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Bianka Ataegina (Real name)

Durandal 16 (Chosen ) (2016)

17 (Chosen ) (2017) January 1, 2000 (Chosen ) Human Female Alive 165cm 54kg Blonde Blue


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Immortal BladesOccupation Schicksal Valkyrie Leader of Immortal Blades


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Voice Actor

Ziyi Qin (CN) Noto Mamiko (JP)


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Durandal has a fair complexion, light blue eyes, and strawberry blond hair that fades into a light pink at the ends. She often wears her hair down. While fighting with Kevin Kaslana, in Cooking With Valkyries, and wearing the Dea Anchora battlesuit; she has a high ponytail.

𝓑𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓾𝓲𝓽 𝓐𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼

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Valkyrie Gloria: Durandal wears a tight black coat with streaks of teal and a short cape, a black military hat, brown leggings, and a pair of dark boots.

Bright Knight Excelsis: Durandal wears silver armor with streaks of dark blue, a dark blue skirt, black knee high socks, silver boots, and a silver crown like accessory.

Dea Anchora: Durandal wears golden armor that surrounds a dark blue top and a short dark blue mullet skirt.


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Bianka was, even at 12 years old, a determined and ambitious person. Both Shakespeare and Schrodinger praised her braveness and kindness. She risked her life multiple times to save others, even if the chances were low. But, the inexperienced Valkyrie wasn’t without her flaws. Bianka was an impatient and hot headed kid, and even Rita Rossweisse criticized her a few times for that. She recalls an orphanage counselor calling her an idiot and telling her to think before she acts. Rita told Shakespeare that when she sleeps, Bianka “puts her head under her pillow, kicks her sheets out of the bed at least 5 times throughout the night, and when it seems she’s done one finds the sheets drenched in saliva”. She also became jealous of Jimmy and Alice’s romantic relationship, and the way Roland could live her life so carefree after losing her memories.

Bianka knew that she was what some people would call a “genius”: that ordinary people could never reach her level. She chose to walk the lonely path to honor those who died in the battle she survived. She undergoes rigorous training daily, and she cares so much about becoming stronger that she tells Rita that it’s a little like having OCD. She also criticizes people who are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone and facing the unknown.

Because she’s gone through many hardships during her life, Bianka knows the world values results more than anything. This view makes Shigure Kira feel better about “cheating” to become an idol, but Schrodinger encourages her to start enjoying the process more than than the end results. Bianka can speak English, German, Russian and French.

Through the years, she’s adopted the nickname “Durandal” to honor the sword that helped her in her adventures. She became more patient and relaxed, with her and Rita growing closer than ever. The maid became part of her everyday life: they live together and go on missions as a team. When Durandal received Rita’s request asking for backup in Arc city, she rushed to her side.

Another important person for Durandal is overseer Otto Apocalypse. Otto was among the first people Bianka had met after losing her memories. He was her doctor from a very young age, so she grew attached to him. Kira pointed out that when Otto’s with other Valkyries, he puts on a cold smile, but when he’s with Bianka he’s a lot more relaxed and open. During Su’s trials, Bianka showed a deep trust for him.

But, even with a strict training schedule, Durandal hasn’t forgotten to have fun in her daily life. To Rita’s despair, she meets a cat called Stan during her London holiday and adopts it. She enjoys shopping, taking care of her garden with Rita, and was even good at playing soccer back at the orphanage. She also has a lot of admirers. One time, they found out when Durandal’s birthday was and on January 1st her room was filled with presents. She then thanked personally each and every one of the people that sent them.


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Her earliest memories are of waking up in an orphanage in Sochi. As one of the victims of the 2nd Eruption, she was left orphaned along with other children. Unlike others, however, she had no memories. She chooses the name “Bianka Ataegina”. One day she wakes up to Otto sitting by her bedside. He says he wasn’t here for tests today, and takes her on a walk. Otto tells her the story of Medea, a magical princess that fell in love with a prince from a far away land. Medea did atrocious things for him, including killing their 2 children and murdering many other people. She ended up doing so much in the name of love that she herself became a monster.

Bianka thinks this is an awful story. Otto says that one day she will experience something similar in the real world, and when that day comes, she should remember that there’s still kindness and beauty in the world. He tells her not to sympathize with Medea. Otto then whispers to himself the poem of Zarathustra II:33 “The grave song”.

One day, the captain of a valkyrie assault squad and a training instructor came to visit the orphanage. Her name was Ragna. They expected her to be cold and severe, but all she did was teach them about gardening instead. Ragna passed away that winter, and Himeko came to recruit people for St. Freya. Bianka could only hold anger for such a heartless person, but the Valkyrie told her that if she wants to honor Ragna’s ideals she should take on the responsibility and fight herself.

Bianka joined Schicksal at 10 years old, and went straight to the HQ as she thought training at St. Freya couldn’t improve herself as fast. Bianka underwent many hardships from that point on. She was the only one from her squad who survived her first mission that took place at Agra Fort. Another mission also had her watch her teammates die after being hit by a wave of honkai radiation, after which she fell asleep for an entire week. Some time before the visual novel she became an A rank Valkyrie and the squad leader of of Schicksal’s special exploration unit “Lonely Phantalassa”.

𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓪 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂

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London Holiday

Fall 2015. Durandal took care of the honkai outbreak occurring in Dubai. Back at the HQ, Rita receives a mission in London and Durandal chooses a holiday as a reward for her hard work.

It turns out Durandal also chose London as her holiday location. Rita gives her a tour then they split up. When they meet again, Durandal sees that Rita’s been harmed and tells her that she doesn’t have to take on the mission alone. She then meets the B rank Valkyrie Susannah at the airport, who swoons over her.

The next we see of Durandal is when she follows Rita to Arthur’s tomb. She’s attacked Stan but she one shots him. But, she’s defeated by Stan’s cuteness and decides to take him with her. Durandal reveals that she’s been following Rita because Otto ordered her to.

They eventually find the 2nd Divine Key, but it’s guarded by an Elf that’s been given 1% of Kevin’s power. Durandal has some trouble with it, and as a last measure the Elf tries to hurl the divine key into the sea of quanta. The Valkyrie uses her powers and eventually returns with both the Elf and the Divine Key.

Second Key

While firing the Second Key for the first time, Durandal is sucked into a bubble universe inside of it. She meets Su, one of the pioneers that helped create the current era civilization. He tells her that she needs to sacrifice herself to save humanity, but Durandal resists. She’s in the circle of karma, and any attack that she makes is returned back. Su can’t beat her this way, so he decides to have her take part in his trials instead.

Durandal is to experience the events Su has gone through. All the people relevant in his life are replaced by the ones Durandal holds dear. In this world, she’s a doctor responsible for finding a cure for the honkai sickness. At first she’s too scared to up the dosage for the fear of killing the patient, but when she’s attacked by a honkai beast she realized that the patient’s going to die anyways. She passed the first trial. In the aftermath, she got infected but Otto from this world used Ragna’s antibodies to save her.

Durandal joins MOTH and the 8th herrscher launches his attack: people who see a certain keyword on the internet enter a comatose state where they all share the same dream. So, Durandal is hooked to a machine and sent to stop the herrscher. She’s shown an ideal reality, where all the people she loves are alive and happy. Durandal resists the temptation and manages to collect enough data for Dr. MEI to kill the 8th herrscher. With this, she passed the 2nd trial.

In the 3rd trial, she has to choose to stop Rita from carrying out Project Stigma. However, Durandal says that she’s never seen her in greater pain and that her only wish is to stay by her side and support her. This causes Su to lose his cool and Durandal takes this opportunity to break out of her dream and attack him.

Durandal tells him that his life is filled with too many rules, and that they have the right to choose their fate. Su is moved by her words, and he gives her the Seed of Sumeru, which gives her a new battle suit and allows her to control her bubble better. Su also gives her a leaf with useful information to deliver to Otto.

𝓖𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂

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The first time Durandal appears is when she breaks a fight between Rita and Fu Hua, during the Battle of Schicksal. She lets Fu Hua go and fight the Herrscher of Void, saying that she would’ve done the same if she were in her place.

Later on, Durandal appears in a North African city helping with the tests of the 2nd divine key. She’s tasked with eliminating the quantum shadows that appear after firing it. When she receives Rita’s report from Arc city she leaves to give her a hand.

When she gets there, Durandal catches the falling Kiana Kaslana with the power of the Abyss Flower. She defeats Mei and tells her that she likes the look in her eyes, but she has to become stronger if she wants to save Kiana. Rita also apologises for failing the mission, but Durandal tells her not to worry about it.

Back at the base in North Africa, when Kiana wakes up, Durandal takes her on a walk to test the 2nd divine key as ordered by Otto. Kiana tries to leave but Durandal stops her and tells her to defeat her if she wants to escape. Kiana loses but Durandal’s impressed that she can use the Edge of Taixuan, so she moves on with the experiment. She has Kiana fight the quantum shadows and eventually strike the giant hole in the sky. With that, the experiment concludes and Kiana loses consciousness.

When she wakes up, she asks Durandal why she’s supporting Otto, to which she replied that it’s the only organization that protects the people against the honkai. When they're attacked by World Serpent, Kiana escapes. Durandal approaches Kevin, and they have a short fight that’s interrupted by Otto.

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