etc)

Special units can be recruited here such as sado exiles. Generally highly cost effective units thought weak.


Damage of all ranged units decrease the further the enemy is. Range units are capable of headshots which amplifies damage by 2.5x


Archers are units which employ bows. They can be procured from all tier of units.


Highly effective against units without armour. Capable of rapid fire. Capable of shooting over terrain.


Ineffective against armoured units, dealing as low as 0 damage. Runs out of ammunitions extremely quickly, rendering it useless for seiging. Fairly inaccurate.


Gunmen are units which uses guns, such as samurai gunners or even woku pirates.


High damage with high accuracy. Ideal for seiging and prolonged skirmishes from great distances. Exceptional volley damage.


Low firerate, easily flinched by damage, interrupting reloads. Poor in close combat or close range seige defense.




-Club wielding soldiers



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