How to survive

The beginings

So, the demon cat has been summond and pops onto a farm and you are in control(Its not actualy a demon cat) Many tales say that it is hard to survive but fear not because I think I know how to survive.

Survival time

So in order to survive you are going to need to hunt the only thing that is close, easy to kill and in big numbers... chicks! the chicks or baby chickens are easy to kill only taking 3 hits to kill and refill your hunger bar fast.

After that you war going to need to drink some water which can be found at a lake. All you need to do is hope into the water even tho cats dont like getting wet and than get a drink or two. Just repeat that and you will be safe as long as you dont get in any fights.

Now if you do get hurt somehow you can always sleep and regen.


And thats it, good luck and have fun! also here is a guide

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