Easy Ouroboros Leveling

Easy Ouroboros Leveling

Purchasing Ouroboros

In Act 2 you are able to purchase cards from traders in each area using foils. Foils are gained from excess damage delt when winning a battle. Ouroboros costs 8 foils from the trader in Leshy's area (Top right area).

Creating Your Free Ouroboros

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In order to get a copy of Ouroboros that you will be able to play for zero cost you must reach the boss fight in Grimora's area (Bottom Right). During the boss fight be sure that you have your Ouroboros on the board before triggering Grimora's phase 2. During the transition she will remove all your cards and turn them into 0 cost zombies. Despite zombification they will retain their sigils which means Ouroboros will still return to your hand when killed. The cool part is that when this zombie Ouroboros dies it comes back a normal Ouroboros for you to play but retains its zombie cost of 0. The rest is easy, just keep playing your free Ouroboros and hammering it until you reach your desired stats. Warning: when the fight ends you will lose your free cost copy of Ouroboros so be sure to use it as much as needed before ending the Grimora fight.

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