King-Ups Explained

King-Ups Explained


This guide is provide an understanding of the King-Up mechanic with Legion TD 2. Assisting players in answering that age old question of, "when should I upgrade the King?"

What Are King-Ups?

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King-Ups are upgrades to your King in order to assist in clearing in any leak that the player(s) couldn't prevent.

They cost 20 Mythium and will earn you 6 income per upgrade (equivalent to sending a Snail).

King Attack

Increases the King's attack damage by 8%

King Regen

Increases the King's health regen by 0.004% missing health + 0.004% max health

King Spell

Increases your King's AoE ability damage by 9%

Each of these can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 times. Most importantly however, you cannot purchase these during the battle phaae (before income) like you can with mercenaries. With that in mind...

When To King-Up?

When to use your Mythium purchasing a King-Up is a tricky question and will never fully be a right or wrong answer. Playstyles, the resulting consequences and opinions will differ.

Wave 1 is often where people will do 1 King-Up, to better enable themselves to snowball in the early game, while not giving up too much relevant pressure.

Afterwards it usually is a case of if you are being starved you can income send and King-Up on the wave before the expected send to try and hold the stronger mercenaries you'll be receiving.

One can also King-Up in the mid-game to try and delay the game to benefit you if you have a better late game roll, but here you have to take into account that your enemy will not be forced to value up in this time without risking a leak and heavy king damage, even a potential loss.

Another option is just when you don't expect to leak your opponent so you go for the King-Ups instead, this usually correlates with the already mentioned send after a long save on you.

Just a slight reminder that sending in this game is about economy as well as pressure. Upgrading your king might further your income game, but allows for your enemy to push workers as a result.

With this knowledge, good luck in your future games protecting your King from the Legion Lords.

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