First Responder

First Responder

Step 1: Buy Flyswatter

First Responder image 1

First Responder image 2
First Responder image 3

Become godlike

Only 100 Credits

Step 2: Waste Your Talent Points

First Responder image 7
First Responder image 8
First Responder image 9

Pictured above are actually probably useful to people not being carried , ready to embrace the efficiency of a firewhacker.

Movespeed buff on par with Bows or another weapon, but only costs 2 points instead of 3. Downside is you don't have a weapon equipped. Do need to waste a point on the root node however.

Actually really nice little buff to stamina regen, very nice for caves etc where you're mining and the regen boost fills in the gap time. Not crazy noticeable but it does make a difference.

Step 3: ???

First Responder image 14
First Responder image 15

First Responder image 16

Step 4: PROFIT!!1!??!!

First Responder image 18
First Responder image 19
First Responder image 20
First Responder image 21
First Responder image 22
First Responder image 23

Be a fashion icon

Disclaimer: movespeed is stacked with swift survivor's 10%. and 2 of the 5% movespeed suit modules.


I don't have an idea what I'm doing, this is pretty funny to screw around with while getting carried. I don't have any idea if it'll work solo, or if the points are worth it. Animations are pretty funny ingame too. At time of writing the blueprints from this tree aren't even available, but might change in future. Kind of interested to see what the repair bench will do.

The stamina regen and movespeed might be legitimate for anyone running in a group where they aren't putting points into weapons, since it uses less points than the bow movespeed (only one I've actually looked into). This move buff is mostly useful for gatherer/farmer types since they benefit from the +20% stamina regen too, can just swap to whacker when run low on stamina, helps you regen faster.


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