A Guide to different class strategies


This Guide Does Not Include Mastermind.

What will you find here?

Now I know a lot of people struggle with their strategies or tend to fall behind throughout the game.

Now this guide offers a set of videos and I will also leave a brief description with a list of things you can improve to get a better ground in the game with each class.

So there will be section for each class with more important detailed information. However I will try to keep it short for each class and cover the most important aspects. Remember guys that the videos already show you literally everything you need.

You may ask me why? Because mastermind is a mix of everything and there is no real solid strategy for it. However if you want I will add some tips and hints for mastermind and what you should look for generally lateron!

Things That Can Help You

Here is a short list of important things that will help you

Starting the match with a unit that transitions into a solid strategy later

Hire mercaneries each round in early game to increases your income as fast as possible

Start saving your mythium once you have enough income to try make the enemy leak with a better hire

Stay above or close to the recommended value for each wave!

Always try to get some workers early to have upper hand of your team or opponents

keep an eye on the person you attack and find his weakness to magic or stuns and hire proper mercenary to try break their line of defense

I mean this list is just a little to help you guys out with. I know Lforward already made a very informative guide. But i'm here to also help you and I purposely made videos for each class with a very solid strategy that can do it for you and hopefully will

Sections Guide

Each section will be divided into a class. It will have a nice description about the units and how to place them. Not only that it will also describe how and when to get the workers. Although in the video I already go over everything step by step. I will also leave detailed description regardless. I will try to keep it nice, short and informative!

Mech Strategy

This entire strategy involves around different units. Your main front line tanks will be leviathan and pyro. The strategy is very heavy on fighter value and because of low worker count it can fall of lateron, but early it is next to impossible to break. You can play around with it, because you can pull of a worker or two and change things around.

This entire strategy is designed to defend off whatever your opponent sends and is very hard to break. However it has a very low worker count, but regardless it is solid. You will have an extremely early millenium. Please do not hold on any mythium as you are already low worker count you will need any possible income!

Remember there is a video at the end of this section showing all what is described. So if you don't feel like reading just skip all this and head to the end.

List of early units Start with zeus

Tempest to back it up with

Veteran for early tank

Mid game units More zeus for damage

APS tank to buff your tempest and zeus

late game units Zeus


leviathan for the tanking

Pyro for some extra tanking and AOE damage

Video explaining it wave by wave

Forsaken Strategy [First]

This is extremely tanky forsaken strategy. We all know there are so many different ways to play forsaken and I have made two of them so far. This one is slightly more heavy on workers than mech.Also has great end game damage with a very strong frontline. I'm sure a lot of you are very well aware with the nightmare strategy along with mage, but the rest is slightly different in my build. This one is heavy on damage and can deal with waves pretty fast.

However it can be very random and in case it happens that your nightmares get chosen as first targets it will fall very behind.

Please Keep a close eye on the unit positioning! I explain that throughout the video as well. The same goes for the workers!

List of early units butcher as starter

green devil as tanker

Mid game units Nightmares for damage

gateguards for extra defense

late game units Nightmares and douplegangers

Chef for extra life regen for frontline

Harbinger for extra doggies and stuns :D

Video explaining everything step by step

Forsaken Strategy [Second]

This is similar to the first one when it comes to units that you build throughout the game. However the starter unit is nightmare. The strategy is very rough against a brute and unlike butcher it can be more easily countered mid game. However when it comes to the frontline it concentrates very heavy on green devils to take the heat off of your other units and combines an extra line with some casual skeletons just to make it less likely that your nightmares get attacked.

It has a higher worker count than previous strategy. However because of the nature of nightmare being countered with brute it can be very difficult to get early workers. You should be careful and see if your opponent is saving up mythium, if so I would recommend that you skip that worker and counter the brute with a gateguard

This line is very Hard to break due to the nature of having everything mixed up. So it is safe to say that it is a slightly stronger strategy than the first one.

Again guys the positioning of units is even more imporatnt than it was in the last forsaken guide, so keep an eye on that!

List of early units Nightmare as starter

green devil as tanker

A mage to buff attack speed of nightmare

Mid game units Nightmares for damage

gateguards for extra defense

Green devils for extra defense

Butcher for life regen

late game units douplegangers


Extra line of skeletons

Green devils


Video explaining everything step by step

Grove Strategy

Well here is the grove class, which I found to have the best damage output so far. It cleans things out very fast due to the high damage of canopie. However since you rely on that unit so heavy it can be countered with brute early. So for that reason you need to mix it up with buzz to prevent that from happening. The worker count is mediocre, but really depends! This strategy can go more workers anytime! Just make sure you are around the rec. value.

The biggest counter to this trategy is a single target high damage send. Something like a centaur or mimic can be of a problem.

Again if your enemy seems to be holding off with mythium, try creating couple of buzz to counter the potential brute send!

The video will explain when to create workers and etc so please keep an eye on that and do not go to heavy or you will start leaking.

With this strategy I found the unit positioning to be the MOST important factor. You do not want your buzz to go in first. You need to make sure your deathcap will tank first and buzz will take attention from some of the units and die for the extra stun, holding some of the line busy for a little bit and taking some damage off of your deathcap and canopie both. Also having the consort sitting in the back and adding some extra damage is nice.

Mainly the consort is just there when you run into "cap limit" situation. Do not build too many of them!

List of early units Honeyflower



Mid game units Canopie



late game units Canopies



Video explaining everything step by step

Element Guide

Now we all know that element is the most underrated class and there is a reason for that. There really is not a good damage dealer in this lineup. In case you played element a lot you may have noticed that it takes a while to kill things, because the damage is either spread amoung a lot of units or just very slow one time burst, which cannot even deal very well with one unit past wave 11.

For that reason I found out that fire elementals, Rogue wave's and fire lords are simply the best even late game. Still! it took a while to clear the wave and if your teammates cannot hold well enough the waves will get to the boss before you clear yours.

So what is strong about element? The tanky frontline which consists of golem starcaller and fire lord.

What are the positive things? You can get some very easy and safe early workers and don't need to be afraid of anything. There really is not a whole lot to counter element with since you have a huge mix of units from the start.

However like I said element damage output is rather weak and therefor it takes him much longer to clear waves than other classes.

List of early units mudman


aqua spirit

Mid game units atom

fire elemental

rogue wave


late game units fire lord




Video explaining everything step by step

For More Help

In case you need help or have questions!

You can private message me on steam if you have questions or ask in the comments below. I also have a discord which includes sections for guides and discussions so feel free to join there and ask help if needed!

Here is the link to discord in case you are interested in joining

DISCORD [discord.gg]

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