How to win Mount and Blade: Warband (Harlaus Edition)

How to win Mount and Blade: Warband (Harlaus Edition)

The Grand Plan

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First step...

Turn on realistic saving, only true men of harlaus do this. You must have 100 relation with King Harlaus of Swadia before you become a vassal under his protection. Carry out his divine will. Deliver his letters. Train his levies. Do his taxes. Extort. Attend his tournies and if high renown, attend his countless feasts. You will grovel for your future king. He will reward you.. in time...

DO NOT DECLARE FOR Lady Isolla of Suno. This is treachery and should be avoided in the gameplay.

Second Step...

With an entourage of Swadian Knights at your back... you should have high favor with the lord of praven, harlaus. Swear your sword to the rightful king as a vassal. Raid in his name, claim butter. Rhodoks first, then Nords, then Khergits and finally Sarranids. Exactly in that order. If If King Harlaus does not award you fiefdoms, that's ok, you should feel content to believe in his divine will with your disgustingly rich border village he has given you. It's your own fault if your village gets raided. When it comes to decisions on fiefdoms, always say that his grace must have the fiefdom.

If Dhirim falls once to any rival kingdom. Especially those ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to the north. Quit the game immedately and restart the process.

Third step...

Make sure to attend feasts always. Regardless of the situation. It increases morale among the lords of Swadia. When Harlaus calls, you attend. Do not do anything else while a feast is going on, other than tournies. This nullfies the losing one swadian city step since attending a harlaus feast is better than conquest and should always be prioritised. At this point, you should be the most powerful lord in Swadia. You should be salting Rhodok fields left, right and centre. Do not rebel or create your own kingdom. This is against Harlaus. And not practical for this guide. Continue sieging down enemy cities until Calradia is under the fold of Harlaus.

After all this...

Harlaus should you reward with another fiefdom and then you have won the game. All true butterlords, worth their salt will follow this guide exactly to the word.

Real Victory Screen For Warband

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