Farm Coins or pelts to buy new cards

What Are Shops?

If you already started a new game, you probably found some shops. They are located at each corner of the map and there you can buy with pelts packs for 5 pelts or cards. Once you buy a card a new one appears in it´s place.

How To Obtain Money

All the surplus damage get´s converted to pelts or money from any fight. The bad thing is that you can only challenge characters once. There is just one exception. The Dummy at the mage´s Tower.

1. Go to the Tower

2. Challenge this dummy.

Once you challenge the dummy make sure to do some extra damage during you final blow to obtain some pelts.

You can repeat step 2 as many times as you want.

A Little Extra (purple Key)

You can use doubles of some cards to obtain an upgraded version of that card at the weird mushroom house on the far right of the map.

Once there give two copies of the required card.

You are going to become an upgraded version of the card.

All cards can be found at the shops from the game.

Once you obtain the upgraded version of all cards you will get a giant purple key.

Thank You For Reading My Guide

This is my first guide and I hope I helped you to obtain more money to ultimately buy the cards you need to upgrade your Deck.

Thanks for reading my guide.


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