How to use the Warren and break everything


This doesn't work on Kaycee's mod anymore, I think it only works for Leshy's cabin now :(

What You'll Need


The requirements are pretty simple, but nonetheless, here are the needed cards and events:

Warren: The Warren is simple, a card that, when played, makes an extra Rabbit card in your deck, which functions like a squirrel. This makes you able to sacrifice both the Rabbit and Warren for a card with a cost of 2. This card is included in the bone deck in Kaycee's Mod, so if you want to get it right away, that's a good option. Note that this card doesn't include any Tribe (Not canine, bird, hooved, etc.) So no totems will work for it and it wont show up in the event where you draw a specific Tribe.

Field Mice: The field mice have 2 cost, 2 health, and deal 2 damage. This isn't a very good card in my opinion, but the reason we need this is because of its sigil, Fecundicity. This allows you to make a copy of the card when it's played. This does not have a Tribe either, so just avoid any events where you draw a Tribe to have a chance of getting these cards.

Mysterious Stones: This is not a card, but an event on the map. This event allows you to sacrifice one of your cards permanently and put their sigils on another card of your choice. The obvious reason that you need this is to sacrifice the Field Mice to the Warren and give them the ability of Fecundicity.

What Does This Do???

This actually does SO many good things and can even allow you to beat the game easily.

Grind out some bones: Constantly sacrifice your Warrens for more Warrens and get bones for each sacrifice.

Infinite Squirrels Rabbits: This actually goes with grinding bones, as each played Warren gets you a new Rabbit.

Mess around with the Failure Bottle: This is a thing that can only happen in Kaycee's Mod, where the Failure Bottle will paint you a copy of the card you choose (More or less, he can change stats most of the time!) Use this to make copies of the card and give yourself a bigger chance of getting the Warren in combat.

Instantly win with the Hand Tentacle: Farming rabbits can get you more cards in one turn, making the Hand Tentacle an easy way to earn both money for the trapper and instantly beat the moon in the final battle.

Copies with Copies: Making a Fecundity Totem along with this card makes everything even easier than you've already made it. In my experience, using this with the Insects (specifically the Queen, Worker and Flying Ant) makes for an easy win, especially if they have powerful sigils like Trifurcated Strike or Leader.

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