Using a PS4 / DS4 controller without ds4windows (1.01.a)

Wanna Use Your Ps4 Controller?

while an xbox controller is more supported, having a touchpad on the controller means you can navigate menus and anything else currently needing a mouse in 1.0

if you've tried using your ps4 controller you will notice steam applies a joysticks as wasd + mouse template, while it does work it requires binding buttons to corresponding keyboard binds.

so i've made ps4 controller bindings copying the layout for xbox controllers

the link:

steam://controllerconfig/488860/2619085996(copy paste into browser, thanks steam)

or find it under community controller configs

but anyone can do that right???

Infamous Steam Controller Playstation Config Bug

so anyone with a 300iq smooth lizard brain would have just copied the xbox layout and boom done.

too bad triggers don't work and has been an issue found in google searches dating as far back as 2017, often with solutions such as disable steam input or use ds4windows.

the solution:right click MPN → properties → controller

enable steam input

then go to controller general settings

disable playstation config support

enable generic gamepad config support

now you can load up any steam input config that uses the triggers as analog inputs. and touchpad still works too.

Do What Must Come Natural, With A Ps4 Controller

assuming you've previously setup your controller in steam and it recognises as a ps4 controller you should be good to go.

again here is my config: steam://controllerconfig/488860/2619085996

i've also bound; share to enter for arena mode, dpad right to shift for dual wielding from equipment menu, and right stick click is toggled for headshot aim

thanks for coming to my ted talk


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