infinite foils for act II (spoilers if you have not gotten to act 2)

What You Need For This Method

before we get on to how you would actually begin to do this method I would like to discuss the following cards needed for this:

-Any cards free of cost (skeleton or squirrel, as much as you want)

- 1 gravedigger

- 1 bone heap

- 1 squirrel ball

- 1 field mice

- 1 steel mice

- All of your other robot or beast cards (anything that costs energy or sacrifice)

tho this excludes anything over 3 blood sacrifice.

- you can also take as much bone heaps or tomb raiders as they have no cost. Just be sure to keep 1

bone heap as he's our little money


Steps On How To Make Profit

Now that you have all of the necessary material you are probably wondering why so much as their is many less pricey ways to do this. I assure you this method is much more efficient then the rest (keep in mind this method depends on how many cards you have) although more complicated the reward is worth it.

Now that that is out of the way onto the explanation.

- The dummy's board has 2 cards with no damage on the left the far left slot is where you will put your gravedigger. He is going to be

giving you a passive income of bones. (make sure if you draw your bone heap you keep it until the very end)

- For this next part you are going to need a sacrifice free of charge (skeleton or squirrel). You are going to sacrifice this to place your squirrelball who is going to mass produce 1 squirrel every turn as long as it is not blocked.

- After the squirrelball has produced two squirrels in the remaining slots you will need to sacrifice them to place your field mice specifically in the slot behind the dummy's card you cannot attack (mid-left slot).

- You will then place your steel mice

- Afterwards you will again sacrifice your field mice using itself and the steel mice. Notice these come back to you everytime you place them on the board.

- you will repeat this every turn and as so using all of the cards you have to collect mass amounts of bones for your profit.

if you need an example, say have another card with a cost of 2 to optimize deck space you would place that instead of the field mice.

Steel mice cost 4 energy, this is where the large chains come to play. You have 6 energy slots and using 4 you would have 2 left, a lot

of robot cards have the cost of 2. If you have any you can prolong the chain using them. Cards needing a sacrifice of only 1 will be

easy to implement into chains, be sure to destroy any cards that will kill the dummy or hinder chains. You can also wither away at the

dummies health in the process of making chains. example you can

leave a card with 1 hit point on the board to accumulate damage to the dummy, just be wary not to kill the dummy and stop at the

second to last tick on the scale.

- You continue these steps until you no longer have any cards to draw. On the dummy's field a card called "Starvation" will spawn you cannot attack it. This is where you will finally use the bone heap. Place the bone heap on the space not opposing the Starvation and press the button in the middle of the card until you run out of bones. Yes I understand this is quite time consuming to both get to this point and click on the tiny button on the card but this method relies solely on the amount of cards you have that are beast or robot. The more cards the more bones the more bones the more foils (money). This method is very efficient and will supply you with a lot of money in just just one game.


That's all from me. Do what you will with my method I hope to all my progeny that you become rich and powerful.

and if you read this far thank you for reading.



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