How To Do The Safe

How To Do It

you'll need to figure out the code


Getting The Code

The first number is by two desks next to the safe room. The second number is down the long hall from the first number. The third number is straight down from the safe room. The fourth number on a wall above the middle bit. The fifth number is on a side wall below the middle bit.

Remember the numbers are upsidedown. So 6 is 9 and 9 is 6. You should already know this unless you're intellectually deprived of common sense.

When interacting with the safe, drag left until on first number, right until on second number, left until on third number, right until on fourth number, left until on fifth number, then let go.


you did it. good for you.

now that i've babystepped you through that mind numbingly straightforward predicament, you may continue on you're quest of failing miserably and dying at the hands of walking sausage meat and clowns.


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