Quick tips

Level 0 Or 1 Idk / Backroom

So this is not the walkthrough tho, but if you think it is, its just a simple quick tips for your run.

So you will started with cutscene and have to find the stairs to the vent. Just follow the arrows and find the stairs and you will teleport to the room with 2 tables, loot.

Go to the elevator you will see a numbers from left and right. This is the code for the elevator.

The code will have the order from 1-4. Watch behind the pillars you will see the # symbols. So that is the order, so the other number in front of the #1 pillar will be the first code and just follow the order to number 4.

After that you will use the elevator to inside the backroom, so first go straight to the end and go right you will find the table, loot.

So let's move on to the tips, this is not the walkthrough or anything, figures about the game yourself, its fun that way.

So when you inside the backroom stage, there will be 3 entities there, Smiley, Doggo, and Cable man, idk what you call it but its tall and looks like a wire cable.

#1 Smiley, he will always spawn in the dark place, when you see him spawn in front of you, dont look at him and just run the place with lights. If you keep staring at him, he will come spawn closer to you.

#2 Cable man, it's always easy to spot his current location by looking at the red light if you see the red light, he's there. But don't scare, you can just run pass him if you let him come close to you. Also whenever he hit you once, he will stunt for a second before he continue chasing you.

#3 Doggo, I always hate the dog because he will block your way and you can't really run pass him. Just don't stay in the corner because if he come to you, your way will be blocked. The dog will become a wall that stay there and kill you. Also the dog will make a sound from a vent so when you heard something running on the vent just be careful and screw every opened vent.

There are some of hot spot where this entities will spawn in this stage

Dark hallway - smiley

Horse room - smiley, doggo

Vase room - doggo

Red door room - smiley, cable man

tv room - cable

lever room / inside the mirror - smiley, doggo

radioactive room - doggo , smiley.

corpse room - cable man, doggo. smiley will be in front of the corpse room door.

Level 2 / Parking

So when you dropped, there will be a red monster i forgot the name but lets call him Tall red guy, he will be eating some body behind you.

So the tips here is

Collect every valve as much as you can "max 2 per player" there are 5 total valve needed.

When everyone have the valve, so just put every valve to the pipe and don't tighten it yet just press E to the pipe and use your valve, do it to every pipe. And then every player get ready to each pipe and tighten it up at the same time! since after you tighten the pipe you will triggered the Tall red guy and he will chasing you. So doing this will help you progress quicker.

Level 3 / Office Room

So there are not really a lot of tips here to share.

So when you are inside the office room, you will meet this 2 entities

1 - Tall red guy

2 - Balloon guy (most dangerous) only in party room

so the tips here is

when you are being chase by the tall red guy, you run pass him or just wait for him to come to you and before he get to hit you, just sprint far from him at the correct timing, this will make him stunt during the attack animation which save your stamina and your healing items.

Also run out from his sight is always the best tips for escape plan.


so this is are the hardest part of the game.

Always take note the level of the party room stages are getting harder depends on how much people have in your party.

The first level is popping balloon, you just pop em in time or you will get damage to death.

The second level is maze presents. so in this level you have to find a yellow presents box to proceed to the next level. The presents will always be at the corner of the maze, just go to every corner you can find, the presents might be there. Also there is a chance where the presents spawn near the party table, so make sure to check it. If the timer run out, the balloon guy will spawn and hunt you and one shot you.


When he saw you he will stunt you with the balloon for 1 second or so, just keep calm and keep sprinting out of his way. So to outrun him, don't run in his sight. Run to the corner, right or left out of his sight, he will stop chasing you and start walk away.

Listen to his footsteps or the motion tracker could help you a lot during the hunt.

Also if you are good enough with the maze, spawn during the red light , loot and keep find the presents before all of you are died because the timer will reset if all of you died.

But if you didn't familiar with the maze, just die when the lights is red all of you, and the timer will reset, and spawn during the light is white, and please go to the door at the same time so all of you spawn at the same time.


During the blow the candles stage, USE THE MOTH JELLY IT WILL HELP YOU A LOT. So just remember the path and SPRINT YOUR WAY.

You can blow the candle through from the other path (it's like a through walls). you don't have to be on the right path just to blow the candle, just get near to the candle and blow it up even you're in the other path.

If you want to go to the middle table, you have to run pass the balloon guy during the timer.

Get your way to the red key card and to the exit and you're set.

Level 4 / Pool

Before going inside the pool in the blue door, go back to the fuses and turn it off.

Go back to the blue room and the pool will be safe to walk through this time.

Before you hop inside the radioactive pool, ready your motion tracker and hazmat suit.

Don't walk in group because the Monster inside the pool will chase the first person that went inside the pool, if you are way back behind your team, the monster might get you first, try using your own motion tracker and find the other way. More like, you treat the first person went inside the pool as a bait for you to escape.

After that use the red key card and find the right door at the last maze. There are multiple door inside the maze but only 1 is correct. You can check which is the correct door in the office room, there are a small room with a red light. On the table there is a picture of the door, look at the symbol.

I know it's not really a great tips but I hope it helps. just comment for a questions.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2848507798					

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