Office Rooms (Level 2) (WIP)

Parking Garage

After exiting The Lobby / "The Backrooms" level drop down into the hole to enter the parking garage

In the garage collect red valve handles lying on the ground

Use the handles to close open gas pipes

Once all gas pipes are closed leave through the door previously blocked by green gas

Office Rooms

In the office rooms attach four fuses to the fuse box

Use the switch to turn on electricity

Once electricity is enabled computer monitors in the office rooms turn on

The symbols on the monitors correspond to letters

The deciphering key for the symbols is in the Flipped Room (?)

The background colors reveal the order of the letters

The order is displayed on notes on the main computer monitor

Click on the in-game keyboard to type in the password

The computer will open the blue door

Before entering the blue door go the the Party Room

Flipped Room

The safe at the end of the room requires a code

Follow the path on the map and read the code on the walls

Rotate the safe knob by dragging it with the mouse and change direction after every value

Release mouse if a mistake is made to reset the knob

Pick up the Motion Tracker from the safe

The Party Room

Press on the button(s) on the wall simultaneously

Enter the red rectangle on the floor

Finish every round of every party game

Interact with the cake on the table and pick up the key

Turn off the electricity on the panel and enter the blue door

The Pool

If the electricity is left on the pool behind the blue door will be lethal

There is a large pool full of "rare" entity #5 creatures

Use the motion tracker from the Flipped Room to traverse through the pool safely

Use the ladder on the other side to get out

Use the Red Access Card and exit through the door


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