ID's? Search? Frisk?


Most of the time you can request id from almost every suspect and witness.

During Accidents you can request for every witness ID and also sidewalk witness as well.

During RobberyYou can request for witness id even its not necessary. You can still get bonus event such as fake id user / having illegal weapon - refer search/ frisk

During Open WarrantYou can request a person after detaining them

During Traffic StopYou can request for ID when you detain vehicle if you

-Detaining at traffic stop

-Detaining due to vehicle violation

Lastly you may also ask id for those whom violate simple rules such as




You may frisk anyone when they show suspicious behavior such as

- Looking around

- Green crumbs

- Angry ( TEST)

- Fearful

- Shaking


Search can only be done to those whom have committed crime / escape from arrest All arrested suspect can be search which include


Illegal weapons / items possession

Running away from cops

Events - Assault / Robbery / Etc..

Drug Test

You may do a drug test for all the accident suspects and also vehicle detainment such as

- Accident suspects ( To increase report / get score if positive )

- Traffic stop

- Detainment for vehicle violation

- Traffic violation

*Underglow lights

*tinted windows ( BLACK )

Most of the time you dont have to do it if they don't show sign ( EXCEPT ACCIDENTS )

- Nervous

- Red eyes

- Smells alcohol / drug

Vehicle Search

All suspects that allowed to search in the section above are allowed to conduct vehicle search.


You may not conduct a search without reason or due to suspicion such as


-Smells alcohol

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