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This is Shattered Swords Visual Novel.

This was an event that happened a long time ago in Fu Hua's past.

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warning : There is no English at the moment, only Chinese and Japanese.

The story wasn't finished yet, so I couldn't come to a conclusion, so I'm going to use my words instead.

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In an endless darkness, a dead celestial's consciousness has awakened.

In the beginning, the new consciousness was just like the birth of the world, just a spot of light in the universe.

The power of “it” is still very limited. Neither receive the signals from the senses nor send instructions to the nerves.

In the chaos, the weak consciousness follows the ancient instinct, blindly but firmly exists and extends.

It has not yet discovered its own death. She refused to acknowledge her death-

If judged by common sense,the immortal is indeed dead.

Her right ankle was broken.

Her hands were crippled.

All her internal organs were destroyed.

The most heavily injured area was the heart, where it was damaged in more than ten places.

However, the deadliest wound was on the head.

It was a sword wound..

The sword stabbed her forehead, destroyed her brain, and then through the skull.

If it was an ordinary person, one of the injuries would’ve been enough to kill.

But "Celestial" isn’t ordinary.

An immortal who's never died. And can’t be destroyed.

A thousand years of life without dying.

A soul that's lived for thousands of years.

Completely overthrow the law of death,

The one and only Celestial of Shenzhou.

This remnant now lying in the stone chamber, was once that kind of existence.


Starting from the nerves,

The Celestial's brain and body began a long process of repairing and reorganizing.

Drawing on every bit of ki around her,

Repairing torn skin,

Healing broken bones,

Healing tattered muscles,

Repairing the damaged organs

Gradually, the Celestial’s 'consciousness' gained awareness.

She saw the lines of light and shadow from east to west through the little window of the chamber.

She smelled the rotten vegetation that lingered in stone.

She heard the sound of fallen leaves touching the ground welcoming the winter, and she also noticed the gentle sway of the branches embracing the snowflakes.

She also felt ache, pain, soreness, numbness, swelling, itching... coming from all parts of her body.

There seems to be no end to this torment.

...Endless recovery, endless pain.

The Celestial said nothing.

“ I Who ? ”

Her mind is still in chaos, remembering some things, but forgetting more.

“ Where is this ? ”

There are only a few words left in the memory, and she can't piece together the answer she wants.

“ wh… ”

Thinking of this, the long-abandoned emotions suddenly stirred in her chest.


Seven people closest to her.

Seven swords that have accompanied her the longest.

Seven people that conspired, lured her to her doom.

Seven swords that set traps for her and killed her.

“ Why ? ”

Emotions tossed endlessly,

There was anger,

There were doubts,

There was resentment,

There was fury

There was also sadness.

“ . . .why? ”

There's no answer, only the desire to find it.

She has watched for seemingly endless years, time is no longer important to her.

She would wait until her body healed.

She would find those seven people and ask why they killed her.

This strong desire has imprinted deep in her consciousness,

Urging her, shaping her, changing her,

Made waiting into a habit and suffering becomes natural. Then...





Endless recovery, endless pain.

The Celestial said nothing.

She has endured for a long time, she can still endure more.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.02: 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷

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This is only one small station in the middle of the desert.

1400 years ago, the wandering Tu Yi Ke people discovered this oasis.

They thanked the gods for this blessing, and stopped to drink the clear water.

300 years later, a Yan nation caravan passed by this place. The caravan was filled with jewels-- jade and silk-- sitting next to a foreign diplomat that rested inside. This person was worth more than the sum of the goods in the caravan for he is tasked with leaving the Western region and communicating and building alliances.

The caravan stopped to rest their feet, and by the next day, they left. They never stepped out of the Northern Desert (*northern region of the gobi desert) and no one knows where they went.

740 years ago, the Banyu nomads settled here and the chief said to her people: “Because of this spring the Banyu people will never wander again.”

A hundred years later, the Huns came from the north. They swept through the Banyu village. They killed all the men. Then they kidnapped all the women and children and left towards the far west.

After the Huns left the Oasis behind, it was once again forgotten by the world.

The years passed unhurried and there was change.

Civilizations rose then were destroyed. People came and went before finally sinking into the sands of the long river of history.

Looking at the sky, the scorching sun hung up high, shining upon the land.

Looking in all directions, the sand dunes looked like waves in the hot air.



A recent guest of the Oasis was currently catching their breath in the shade cast by an ancient wall.

He had been soaking in the sights of this sunbathed desert for three whole months now.



The man sighed again.

The desert's desolation and heat annoyed and bored him.

Scanning around, nothing ever changed.

The sun, the sky, the yellow sand, nothing moved as if it was all frozen. Even the air was frozen, he could not feel a single breeze near him.

Man: Lao Rong…... Is your side okay?

Another Man: .............

Far away, the man's comrade did not answer but just shook their head in his direction, signalling that there was nothing.

The other man was well aware of the situation and knew that the man had only tried to start a conversation to dispel the boredom. But in this oven of yellow sand, talking was a luxury.

Opening his mouth would mean wasting strength and water. The guard of [Golden Sands Gang] was not bothered to go through the effort.

Man: Ok... Alright... I understand.

The man touched a closed-door and moodily licked his lips. He was a rookie, it had only been a few months since he had joined the [Golden Sands Gang] and he hadn't yet figured out all the rules. If he did, he would know how precious water was, how to speak in few words, and lastly, how to stand motionless in the shade until the helper returns.

Man: That must be a really big transaction they’re working on.

The man cursed, ranting.

His voice wasn't loud, so even if his companion could hear him, he wouldn't be able to make out what he was saying...

The man knew in his heart that his companion did not underestimate him for being a rookie. The camp’s guard duty always rotated and today was just his turn to do this. In the rules of the [Golden Sands Gang], guarding the camp was as important as fighting in battles, and he would never receive a lesser reward. But he was a thug. His hands were stained with blood and he had stepped over countless corpses. Looting, banditry, extortion, and murder, are what he's meant to do. The thrill of blood drawn by the flash of a blade and the shadow of his sword is the reward that he desires. The man believes in his own value in battle. If a line could be drawn to define evil, this man would count as a genuinely vicious and villainous person. Instead of being ashamed of violence, he has come to regard it as proof of his skill.

The man, who was now in a bad mood, raised his waterskin and took a large gulp.

{Girl appears in distance and begins weaving through the dunes towards the camera} <- not a fan translation, just a description of the visuals

The man was stunned. In the distance, a girl was walking towards him. The man's eyes were not dazzled and he knew what he saw was also not one of the mirages common in these parts. The girl coming from the distant dunes had to be a real person.

“lao, lao Rong-!”

His cry escaped from his mouth and quickly dispersed in the air.

Without realizing, the man did what everyone in the Golden Sand Gang avoided.

Firstly, panicking to the point of losing his measure,

Secondly, acting rashly,

If this was any of the senior members of the Golden Sand Gang, they absolutely wouldn’t have made such a ruckus.

But, doubt already quietly sprouted and spread in the man’s heart.

The Golden Sand Gang acted as if they owned the desert, and never have they seen any woman who would willingly come to them.

“Where did this little girl come from?”

"Is she crazy? This is the territory of the Golden Sand gang!"

“Who would mess with us? Who would dare start trouble with the Golden Sand Gang?”

...Doubt came rushing, flashing like lightning through the brain, before finally all gathering and forming a single question.

Man: “This girl… who is she?”

The man couldn’t have known: The person coming might be young, but her title was definitely not simple.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.03: 𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵

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The man couldn’t have known: The person coming might be young, but her title was definitely not simple.

The girl’s name is Li Sushang.

She is the young master of Issen Manor, Phoenix Celestial’s 7th disciple, “Ebonstyle,” Qin Suyi’s only child.

Phoenix Celestial, Ebonstyle, Issen Manor.

In the pugilist world of Shenzhou, any one of those three names, would be more than enough to inspire admiration.

But in this sand stormy desert, they are nothing but meaningless letters.

In the desert you don’t talk about your prestige, your titles; the flesh of the weak become food for the strong. This is the type of wasteland where you die so another can survive.

The strong lives and the weak become bones buried in the sand by the wind.

“Maybe that was exactly why” -- Li Sushang thought.

“Exactly why, mother ignored father’s objections and sent me to the desert when I was .

When Li Sushang Was 1, before she could talk clearly, her mother was already teaching her martial arts.

Her mother loved her very much, she never let her feel even a little bit upset;

But when they started practicing, she was stricter than everyone else.

Sushang experienced her share of suffering and hardship, she practiced until her back ached and knees hurt, until her bones and joints were stiff, and pain would wake her up in the middle of the night.

She cried to her father about it, which ended up just harshening her training -- father just brought up that their daughter was practicing too much, Qin Suyi gave him a glance.

The master of Issen Manor, ‘Young Marquis of Sichuan’ Li Shen, words stopped by her one look, and left embarrassingly.

From then on, Sushang practiced even harder, she practiced the family’s ancestral twelve path ‘Issin Mnemonics’ until it was thoroughly mastered.

But when her mother saw this, she still shook her head.

Sushang didn’t understand where the problem was, was she not working hard enough?

Why could she never reach her mother’s expectations?

So one day, she eavesdropped on her parent’s nighttime discussion.

Qin Suyi: “If you ask me, the problem lies in your Li family martial arts.”

Mother coldly said.

Qin Suyi: “While the Flying Swallow technique and the thirteen hanging swallow forms maybe excellent abilities around the Sichuan, but how does it compare with my master’s ‘Edge of Taixuan’? I shouldn’t have listened to your nonsense, creating that Issin Mnemonics.”

Li Shen: ...

Father quietly said something, Sushang couldn’t hear clearly, but she could hear a cold chuckle from her mother in response.

Qin Suyi: “Okay, now you’re blaming me. Let's just count this as me wasting my effort and throwing away ten years of my life.”

“I won’t interfere with your matters, but you don’t interfere with Sushang. She’s different from you, she’s good material for practicing the blade. Even if her potential can’t compare with that of the 5th, she’s still better than me.”

To Sushang listening outside the window, there seemed to be an endlessly bleak tone in her mother’s words.

Qin Suyi: “My mantra is shattered, and you can’t complete yours, what else is there to talk about? Tomorrow I’ll go to the Northern Desert and ask the 5th to take Sushang as her disciple.”

“5th owes me a favor. I might not have much influence, but if I ask, she wouldn’t reject it.”

Father stopped for a moment, and then heavily objected. When Li Sushang took what she heard to heart, it inexplicably scared her.

She wanted to agree with her father, but was also curious about this ‘Northern Desert’ and ‘5th disciple’ her mother talked about.

Qin Suyi: “-the edge of Taixuan.”

These short 4 words seemed to have magic, once spoken it muted all other sounds, the house was quiet in an instant.

Qin Suyi: “Since master passed, only Lingshuang knows the fifth essence of the Edge of Taixuan.”

“Since Sushang will learn the martial arts, why not learn the best there is?”

Mother followed through with what she said.

On Li Sushang’s fifth birthday, her parent gave her a big gift.

Goodbye to Issen Manor, goodbye to Sichuan, goodbye to the ‘home’ she had never left since birth,

Li Sushang came to the Northern Desert like this, learned for 10 years ‘the best blade art

Ten years passed quickly.

Her homesickness was now as thin as paper, only memories of her mother before parting ways were still engraved in her heart.

“Have I learnt the way of the blade?”

“Have I honed my skill?”

“Do I now meet my mother’s expectations?”

...Sushang still didn’t know, she needed proof.

And the way to prove it was to ‘test her sword’.

So, when she saw enemies holding blades, surrounding and closing in on her,

The corner of Li Sushang’s mouth rose into a deep, meaningful, smile.

There’s no need for more words, her smile said it all: this young lady’s first try at “testing her sword” was today.

ne. The young lady silently counted in her heart.


Two large men approached from her left.

One of them was the man who had first noticed her and raised the alarm.

He held a sword in his hand, and his face was beaming. Like a hunter watching his prey enter a trap, his smile spoke of death. However, the young lady was unfazed. She flicked her gaze to her other side.


The man on her right was originally not in her line of sight, but came running after hearing the warning cry.


The nearest bandit was only about five paces away from the girl. He was a solidly muscular man, wielding a machete. Among the four men, he was the oldest and his skills in combat were the sturdiest.

Up to this point, the girl has only sparred with her master and thus had no real combat experience. If she did, she would have known that even the strongest experts in the martial arts would try their best to avoid situations where they are facing too many opponents. Trying to fight alone against four bandits is akin to welcoming your own execution. Such a pity that the girl didn’t know this piece of common knowledge, and that her master, who was cold by nature, was ignorant to what was happening.

Thus, she was not only unafraid, but excited.

The bandit was only five paces away.

The young lady shook open her cloth bag and gripped the ancient Xuanyuan sword in a backhand.

The weight of the blade in her hand always made her feel at peace.

What happened next,

went roughly like this:

The young lady jumped up, body moving with a swan’s grace. By the time she landed, her blade was already lodged in the man’s chest. Remove the blade, turn around - her speed was so fast that blood had not yet splashed out of the wound.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.03: 𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵 2

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She struck out with her blade and watched the ferocious smile on the man’s face freeze.

Just like that, of the four enemies, there were only two left — there was no difficulty to be had here.

….. The girl thought up a script of possible events in an instant.

With her martial skill and the power of the ancient Xuanyuan sword —

— it would not be difficult to turn this vision into a reality.

—The bandits were four steps away from her.

But the girl took no action.


The ancient blade “Xuanyuan”— it was not meant to be used on the likes of these opponents.

The four men in front of her, did not deserve even one look at the true image of the treasured blade. This sword had been passed down from the age of the Celestials and has endured through millenia.

Its owner is a legend of the martial arts, the one and only true Celestial, Shenzhou’s guardian: the Immortal Phoenix.

29 years ago, near the Eastern Sea, the Immortal Phoenix had accepted an orphaned girl as her disciple and gifted her this sword.

The Seventh Blade of Taixuan, Qin Suyi was titled: “Ebonstyle'' and shook the martial arts world.

After the Immortal Phoenix ascended, Qin Suyi retired, and when, three years later she reentered the scene, her fame was no different from what it was 3 years ago.

The story of her eventual romance with the Young Marquis of Sichuan, was spread wide as a folk tale.

The mother who had long ago retired from the martial arts world, had ten years ago, gifted her title of “Ebonstyle” to the young Sushang — along with an expectation for her to master the five essences of the Edge of Taixuan and become the best in the world.

This was an unparalleled divine weapon, its edge meant only for the strong. How could you tarnish the reputation of this sword with the blood of these middling men standing before her?

—The bandits were three steps away.

A little bit of pride and fulfillment filled the young lady’s heart. Ha, this rabble —

Two steps left...

— is not worthy to test my sword.

One step!

For warriors: a distance of one step is the distance within which you bet your life. The large man slashed with his iron blade and just as he was about to chop the little girl’s head off, he saw a flash of green shadow….. The young lady had disappeared.

Man: “— What?!”

He instinctively gazed down,

Right at that moment, there was a pain in his calf;

The large man was clearly looking at the ground, but somehow the sun was in his eyes.

Man: (What’s happening…..)

He hadn’t yet realized he had been kicked into the air, and that something cool was lightly tapping him on the temple.

The sun was engulfed by darkness

While his body was still in the air, the man had passed out.

The girl had effortlessly drawn a broadsword, approached and kicked the man, then knocked him out with a finger in the blink of an eye.

Her mind had never been so focused before.

There were no thoughts in the girl’s mind while knocking down the enemy infront of her.

This was one of the five essences of the Edge of Taixuan: Mantra.

The first and most difficult essence.

‘Blade Mantra - Stopping Water’!

The man was one step too late, he was opportunely blocked by Lao Rong’s body, and separated from the girl. The remaining three men grouped up and quickly adjusted their pace.

Man: This little girl is a practitioner!

There was no sound from either side.

The more experienced members of the Golden Sand Gang did not care about what was happening.

Because the girl in their eyes was a dead man walking.

Meanwhile, the girl layed, concealed in the sand, before suddenly bouncing up and kicking her left foot into the sand, sweeping up a shower of sand and rock. Use sand to block the enemy’s sight and buy yourself valuable time. Abuse every facet of the environment to maximize your chances of victory.

This was the girl’s intention.

But it was also within the enemy’s expectations.

After so many years in the desert, the bandits have long become completely familiar with this type of combat. You could say they were extremely well versed in this style. The girl flinging sand was nothing unusual, they had faced countless foes in the past who had done the same.

You are underestimating the Golden Sand Gang if you think they would blindly rush in.

—‘Golden Sand Gang’ of the Northern Desert had been operating in this border region between Shenzhou and Ingush, Bahai for six years.

They were bandits: robbing the caravans that traveled between the countries, looting precious cargo, killing the male and elderly before selling the females and children into slavery.

But the Golden Sand Gang were far more disciplined than your average band of brigands.

Tales say that the leader of the Golden Sand Gang: “Eagle”, was a former military man.

However, he was falsely court-martialed and had his entire family charged.

“Eagle” was furious and fell into crime, he came to the Northern Desert and became the leader of the Golden Sand Gang.

It only took a day, a blade, and a human head, for him to ascend the ranks and become the Master of the group.

No one ever brings up the name of the last Master.

The band fears “Eagle” because he is ruthless;

They admire “Eagle” because he always brings them victory.

“Eagle”’s promotion has led to seismic change within the Golden Sand Gang.

The former band of brigands became a small disciplined fighting force and the overlords of this land in Mobei

The Helpers train with the blade day and night, practicing diligently. Complete proficiency in the martial arts is essential to a soldier’s training. “Eagle” tirelessly drilled them in different formations, adaptation, coordination, and various signals and commands. What he wanted was not a disorganized group of ruffians but an army.

Because of all this, the three men did not look down upon the strange girl in front of them.

Eagle: “The enemy is the enemy, regardless of whether they’re male or female, young or old. There is only your survival and their death. Anyone could take your life, and so you must treat any target as your last opponent and use all means possible to kill them.”

The eagle had warned them this repeatedly.

So the three men were not panicked by the defeat of their comrade.

Eagle: “On the battlefield, you have to protect your comrades, but the fallen are not comrades but liabilities. Don’t view them with the same value as standing soldiers. Soldiers who know when to give up on a lost cause are soldiers who survive.”

“Eagle” had reminded them of this repeatedly.

Similarly, the three men did not hesitate upon seeing the girl kick sand into the air.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.03: 𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵 3

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Eagle: “If you follow my instructions, everything will go smoothly without a hitch”

This was Eagle’s promise and they believed it.

For five entire years, Eagle’s instructions were never even wrong once.

Not once.

The three men quickly closed their eyes.

This temporary loss of vision was less dangerous compared to the pain and instinctual reactions caused by sand in the eyes.

By the time they had closed their eyes, they had already memorized the locations of their enemy and each other.

Their ensuing footwork and blade positioning was strictly following the ‘Cormorant Wings’.

The bandit in the center was the first to strike, cleaving his blade down with immense force.

The bandit on the left advanced a pace before slashing horizontally.

The intention of this second strike was not to kill the enemy but to bait them.

“Eagle” had carefully designed this formation and style of bladework to force the enemy to dodge along an established route.

If the target was able to dodge the two blades, then at this moment, they must be in a certain position.

At this time, the swordsman on the right went and executed the planned killing blow.

They had faith that even though they couldn’t see their opponent, the three of them working in tandem in this formation would be able to kill her.

And while there was nothing wrong with the formation, they had underestimated the little girl.

Underestimated her extraordinary speed.

The moment the sand flew into the air, the girl leapt forward. Just like how the Golden Sand Gang were confident in “Eagle”’s formation, the girl also had complete confidence in her own martial ability. With her clear blade mantra, she did not think that there was a need to dodge the man’s slow attack. By the time he had raised his broadsword, the girl had already crashed into his chest. Before he could even react, she punched him hard across the jaw.

The violent concussion caused by the shock of this attack to his head made the man immediately lose consciousness.

The swordsman collapsed before he could even feel the heavy kick to his knee.

Using her momentum from the kick, the girl pulled a beautiful “Swallow's Return” and pivoted to land behind one of the other men’s left.

She struck the man in the back with one hand and stole his sword with the other, before tossing it towards the last enemy.

In but a flash, she had accurately calculated the needed strength and speed of the throw, and subsequently put her calculations in action.

This is one of the Edge of Taixuan’s five essences: ‘Mantra’.

This exceptional ability allows the user to maximize the potential of their mind.

The sword accurately hit the man in the abdomen, and the sudden pain forced him to let out a small hiss. At this moment, the sky began spinning and his sense of balance left him. He felt something hot press against his right cheek and the heat was unbearable. The man opened his eyes and saw burning sand that was nearly pitch-black. It turned out there wasn’t something pressing against his face, but his face was instead pressed tightly against the ground.

Li Sushang: “...Your numbers seem a little small.”

The little girl sat upright on top of his back, her fine and beautiful fingers lightly poking at the back of his head:

Li Sushang: “Why are there only four of you? Where are the others?”

Her vocals were clear and crisp, she sounded very pretty, and there was an oblivious innocence to the young woman’s soft voice.

Li Sushang: “I want to hear the truth.”

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.04: 𝓐𝓶𝓫𝓾𝓼𝓱

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At the same time, hundreds of miles away....

A man lurks on top of the golden sand, not moving an inch.

Beads of sweat flowed from his forehead, nose, neck, armpit and between his legs, which caused his whole body to itch.

But he didn’t move.

Even through his clothes, the sand was still hot, and felt as if it were burning his skin.

The man tried his best to focus, so he wouldn’t faint.

During times like these, he always thought of what “Eagle” once said:

If people like them were to be caught by soldiers, their chest would be stamped by a red hot iron.

The Iron would be harder than the sand and hotter than the sun, once it touches the skin, it would stick and rip off a layer.

That experience, “Eagle ” said: was like going to hell.

Members of the Golden Sand Gang often talked about hell, after all, that’s where they were destined to reunite, none could escape it.

Hell is eerie, endlessly boring; there was no money, no alcohol, and no women.

Anything good that you could name, none of it could be found there.

But here, if they take down this one mark today, they’ll be able to have whatever they want.

This “transaction” should be bigger than those that came before, “Eagle” received extremely reliable intel.

The caravan from faraway brought wealthy merchant families, their cars were filled with treasures.

If the intel was true, in about two moments of work, these will all be theirs.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t resist lifting up his head slightly, using his after-eye to look back, towards the only standing man.

The man looked to be about forty years old, his hair was turning white, and hatred was written on the scars and wrinkles of his face.

Though his actual age was a bit younger, he was still nearly forty. Looking at his entire face, only his eyes stood out: those were the eyes of a falcon.

His gaze while staring into the distance had the look one wears while watching their prey.

He was guarding his arriving prey and the lurking Golden Sand Gang were his claws.

“Eagle” — was this person’s nickname, title, and only name:

As long as it was “Eagle’s” order, even if it meant the Golden Sand Gang needed to lie on the burning sand for 2 hours, they would do exactly that without hesitation.

They don’t need to question and don’t need any promise,

As long as they listened to “Eagle’s” orders, they would receive—

— “victory”.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on Eagle’s face,

His gaze changed along with it.

That pair of eyeballs no longer starred, they started to move, slowly spun around once — this was the signal to catch the prey.

“Eagle” rose his hand, took one step back, then another.

He was retreating from the caravan guard’s field of vision, while his hand signaled to attack.

The man retrieved his gaze, and took a breath. Boiling air filled his lungs, but he could endure it.

Far away, dust and smoke rose.

“They’re coming.”

Someone said quietly.

These men who had been lurking for a while felt as if a weight had been lifted, the hardest part was now over.

Next, would only be victory. And this victory....

Is one they’ve waited for, a long time.

In one of the carts not far away, a coffin quietly sat upright.

It was roughly about one person’s height, the wood was painted so white it shined, and its surface was etched with beautiful patterns.

Judging from the outside, the coffin was sealed shut, there was not a single opening that could be found.

Many black leather belts wrapped around the coffin, firmly restraining it.

The owner of this coffin seemed to have spent a lot of effort, so they could keep what was inside the coffin completely separate from the outside world....

And right now, its owner was right in front of it.

A golden-haired, green-eyed man knelt on one knee next to the coffin, long and slender fingers sliding across the coffin’s surface.

His movements were soft and gentle, but it seemed to take all the energy he had in his body.

This person had made this coffin by hand, so what was in the coffin would be beyond the physical world, and would stay separate from the world.

And it was this person, who went against all laws, only so he could bring his beloved back to the real world.

Before he gets his wish, he can’t let himself leave the world yet.

So, in the midst of the roars, the screaming, the crying from that came from afar:

In the midst of camels’ whining, the carts overturning, the sound of blades being swung -

The man doesn’t move an inch, completely unaware.

As if everything apart from this coffin has absolutely nothing to do with him.

Nothing to do with him...

Ka, kala, shoo, ka la...

The sound of hooves begins to ring again, the wheels rolling ahead.

The men holding blades crowded to the side, they were responsible for protecting the merchants’ party and riches.

There seemed to be absolutely no change; but everything was completely turned on its head:

The merchants were reduced to slaves, the bandits became their masters.

Boots stepping on top of the warm sands, a subtle warmth came from the bottom of the feet.

Where they stepped would sink just a little, bringing along their center of gravity, as if they were being tugged on by the ground.

For “Eagle”, this feeling keeps reminding him of the snowy lands of Raksha soaked in blood.


Raksha is a place of extreme cold North relative to Shenzhou, they often bothered the borders, initiating affairs of war.

Rakshans look strange. Their citizens mostly have light hair and blue eyes,

“Eagle” hates snowy lands.

“Eagle” was expressionless even after this huge victory, his gloomy attitude was like a barrier, creating an area with himself at the center: every bandit outside of this zone was celebratory, and everyone within was a muddy quiet.

His mood should’ve been very good, the mark today was done too beautifully, too perfectly.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.05: 𝓐 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓽𝓮 𝓿𝓲𝓬𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂

The riches they collected are worth tens of thousands, even if they needed to exchange it quickly they can still get 7 to 8 thousands of pure profit.

There were 9 healthy people amongst the captives, there were a few that were pretty high quality. Once the slave traders of Bahai comes by, this will be another huge exchange.

And what he should rejoice most about, was the performance of these brothers,

This couldn't be compared to the pitiful state of when he first took over the Golden Sand Gang

This time the merchants’ party may have fallen for the ambush, but the guards responsible for protecting them fulfilled their duty;

After a moment of panic, they quickly regrouped and started to staunchly fight back.

- this was exactly what “Eagle” wanted.

“Eagle” likes it when opponents fight back.

He just so happened to find pleasure in challenges and was the type who finds meaning in them.

The harder the enemy fights back, the more value there is in training troops.

The meaning of victory, happens to bring the highest level of satisfaction from the ever increasing value of improving-

-In the North snow country’s, He had decided that this satisfaction had reached its peak.

He tried his best to escape from the place where his father and brother and his comrades lost their lives, and used politics as a new battlefield, believing that he could still win the war.

——After being wronged and sent to prison, the new "comrade-in-arms" abandoned him. What made him wake up from his dream countless times was not

Pain and regret,but the time of the army killed with the ghosts of the Rakshasa

But the one who saved his life and rescued him from the dispatched army was the loyal subordinate who had been left behind by him.

From then on, the Eagle finally realized that his life was forever in that long war.

The moment he left Raksha country, his life was stagnant.

The rest of the time is just a walking corpse repeating its worthless actions.So he fled to the Northern Desert and captured the Sands Gang to get a group of loyal soldiers. So he tempered, spurred and tortured them; sent them to death and live with them

Repeat the past, revenge the past, desire the past

The man named eagle wants to move the time that has stopped ...

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.06: 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓬𝓸𝓯𝓯𝓲𝓷 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓡𝓪𝓴𝓼𝓱𝓪

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HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 437
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 438
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 439
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 440
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 441
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 442

So, when he met that "Raksha man'',

"Eagle" worries about the cycle of time, and the illusion of recurring in the old days.

At first glance of this man, the "Eagle"'s back was full of chills,

Intuition sounded the alarm bell, telling him that this was a "calamity".

At that time, the "calamity" stayed in the caravan's carriage and enjoyed a car alone.

Among dozens of caravans, he is the only one who has this extraordinary

As “Eagle’s” machete lifted the curtain, That "calamity" man was speaking.

"Mahdia can find more. "

The man knelt on one knee.

His tone is calm and gentle, as if he is asking a close travel companion,

However, he looked around: there was no one else in the compartment, only a coffin.

Only this man, and a coffin.

“Yi shi wo deng ke sen..”

This person was speaking Raksha, and "Eagle" couldn't understand it.

But this strange and terrifying scene has made him sweat.

He could not help looking at the strange man talking to the coffin :

This Raksha man is about twenty years old, tall and not sturdy. He obviously has some skills, but he is definitely not a master.

For a person's martial arts, you only need to observe his appearance and shape to know a thing or two.

If they show bulging muscles, then they are practitioners of foreign boxing. Those men, with fists and feet alone, can break through stone and can effortlessly endure ordinary blunt schocks.

But "Eagle" doesn't take this kind of person seriously. The clever foreigner's kung fu emphasizes balance and permeates the whole body. Blindly strives for fierce strength, but loses flexibility in speed and strength. Consider a middle-to-higher person.

Also this guy's skill,there is another set of tricks.

That guy practiced Kung Fu inner strength, that is, meridians and "zhen qi". This kind of human gathers strength and form in spirit without showing to the outside. Observe the expression in his eyes and listen to the expressions to know the depth.

Not to mention, "eagle" took one glance and he known that this Raksha's Kung Fu is only average ;

From his chaotic breathing rhythm, he also knows that this person has never learned superior inner skills。


"Come out."

Said “Eagle”, with his hands on the handle of the Scimitar.

He hated Raksha the most and it was even more unlucky to see the coffin in the daytime.

The two taboos that combined into one, and the "eagle" desired to shed blood.

He's got blood on his hands before. Why not add another life? But ... the Scimitar is not out of its sheath yet.

"Raksha sighed and whispered a few words to the coffin before glancing at the bandits leader. "

His eyes were as green as two finely polished emeralds.



Somehow, an intuition, called acuteness, rings in his heart.

The Raksha, unperturbed, asked in lame but clear Shenzhou dialect:

Raksha: "There?"

The question was unintelligible, but “Eagle” nodded.

The Raksha pointedly:


"This place is yours?"

Eagle: "This is mine, and you are mine. Come out."

Raksha: "Um……"

The man did not say anything, but slowly stretched a stretch, struggling to support the knee, as if to get up.

Pretentious Raksha.

"Eagle" couldn't help cursing in his mind.

Let's see your real face, when Bahai people buy you away.

He suddenly missed the past. Ten years ago, he would have cut that pretty head off. Now there's a little mercy in him.

The dead Raksha are worthless, but the living Raksha are rare. Bahai slave traders prefer this type, and they can always offer a good price.

"Eagle" looked at the obedient Raksha, suddenly a little curious

Why did he speak to that coffin?

The whole coffin is privately packed alone, very mysterious...

Of course, he didn't want people to know what was in the coffin.

So ... what's in it?

... what could it be?

The Scimitar flashed and landed on Raksha's neck. "Eagle" slammed at the coffin in front of him:


"Open it."

He gave a simple order and got an unexpected answer.



The deep green eyes glanced at him very slowly.

Eagle "--!"

"Eagle" has seen countless people in his life,

The eyes he has seen are countless.

Fear, hatred, anger, bitterness and pain... he had not only seen, but often were the source of these emotions.

The knife on the neck is the best truth-telling agent in the world. It can completely reveal a person's deepest heart.

"Eagle" is numb to the dying eyes,

Indifferent to the emotions at the time of death.

He has seen too many of those.

But there was never a look like that of this Raksha, mixed with firmness, madness, cruelty, pleasure, pity, and.


So it's like that.

“Eagle” swallowed with a slight chime in his heart.

This Raksha man did not take him seriously at all.

In the eyes of this person, the "Eagle", the leader of the Sands bandits, was no different from a grain of sand in the desert.

He had neither value nor meaning.

He even had mistakenly thought that in the next second, the Raksha would flee over this dust, as slow as walking.

So he put down the scimitar.

Not afraid, the "Eagle" told himself,

He will never be afraid of that damn Raksha

But the feeling in his heart made him more ashamed than fear, and made him want to run away from the person in front of him.


"...Follow us, do not try anything funny."

With this sentence, "Eagle" turned and walked away.

In the distance, a wisp of smoke rose slowly.

This is the signal to guide the Sands Gang’s return journey.

A Man




"...you have worked hard"

“Eagle” went straight into the station, full of thoughts, and said little to them.

The sand bandits guarding the house exchanged glances and breathed a sigh of relief.

A Man


But before this breath reached his throat, a majestic voice rang in his ears:


"...While I was away,"

The leader of Golden sand crossed his arms, an eye as sharp as an eagle.


"Did anything happen here?"

He looked up and down the two people in front of him,

Glanced at the sand not far away,

He cast a meaningful look into the post.

The "Eagle" showed an unpleasant smile.


"......looks like there was."

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.07: 𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓭𝓮 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓻𝓪

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 552
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 553
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 554
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 555
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 556
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 557
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 558
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 559
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 560

Li Sushang had made up her mind to stay in the night and never make a sound.

Li Sushang

"...Will the plan go well?"

The dissatisfied Sushang at the time, she could not help muttering, thinking back of the previous agreement.

Thinking about it carefully, this so-called agreement is a whim.

An hour ago, Li Sushang knocked down four guards of the Golden Sand gang and asked for information from them.

Li Sushang

"...One hundred and thirteen? Coming back tonight? More than I expected. It's really hard ..."

Li Sushang

"Hey, you know "Eagle" better than I do

Tell me, if I want to fight him one-on-one, will he accept it?''

A Man

"You, who are you?!''

The man questioned her back.

Li Sushang

"Ugh. .. My name is Li Sushang. I am the big disciple of Wanderer's House

" Don't change the subject, you haven't answered me yet. "

The Man

"What are you talking about … Wanderer's House... who are you?! ... "

The man thought that what the girl said was nonsense.

Li Sushang felt that she could not communicate with this person at all, and simply ignored him.

Li Sushang

(There are more than a hundred people, come regularly?...it's too much trouble.

In fact, the purpose of this trip is just to fight the "Eagle". )

Master mentioned casually: "Golden Sand gang, you know?" Go beat their leader and come back. " Easy to say, but it really gave this honest disciple a headache.

The girl sighed, and tried to think of a better idea.

Li Sushang: ”Ehm…”

She had little experience, and could only borrow ideas from the stories father, the *babysitter and the storytellers from the village spoke of.

“Real celestial” Phoenix… “willowfoil” Lin Zhaoyu… “Tireless Courser” Ma Feima…

Names that sounded like thunder in the Pugilist World appeared one by one, and then she ruled each out one by one.

These are all famous experts, they have never fallen as low as herself.

Li Sushang: “Are there any good plans…”

Yan Shiluo…

Unknowingly, the strange hero of the Pugilist World from 40 years ago, appeared in the girl’s brain.

She’s only heard the story once from the storyteller, but remembers it surprisingly well:

“The heroes of the Pugilist World all gathered at the Great Lotus conference, all discussing a plan to attack the Fire cult. However the Holy Sire of the Fire cult disguised himself, hiding amongst them, defeating the Shaolin, Lotus, Hua schools’ headmasters, started a fire that burned the Jade Lotus Stage, laughing as he walked away.”

*A disguise...

Li Sushang: “I got it!”

The girl finally thought of a plan worth borrowing.

Li Sushang’s fingers gently pressed the back of the man’s head, it was an extremely soft touch, but the person beneath her nervously took a breath

Li Sushang: “Hey, don’t move, I won’t kill you. Just, I want to make a deal with you.”

Man: “You crazy bi… you, what do you want?”

Li Sushang: Your leader is coming back soon, if you let him know I beat you guys up like this, he’ll definitely be enraged and punish you guys heavily, right?”

The man didn’t say anything, the girl assumed he agreed, and happily continued talking.

Li Sushang: “I have a suggestion, if you follow my plan, I guarantee he won’t know a thing.

Go get your comrades over here, we’ll first make an arrangement…”

So, the girl “willingly” became a prisoner.

This ‘Black Site’ was originally the cellar of this post. After the Golden Sand bandits took over this place, its function hasn’t changed, only instead of storing food, they changed it to storing live people.

The “merchandise” the bandits got from plundering were all put in here, Bahai’s slave traders visited once a month, would clear the cellar, and leave behind equal amounts of riches. For many years, this “post” operated very successfully.

But an uninvited guest, who quietly snuck into the prison pretending to be “merchandise”,

Li Sushang was probably the first person the Golden Sand Helpers encountered who did that.

The prison was dark and humid, an awful stench flowed in the air, there might’ve occasionally been a low sobbing noise that came from an unknown cell, which was silenced within moments.

Li Sushang used the little dried grass there was to make a mat, and sat down behavingly,

She quietly recited ‘Blade Mantra’ to kill time.

The Blade Mantra was the first thing you learnt with ‘The edge of Taixuan’

It was an incredible skill that everyone from the Pugilist World sought after.

But few people knew that the Blade Mantra was really just nothing but a strange, uncommon and inexplicable collection of syllables.

These syllables have no form or style, and can’t be described by words;

It doesn’t teach you how to guide one’s Qi, neither does it show how one can refine one’s body;

This so-called ‘*formula’, has absolutely no meaning.

If anyone listened to Blade Mantra without knowing what it was, they would think the user is just a sleep-talking fool,

No way would anyone connect this with the martial art which stood as Shenzhou’s strongest for thousands of years.

However, this was what’s most mysterious about it:

Reciting it, quietly saying and listening, is refining *the heart.

Li Sushang: “...mou...talali...mou...ruokuluo…”

There is power in speech.

Sushang might not understand the meaning in it, but really felt the transformation ‘heart’ brought.

Following the words’ echo, the ups and down in rhythm, Blade Mantra almost seems to have fused with the Qi and blood, wandering through the odd meridians and 8 meridians.

Li Sushang: “Mou, mali.”

Her body felt lighter and lighter, her mind was no longer agitated.

Her five senses gathered in one place, melted into a heart lake.

Li Sushang: “mou, wuliute.”

The lake water was clear and transparent, a few waning melancholy leaves that floated to the surface of the lake, but couldn’t cause even a single ripple.

Li Sushang: “mou, kabayisiliu.”

Waves flattened, water stopped. This existence full of calm named ‘Li Sushang’

This was one of the four stages of Blade Mantra

—‘stopped water’.

Li Sushang: (continue…)

Sushang gets rid of distracting thoughts and performs Blade Mantra.

Climb to the next level-

The lake condenses into ice,

Flick away the tiny thoughts without leaving a trace.

Second stage— ‘Free of Dust’

Li Sushang: (Again)

The cracks of the sturdy ice disappeared without a trace,

The heart lake was close to limitless transparency, reflecting everything.

Third stage— ‘clear mirror’

And this was achieved through ten plus years of training, and was how much Li Sushang understood of ‘Blade Mantra’.

But beyond this, there was the highest stage of Blade Mantra…

Only my Master reached the fourth stage… and that is...

… ‘Grand Void’...

Li Sushang: “Ah—”

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.07: 𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓭𝓮 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓻𝓪 2

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Li Sushang: “Ah—”

The ice surface suddenly shattered, the lake dispersed, and Mantra also withdrew from her mind.

Li Suchang sat there blankly, with a splitting headache, and she realized that her back was soaked in cold sweat.

Li Sushang :"Failed again..."

After reaching the "Mirror state", Sushang's Mantra couldn't get in any more.

Li Sushang : "……why?"

Mother said that my Master was taken in as an apprentice at the age of two, and the youngest to get trained, so her Blade Mantra state was the highest. But when I was born, I listened to my mother reciting blade mantra day and night. Shouldn't I be faster than my Master?

Master realized "Grand Void" at the age of 13.

At the age of 15, she had achieved "Eminence".

What about me? At the age of 15. ..

Ignoring the fact her "Blade Mantra" is not perfect,

She also has no clue about "Blade Sanctions".

Even after overcoming these two forms,

There are even more "Form of Divinity" standing on the top, clouded by clouds, and can't be seen.

Li Sushang

"...... "

Li Sushang


Li Sushang was stunned and suddenly smiled.

"Master is really amazing!''

"Emotion" is the enemy of "heart". If you let your emotions shake the heart, the Mantra could be damaged. Sushang, who has a Clear Mirror, knows this very well.

Li Sushang : "Never mind, there will always be small setbacks. The most important thing is to prepare for the sword test! "

Sushang fetched a cloth bag from the side.

According to the plan, tonight is the time for the sword to come out of its sheath.

The girl slowly opened the old cloth, took out her family sword, and examined it carefully.

Ancient sword - Xuanyuan.

The sword was two feet an inch long and golden in color. It has double edges, and it is decorated with dark gray patterns.

The material is unknown. It is neither refined iron nor cold steel, but it is as light as a feather, sharp enough to slice a falling piece of silk in half. It is fully worthy of the standard of a famous sword.

When her mother passed the sword to her, she warned:

Qin Suyi: "This sword is the legacy of your grandmaster, and it is my most cherished heirloom. Keep it well, keep it close, and never let the sword leave you too far."

Qin Suyi: "The true secret of "Edge of Taixuan" is not in the techniques nor in the movements, but in this sword. After you understand the meaning of the sword, you will understand what I means."

Qin Suyi said, squeezed the girl's cheek, and spoke softly:

"...But if you can't comprehend it, that's also okay. The sword intent is unpredictable. Of the seven of us, your master is the only one who doesn't know its meaning but in terms of martial arts attainments, no one can compare to her."

Mother suddenly sighed :

"Ling Shuang has always been indifferent, and has a contempt for anything with the word sharp... But after more than ten years, people will also change."

"Sushang, do not give Xuanyuan sword to her, even if she asks for it. If she asks, you just say it was my instruction."

Sushang was noisy at first, but when she reached the desert, she began to cry, and soon became curious, then returned to a noisy child and annoyed her master again.

As a child, she couldn't keep the secret well. Not long after, the word Xuanyuan sword had already slipped from her lips.

As expected, her master asked her for the Xuanyuan sword.

Sushang was honest in nature, after thinking about it, she still handed out the ancient sword with both hands.

Master would never bully a five-year-old girl to get something right?

She presented the Xuanyuan sword, feeling a little excited, a little proud like a girl showing off her new toys.

Ling Shuang:


The master laid the sword on her knee and touched the blade with her fingers.

This is the seventh junior sister's "Ebonstyle"?

Seventh junior sister... Sushang was startled, and then remembered that her mother and her master were in the same school, ranking seventh.

"Ebonstyle" is the name of the Xuanyuan Sword used by her mother.

After the master mentioned this, she remembered that she had never seen her mother take action, nor had she ever used this weapon.

Li Sushang:

"I don't know, but my mother says it's a family treasure."!

Ling Shuang:

"Oh... family treasure."

The master said coldly, looked at the sword on her knee again, and flicked her slender finger on the blade.

Sushang was startled, when the sword soared into the sky.

It rose slowly, very slowly, and when it reached the highest point, it paused.

A beam of sunlight shines on the golden sword body, as if absorbed by a strange pattern, suddenly a light blooming with seven colors in the sky.

Li Sushang:


Li Sushang was captivated

Thinking about it carefully, in fact, the sword flew up and down, and it only took about a second.

But in Sushang's eyes, that was an infinitely long second.

She had been with the sword since she was a child, but she had never thought that the sword was such a beautiful thing before.

In the time that was slowing down, Xuanyuan was shining brightly, slowly descending,

Falling in front of her, the sword plunged into the ground without making any sound.

The master stood up, brushing her sleeves:

"Starting tomorrow, you will cultivate Blade Mantra, after you’ve studied Blade Mantra, you will practice Blade Form once your Blade Form is complete, you can hold this sword."

While reliving her memories Sushang fluttered with a smile.

Now she is qualified to use this Xuanyuan.

Looking at the sword in her hand, Sushang suddenly felt playful.

Before reason could intervene, instinct had taken the lead.

The girl stroked the sword, imitating like her master in the past, and flicked a finger at the blade.

The sword flew into the air, the sword whistling, and when it reached mid-air, the golden light was dazzling, and it was shining brightly.

——The next moment, Xuanyuan hit the roof and rolled to the ground.

Li Sushang:

"... Oh, no. "

The cellar door suddenly opened, light shot in from the top, a figure stepped down.

Ignoring all the noise, the man went straight to her cell.

Li Sushang recognized this sand gang:

"Sorry, it was an accident...should be okay? Did it bother him?"

The sand gang fixedly looked at her through the iron fence, suddenly grinned, and laughed.

"Leader wants to see you."

Li Sushang: "Ah...I knew it."

Li Sushang sighed, knowing that she had been betrayed.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.08: 𝓣𝔀𝓸 𝓼𝓵𝓪𝓹𝓼 𝓽𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓪𝓬𝓮

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 758
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 759
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HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 769
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 770
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 771

“Eagle” felt a joy, an offense, and then an anger.

Learning his lackeys already caught the troubling mouse, was a joy.

Hearing this “intruder” was a little girl, was an offense.

Seeing the what the girl looks like, “Eagle” finally lost it

The soldiers he personally trained, were beaten up by a little teenage girl?!

This is a complete shame!!!

Aside from anger, he was also a little surprised.

“Eagle” stepped forward, sizing up the girl in front of him, there were thousands of questions in his heart.

Where did this girl come from?!

Even the best of the military think this rock was too far and hard, and wouldn’t bother causing them conflict.

Who would have the gall to intrude on his territory, and make enemies with “Eagle”?

He couldn’t think of anyone.

He couldn’t think of anyone.

And -- it was a little girl who came, she looked to be sixteen at most, her childishness hasn’t faded, between her eyes there was a youthful determination.

And -- her martial arts wasn’t bad, in fact it was surprisingly good. The underlings “Eagle” was proud of, all went into battle, none of the four could capture her.

Where *the hell did this girl come from?!

“Eagle” was going to ask.

But to his surprise, he was not the first to open his mouth.

Li Sushang: “So you’re ‘Eagle’? Wow, you’re not what I ex--”

“Eagle” raised his hand to give the little girl a heavy slap, her words were stuck in her throat, she didn’t finish.”

On his territory, only he gets to talk first, he asks questions first.

The girl looked up, fresh blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.

She looked at “Eagle” with an unbelievable look, tears suddenly sparkled in her eyes.

Li Sushang: “You… you hit me?? Even my mother hasn’t ever--”

“Eagle” slapped the girl again, this time it was extremely heavy, Sushang almost flipped over and knelt on the ground.

Eagle: “...Next time you bring back a prisoner, *stuff their mouth first.”

Man: “Yes, sir.”

“Eagle” rubbed his hand and squatted in front of the girl.

Originally I was a little bit interested, thinking I could hear your reason for coming here.

If you could make me laugh, maybe I would’ve shown mercy.”

“...but now, you no longer have that chance.”

“Eagle” stared at the girl’s still teary eyes, enjoying the delight punishing his enemies brought.

Eagle: “Next time, you need to know when you can talk, when you can’t;

You need to learn to be cautious of what you say and do in order to please your master, and keep your little life.

The people you will face daily in the future, won’t *look after your skin like I do.”

“You’re young, and you don’t look too bad, with a little training you will surely make people fond of you.

To be completely honest, I plan to sell you for a good price, so you’ll have a few safe days.

But don’t get your hopes up.”

“Once Bahai’s slave traders take you away, you’ll regret not begging me to kill you today, I promise.”

“Regret and beg for mercy all you want… these two things you’ll do for the rest of your life, until you die.

Anyone who dares *mess with my Golden Sand Helpers can’t escape this fate.”

After finishing, “Eagle” threw a look at the prisoner, thinking he would get a satisfying result, but he was again disappointed.

The girl took a breath, nodded towards him seriously, and said nothing.

Of all the reactions, this one makes him inexplicably angry the most.

“Eagle” pushed Sushang away, disgustingly rubbed his hand on his clothing, turned to the subordinate next to him:

Eagle: “What are you thinking about?”

The sudden question scared the man into a sweat, and even started to stammer.

Eagle: “Starting from just then, you seemed a bit *unruly.

...What do you want to say? Speak.”

Man: “Yes, yes sir… this girl, she, she’s pretty strong... we should, should be more alert...”

“Eagle” looked at the man talking with disgust, scaring him a step back.

Eagle: “You gave her *‘Qi severing powder’.”

Man: “Yes… yes, she made no attempt to resist. We’re worried… she, she might have ulterior motives, she might do something against you.”

Eagle: “A teenage girl, with both her hands chained, who can’t use any of her Qi.”

“... and you believe she will do something against me?”

Man: “*I see my mistake sir!”

The man was *scared out of his mind, he hastily knelt down.

He knows the more calm and dull the gang leader’s tone is, the more angry he is.

Eagle: ...

“Eagle” was extremely angry inside, he maintained his composure on the outside, this was a habit he’s practiced for years.

The Raksha annoyed him, the little girl angered him, how his subordinate asserted himself, this made him feel like his position was being challenged.

Eagle: “Throw her… Throw her back into the Black prison, put her together with the Raksha.”

“Don’t give them any food, starve them until Bahai takes them away.”


The gang replied in unison, dragged the girl away, and pushed her into the dark prison.

Eagle: “. . . hm?”

The man who was just kneeling didn’t leave.

He bowed his head, afraid to lift his head, but his shivering body demonstrated all of his nervousness.

Eagle: “What else do you have to say?”

The man straightened himself as if he was just spared, and showed a somewhat excited smile.

Man: “I have a treasure to present to you sir, hopely it can make up for my mistakes.”

While he spoke, he seemingly used magic to take out a cloth bag, and presented it with both hands.

But “Eagle” didn’t reach for it, didn’t even look at the bag, and asked:

“What’s in it? Where’d it come from?”

Man:”A weapon that cuts metal like mud, we got from searching that little girl.”

Eagle: ...

“Eagle” still didn’t didn’t take it. The man maintained the original pose he made presenting the treasure. He didn’t dare move.

After a while, “Eagle” suddenly smiled, reached and took the cloth bag, slowly untied the leather strap, showing the appearance of the precious sword within.

He already confirmed the man in front of him wasn’t lying and had nothing to hide, this was enough.

Eagle: “Whoa--”

Under the dull moonlight, the precious sword’s silver light was extremely bright.

With just one look, he already knew this sword was an otherworldly treasure.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.09: 𝓑𝓪𝓭 𝓡𝓪𝓴𝓼𝓱𝓪

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 855
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 856
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 857
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 858
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 859
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 860
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 861
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 862
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 863
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 864
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 865
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 866
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 867
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 868
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 869
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 870
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 871
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 872


Li Sushang fell on the ground, and rolled over.

Li Sushang: “wo...”

Even if it didn’t hurt, Sushang still made a sound by instinct. The young woman’s soft voice changed pitch from going through the rags in her mouth, into a quiet wail.

The bandits were laughing and chatting outside the prison, mostly about filthy talk.


The iron door was locked.

The flickering light and shadow of the torch went away with the sound of footsteps, trapping the little girl in the dark prison.

Sushang writhed her body and tried to roll over and sit up;

Her eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness for a moment, she couldn't see anything, and she faintly touched something when she swung her legs.

Someone sighed softly.

As the sound fell, a bunch of flames suddenly rose in the shabby room, slowly rising, barely illuminating the small dark prison.

Sushang gave a fright. It was not the flash of fire that frightened her, but the owner of the voice.

It was a woman of about 20 years old, pale skin and beautiful in appearance, she didn’t look like Shenzhou people, but like a fairy in legend.

A flame floats near her ears out of thin air, adding a layer of charm to her.


Li Sushang remembered the whispers of the sand bandits.

It turns out that Raksha people look like this.

Looking aside, she saw a big coffin beside the woman.

It was this piece of wood that Li Sushang almost kicked.

Coffin is a common thing, also taboo to talk about. However, Li Sushang, who had listened to many ghost stories, still felt goosebumps after seeing it. At this moment, this thing appeared in the dark dungeon, it was too weird and terrifying.

Instinctively, she turned her eyes away and fell again on the Raksha woman. At first she only peeked at her, and saw that she didn't react, she went about presumptuously.

The Raksha ignored her impertinent glances up and down, only swinging the glass container in her hand.

Li Sushang:

"Hmm hmm huh?"

She forgot that there was something in her mouth, and what she said was completely incomprehensible.

Li Sushang was embarrassed, but fortunately, the cell was dim and no one could tell.

She blinked at the woman and motioned her to help remove the rag from her mouth.

The Raksha withdrew her gaze and remained indifferent.

Li Sushang blinked again and again, she completely ignored, and didn't bother to move.

Li Sushang:

"This guy一"

Sushang had an idea, and made a move to kick the coffin.

As soon as she lifted her locked legs, the flames suddenly went out for a moment, and her mouth was relieved.


"What do you want?"

Li Sushang: “You’re a man?”

The two questioned at the same time, and shocked at the same time.

The Raksha closed his mouth and didn’t make a sound, so she took it as a yes.

But Li Sushang’s mouth couldn’t stop talking:

Li Sushang: “Me? I didn’t want anything, just wanted you to help me take off the cloth.

Thanks, you’re a good person, just a little… feminine.”

“You helped me, I will repay you in the future.

Once I get *my qi to start flowing I’ll help you― where’s your chain?!”

Unlike Li Sushang who had old rags stuffed in her mouth, and chains around her arms and legs,

This Raksha had nothing restricting any part of his body whatsoever.

Not only that, he was even sitting on a chair with elegant designs, there was a glass cup in his hands, taking small sips of the red liquid inside, and looked extremely confident.

Li Sushang: “You… you’re not a prisoner?”

The Raksha says nothing, he stood up, the chair and glass seemed to have *melted like snow, and disappeared like fog in the light of the flames.

Li Sushang: “ahhhhh… witch, witchcraft! Monster!”

Li Sushang’s face became *pale.

The girl isn’t scared of anything, but fears ghosts and respects the gods.

This little act the Raksha pulled scared her out of her mind, she couldn’t care for any heroine's reputation anymore.

The scream was sharp and long, and echoed in the prison for a while, but no one made a response, neither did anyone come check on what happened.

The Raksha waited for her to finish, and then waited for her to look at her own shadow the small flame casted and then said:

Raksha: “No”

Li Sushang thought for a moment, and then understood that was the answer to her question.

Li Sushang: “Not what? Not a monster? Oh, you’re saying you’re not a prisoner.

Huh? Then why are you here? No, you’re lying―”

Raksha: ...

Raksha didn’t answer, it was hard to tell if he even understood everything she said.

Sushang snuck a peak at this man, she was marvelled by his prettiness, and thought he doesn’t seem like an evil person,

She unknowingly began to *trust him, and thought of many legendary stories for this Raksha's past.

Li Sushang: “Did you also get caught by the Golden Sand Gang too?

No, these people are completely evil, why wouldn’t they put chains on their prisoners?”

“Then, you’re “Eagle’s” guest? Is that why they’re so polite to you…

That’s not right either, then there’s even less reason for them to leave you here with me.”

Raksha: ...

Li Sushang: “Unless… You’re thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Right? I guessed right, yes or no?

The Raksha shrugged, there was a hint of a smile on the corner of his lips:

Raksha: “I’m not you, how would I know what you’re thinking.”

Li Sushang: “Oh… Then I’ll tell you.”

The girl paid no attention to him and started to talk:

Li Sushang: “You know those people up there are called the Golden Sand Gang right?

They’re scoundrels, they commit awful crimes, there’s no evil deed they wouldn’t do.

“I came by my master’s orders to get rid of this group of scourge. *So called heroes, should punish and rid evil, promote and execute justice, restore justice to the world, restore peace to the world… er, that’s what the storytellers say.”

She cleared her throat, shyly gave the Raksha a glance, she only saw the latter staring at her with a look of interest, she immediately felt a little bit of joy, she straightened her back unconsciously, her tone also became more serious.

Li Sushang: “The Golden Sand Gang were originally just a small group of bandits, nothing to be afraid of.

But a guy called “Eagle” became their leader.”

“This person isn’t simple, Master said he practices martial arts, and he isn’t too bad.

If it wasn’t for that, Master wouldn’t have had me come.”

“The point of this trip is first, to get rid of a evil for the citizens of this Northern Dessert;

Second, is for me to test out my skills.”

Those words may have been a little boastful, Sushang lacked confidence.

But seeing as the Raksha patiently listened without objections, the girl immediately felt better, and felt this strange blonde man was an excellent person to converse with.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.09: 𝓑𝓪𝓭 𝓡𝓪𝓴𝓼𝓱𝓪 2

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 960
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 961
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 962
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 963
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 964
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 965
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 966
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 967
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 968
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 969
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 970

Li Sushang: “We have a martial art at the Wander’s House called ‘The Edge of Taixuan’, it’s the Pugilist Legend Phoenix Celestial’s unique skill, looking at this etire Pugilist World, it’s the deepest martial art.”

“There are five essence to The Edge of Taixuan: Mantra, Form, Sanction, Ascension, Eminence.

Not gonna lie, I already have small mastery over my Blade Mantra, Blade Form, and Blade Ascension~

...But the barrier stopping me from improving Blade Sanction and Xuanyuan Sword, I can’t pass.”

“Not even Master knows how to practice Blade Sanction, but my mother knows; she said ‘but to be able to have a heart to heart with Xuanyuan, Blade Sanction will naturally form’. But it’s just a sword, how can it have a heart? I’ve talked to it for ten plus years, but it’s never responded, even a ‘hm’ would work. Sigh, I really want to ask these questions, but I haven’t gone home in so long...”

“Oh, I also haven’t told you this yet, the Xuanyuan sword is…. Eh, forget it. It’s hard to explain…. My sword was snatched by the gang, but don’t you worry, I’ll get it back soon, as for how —”

“I have my plans!”

As the girl spoke, her eyes gleamed. Even though her words jumped quickly and her logic was jumbled, the Rakshas listened with rapt interest.

“I have been learning the blade from my master for ten years. It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but besides my master, I have not competed with any expert. My mother always said that “practicing the blade” and “using the blade” are two completely different things, but I think it can’t be that weird.”

“Don’t just look down at my young age, I’m actually very skilled. I’ll tell you this, I just defeated four men without killing a single one of them. This isn’t simple and requires careful control of strength~”

Raksha: “How could you defeat the Golden Sand gang without killing anyone? “

The Raksha’s question hit the nail on the head, and even though his Chinese wasn’t perfect, Su Shang didn’t care.

"Well, this, people who deserve to be killed should be killed.

Killing one person can save a hundred people, that's also a good thing... right."

"But, I have never killed anyone, and I always have a little... worry. That's a person's life! If it is possible, I hope to kill less..."

"So, I hope I can directly defeat the guy named "Eagle".

Apart from this thief, the gang will naturally disappear, and it's meaningless for me to get involved more than this."


The Raksha responded with a sigh, Sushang thought he was about to talk, she immediately got excited.

Li Sushang: “Let me tell you...ah!”

She forgot the chains on her wrists, and her arms were hurt from pulling.

The "Qi severing powder" given to her by the Golden Sand Gang was indeed a kind of poison. Her lower dantian was full of energy, but it couldn't flow into the meridians, and her deep inner strength was completely useless.

一But what the girl learned is " The Edge of Taixuan". The technique of the real Phoenix, and the Pugilist's thousand arts are not the same.

Ordinary inner strength exercises Dantian, and Qi is stored in it.

"The Edge of Taixuan" is not limited to this.

People who practice ‘Blade Mantra’,

Can view the sky and the earth as their Dantian, transform their body into a meridian.

And there is definitely no need to hide what’s viewed as the origin of ‘martial’, ‘Qi’

Therefore, in Li Sushang’s opinion, having her lower Dantian locked may be inconvenient, but it wasn’t something important.

Li Sushang: “Tsk, Talking like this isn’t convenient, let me get rid of these chains with qi―”

Raksha: “Allow me.”

He just finished talking, Sushang only felt her limbs lighten, two extremely hard pairs of iron chains were shattered into pieces, scattered on the floor.

Both her arms and legs were completely unscathed, not even her clothing had a single scratch.

Li Sushang: “You… You…”

Li Sushang was at a loss for words, ever since she saw that Raksha beauty, she’s encountered too many surprising and strange things already.

If he could use witchcraft to make the chair and glass cup disappear, then turning those iron into shards is reasonable…


She couldn’t help but use what all she knows to reevaluate this strange person with a coffin in front her.

Can it be that ‘he’ is a hidden master?

Sushang doesn’t believe it.

The masters of the Pugilistic world in her heart were her Master, mother, or her future self,

This Raksha man in front of her eyes is far from the image of a grand master she imagines.

But, he does have some extraordinary abilities...

She was just about to daze off, the Raksha abruptly asked:

Raksha: “Your brilliant plan is?”

Li Sushang: “huh, huh... ah?”

Raksha: “You’re plan.”

Li Sushang: “Oh, I…”

For some reason, after the Raksha man’s demonstration, she suddenly felt less confident in herself.

Li Sushang: “I… I was going to sneak into the bandit’s camp and find another chance to challenge ‘Eagle’.”

“But… sigh, I lied, things aren’t happening that smoothly.

I was going break open the chains with my qi, and then go find my sword, and… then improvise from there.

There wasn’t any brilliant plan, I just didn’t want… I… I can’t say..”

The girl’s voice got lighter and lighter.

Raksha: “Winnable?”

Li Sushang: “Ah?”

Raksha: “You said challenge that Eagle.”

Li Sushang: “... yea, I think I can.”

Raksha: “Alright, let’s go.”

Li Sushang: “N, Now?”

Raksha: “Isn’t this your plan?”

Li Sushang: “Yes, but...:”

Sushang lowered her head, with regret and constraint she quietly said:

Li Sushang: “It’s midnight right now though.. What kind of hero challenges someone at night? That’s not upright at all…”

Raksha: “Upright…”

The Raksha man chewed at this word.

Raksha: “You mean during the day? When everyone is there, you will challenge him?”

Li Sushang: “Mhm!”

Li Sushang replied really hard.

Raksha: “I have a question.”

Li Sushang: “Please ask.”

Raksha: “During the day, upright, that Eagle has a hundred minions protecting his side, would he accept your challenge?”

Li Sushang: “Of course he will accept, that’s the rule of the Pugilist World! He..”

Li Sushang thought about it, and then sighed.

Li Sushang: “...You have a point.”

Raksha: “So during the day, impossible.

If You want to win, then only at night is a good chance.”

Li Sushang: “...mm.”

Raksha: “I heard there’s an old saying in Shenzhou:

‘Fish, I want; bear paw, I also want.’

It means they repel each other, and it’s hard to pick just one.”

“‘Being upright’, is the fish.

‘Punishing and ridding evil’, is the bear paw.”

“You want to be upright, then you can’t punish and rid evil.

‘You can’t have both at once, *the person gave up the fish for the bear paw’

You can’t always have everything, with gain comes loss, you must give up one.

Li Sushang: …

The Raksha man’s hand gently danced in the air, the movements were very dashing.

Raksha: Then, shall we leave, miss?

Li Sushang: “Ehm… okay.”

The Raksha man had a slight smile, the fire in the air swiftly disappeared.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.09: 𝓑𝓪𝓭 𝓡𝓪𝓴𝓼𝓱𝓪 3

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1063
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1064
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1065

...no, the flames were still there.

That fire moved as if it had teleported in an instant, suddenly appearing in the hands of the Raksha man, it burned brighter and brighter, brighter and brighter.

The fire looked like… like...

A sword?

Sushang looked at the Raksha’s ‘witchcraft’ dazed.

By the time she snapped back, the fire was extinguished, the door of the prison was broken. There was only a burnt smell left revolving around the nose.

Raksha: “Please”

Li Sushang: ...

Li Sushang stepped forward honestly, after a short distance she suddenly stopped, turned her head and angrily said:

Li Sushang: You’re teaching how to do bad things, you… you’re a bad Raksha.”

Raksha: “Ah,”

The Raksha man sighed, there was absolutely no shame in his voice

Raksha: “Perhaps.”

In the darkness, Sushang couldn’t clearly see his expression, only felt sorrow in his voice, an inexplicable grief.

Raksha: “The things I will do, can’t be defined by good or bad.”

Earlier, there were only two people guarding this prison.

One of them politely sent the Raksha into the prison and immediately claimed to be sick and asked for some time off; the other person delivered some food, and ended up being scared out of his mind, and refused to go back in even if it meant death.

“That’s a human? That’s a monster! Have you ever seen a talking lantern? I’m not going, I’m not going even if you kill me.”

Hearing this, he seems to be more scared of the foreigner in the prison than of “Eagle”.

The most surprising thing is “Eagle” groundbreakingly didn’t get angry after hearing this.

“The Bahai people will come in a couple of days, just send more people.”

Once he ‘sent more people’, he added ten plus people, sent ten plus blades.

The new people went to the prison in formation, nothing ended up happening, the group’s fear completely disappeared, and made the first two jailers laugh to their heart’s content.

Laughing aside, the gang members wouldn’t dare get careless, they split themselves into two night shifts, ensuring there were at least 5 people guarding the prison door.

At the time, these five unlucky guards had no idea what was happening inside.

If you say tonight was strange, it was indeed a little strange. After that little girl who angered the gang leader entered the prison, no more sound came from inside.

A complete silence― a dead silence.

No human voice, no noises, there was nothing.

The guards didn’t sense any strange sounds, but smelled something strange: A burnt smell.

As if the burning smell got stronger and stronger. The five people brought their blades gathering at the entrance.

“Do we go down?”

A guard quietly asked for everyone’s opinion.

Before he could get a response, the door burst open.

The last thing these 5 people saw was a red tongue of fire.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.10: 𝓓𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮 𝓾𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 𝓶𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1101
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1102
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1103
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1104
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1105
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1106
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1107
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1108
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1109
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1110

t was late at night, but the "Eagle" wasn't sleeping.

The rundown reception room was brightly lit, and the light and darkness divided the courtyard outside the hall into two.

The "Eagle" stood in the courtyard. The eight most trusted subordinates stood by and watched him dance his sword.

"Eagle" is not a swordsman, nor is proficient in kendo. He was originally a member of the army, so he had learned knife combat for war.

A sword and a knife looks to be the same, but in fact they are completely different. The so-called "sword spirit knife power." A sword can adapt to any situation, and the art of the sword is ever-changing. A knife is a straight edge blade, using strength to stab.

If you give a knife to the sword users, they will use it the way a swordsmanship would use a sword, and vice-versa. Therefore, although the "Eagle" practices a sword, he actually practices a knife.

The reason why he was so captivated is also because the sword is really gratifying. He has never seen such a perfect sword!

"Eagle" drags the sword in his hand and walks quickly. Suddenly the wrist shakes lightly, and performs the 'three flowers blade'.

It's as if the brush is full of ink. Where the sword goes, the dark gray lines are left in the air, like a freehand calligraphy. This is exactly the beauty of the sword pattern, an outstanding treasure.

The "Eagle" thrust the sword quickly, and suddenly pulled the force from his wrist. The blade did not move, and the sword's edge trembled slightly. This fits the toughness of the sword, both firm and soft.

When the sword was drawn back, it slowed down again, until it seemed to stand still. The sharp edge reaches to its center, sparkling cold light. This is the reflection of the blade, extremely dazzling.

The "Eagle" couldn't help laughing, and put a piece of hair above the blade. When he let go, his hair was cut in two. This is exactly the sharpness of the blade, blowing and cutting hair.

Combining the above four in one, it deserves the standard of a famous weapon.

"Priceless, Priceless…."

The "Eagle" murmured.

An "Eagle" is not a sword lover. Even a compliment is nothing more than a mountain thief judging trophies.

When a man of knowledge meets a little girl with this sword, he would get the sword even if it cost all the gold of his country.

But he is a fighter after all. Since ancient times, the famous sword is like a beautiful jade, and all winners admire it.

"Eagle" decided to keep it. This has nothing to do with gold and silver, but a manifestation of identity.

After all, a man like him must naturally have a commensurate weapon.

The Golden Sand Gang leader looked at Li Sushang's "Xuanyuan" from left to right, and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

"Do you like my sword that much?"

The "Eagle" was shocked and instinctively retreated six feet away.

What he saw was unbelievable. The eight men were lying on the ground at some point, unconscious.

The young girl whom he had ordered to be taken into the dark prison blinked at him. What's going on ?! !!

...If this is a joke, then he will take the mastermind off to feed the horse.

But the girl appeared to be fearless, spreading her hands to him:

"Well, you've played enough too, so give it back to me."

"......What nonsense are you talking about?"

"Eagle" was distraught, but the girl's speech made him even more irritable.

He did not like the sense of uncertainty and wanted to regain control of the situation.

"...How did you escape?"

"Oh, it was the Raksha who helped me...Huh, where did he go?"

The girl turned her head, turned back, and looked around.

(**, that damn Raksha!)

The eagle cursed himself in his heart. If you are aware of the *Scourge*, it is best to deal with it at once.

It is precisely why everyone is afraid of disasters that often cause problems.

"Eagle" regretted not paying attention to that strange Raksha, but now, it's useless to regret.

He quietly stepped back, creating a safe distance. This is actually unnecessary, because he is the one holding the sword. ... But the Eagle's most worrying is not the girl.

At this moment, the moon and stars are scarce. The shadow reflected by the pulsating candlelight dances wildly on the ancient ground, it is a good time to solve the problem.

"What about the Raksha? Where is he?"

"I don't know."

The girl is telling the truth. She seems to be the type to not know about lying.

"He was behind me, but suddenly he disappeared."

That's the worst answer. In fact, "Eagle" didn't pay attention to the girl in front of him at all. No matter how good the opponent's martial arts is, it is impossible for him to lose to such a straightforward child.

From the beginning, he regarded that Raksha man as the biggest risk factor tonight.

Not being able to grasp that person's movements made him lose confidence.

The Raksha may have gone far away, or may still be hiding somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to act-- but either way, he always has a thorn in his heart, and he will not feel at ease until he takes it out.

"Hey, stop looking for him, your opponent now is me."

The girl withdrew her outstretched hand and clasped her hands.

"I have to take back the sword~ Wanderer's House disciple Li Sushang, please enlighten me!''

She put on a posture by speaking a set of words that were totally incompatible with the present.

Before the "Eagle" could react, the girl's figure suddenly approached in front of him.

It was too late and then soon, his forearm hurt, and the sword dropped from his hand.


Another hit on the chest.

"Eagle" took a few steps back, hurriedly adjusted his breath, but the five internal organs were tumbling endlessly and it was difficult to calm down.


This hit didn't use any internal force, but it was heavy. After all, it didn't hurt the internal organs. But the girl's light-handed skills were rare that "Eagle" had never seen in his life.

The "Eagle" was furious that he left the Raksha behind.

Decided to re-evaluate this opponent who is only more than ten years old.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.11: 𝓢𝓸 𝓲𝓽'𝓼 𝓼𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮𝓭

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1173
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1174
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1175
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1176
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1177
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1178
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1179
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1180
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1181
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1182

Li Sushang lowered her body, her left knee almost touched the ground, her thumb, ring and pinky lightly touched the ground.

If anyone noticed what she looked like in that moment, would they think this is laughable?

But, with Li Sushang’s quick movements, ordinary eyesight would not be able to catch this strange start-up.

But this isn’t the Edge of Taixuan, but rather Li family’s light martial art:

“Fleeting Swallow”

A shadow flashes by, Li Sushang already shot to the front of “Eagle”

She attacks first, her hand as a blade.

Her right hand cuts the palm of “Eagle”, knocking ‘Xuanyuan’ away,

Then with the lightning speed, she uses the back of her hand to slap the man’s chest, pushing him away.

At the same time, her left hand aimed and accurately grabbed the ancient sword.

A familiar feeling of relief rushes through her heart *field.

Holding this sword again, it feels great.

Li Sushang waves the precious sword, smiling towards “Eagle”:

Li Sushang: “Thanks.”

Even though her tone was honest and cute, it sounded like the greatest humiliation to “Eagle”.

In all the years he’s *ruled the Northern Desert, he’s never felt such frustration.

“Eagle” now had the intent to kill, along with it was the growing desire for revenge.

Not only will he kill Li Sushang, he’ll make her die a most miserable death.

Maintaining a stance ready to greet the enemy,

The leader of the Golden Sand Gang gave it 120 percent,

He will now truly see the girl in front of him as a ‘strong opponent’.

This is a war.

Not a sparring match, not a duel, but a war.

The scale was extremely small, the objective was simple, but is a war.

There is 1 disadvantage, which is “The difference in power”.

“Eagle” is very clear, and he’s unashamed to admit this:

The girl in front of him right now, is far more skilled than him in both outer and inner martial arts.

In fact, she’s stronger than anyone he knew.

The difference in power were as far as the sky is from the ground, the results of this sparring match were set from the start

―if, this was just a sparring match.

The situation was terrible, the chances of winning were close to zero.

But “Eagle” still had confidence he would win.

Because, he still needs to take his ‘advantages’ into account.

And he had three advantages.

Eagle: “Hahahahahaha―”

The man smiled cheerfully,

"Amazing! Good martial arts, little girl!"

"I must say that I have looked down on you, or that I'm getting old...To stole something from my hand, He He, years ago a hundred thousand Raksha couldn't even done that"

"Oh...Thank you, but this is mine. I didn't rob you, it's called return to the rightful owner."


The man couldn't help but laugh.

"Now that the thing has returned to its owner, why are you not leaving?"

"I haven't won you yet, so I can't go."


"So ... you're here to kill me."

"No, no, I haven't figured it out yet...kill or not either way is fine. But you owe me two slaps in the face, and it's only fair for me to get it back."


"Eagle" let out a sneer

This is one of the advantages: "Experience".

Compared to his experience in the Jianghu world, Li Sushang's experience is almost nonexistent. She didn't understand the meaning behind the "Eagle’s" words, and stepped into the trap unconsciously.

The second advantages is : "Personality"

"Eagle" has tasted defeat. In order to win, he can do anything. Li Sushang is a naive little girl. Fairness and justice still hold a very high position in her heart.

Make full use of these two advantages and rely on the third advantage. Then bet on variables.

The "Eagle" believes that the scale of "victory" will lean towards him.

"Fair and honest…. Good! I'm also interested. How about this little girl, let’s make a gamble"

"Gambling is bad...but tell me, I will listen."

"Haha, all right."

"Let's do just as you wish, we will compete in fair and square. It's just a fight, no weapons.

If I lose, I will give my head to you, if you lose, the sword will stay."

"That won't do."

The girl shook her head,

"I promised my mother I would never leave my sword. How about this, if I lose, I'll give you my head. Fair enough?"


"Eagle" was taken back, then laugh out loud:

"Fair! Hahahahaha, really fair, it's damn fair!''

"Hmm...is it settled?"



Li Sushang tossed with her free hand, Xuanyuan sword buried itself in the ground, leaving only the handle sticking straight up on the ancient rock.

Li Sushang: “Can I go first? I’m younger than you.”

While she spoke, Sushang already activated Blade Mantra, her heart was like stopped water.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻1.12:𝓣𝓲𝓰𝓮𝓻 𝓻𝓸𝓪𝓻𝓼 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓼 𝓢𝔀𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1255
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1256
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1257
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1258
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1259
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1260
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HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1269
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1270

A cool breeze brushed the night, a silver moon hung high.

Under the moonlight, shook a layer of shadows, then the jumpy flames of lanterns casted a second layer.

The dark shadows twisted, changing into all kinds of shapes, they looked incredibly funny.

Compared to the shadows, their owners didn’t budge.

The girl’s left hand was like a sword, right hand was a fist; this was the starting position of the Taixuan Opening form, ‘Odious Crescent’.

But her first hand, she decided was the sixth stance of Li family’s ‘13 Stances of the Diving Swift’: *Returning Rain Swift duo.

Her back was proudly straight, the girl was enjoying her first proper match.

The dancing candlelights illuminated the young little girl in the dark, making her seem a lot bigger.

The man opposing her was leaning slightly, spine curved, both legs and arms.

This posture was the river East Luo clan’s ultimate skill ‘Tiger’s roar shakes the ninth heaven’.

If someone here was from the Pugilist world, most would probably be curious why the leader of the Golden Sand Gang knew the River East school’s martial art?

But, this girl with no experience in the pugilist world didn’t know this.

The man and the girl opposed each other, neither moved, both were testing the other

Silence was like the moonlight tonight, it covered this small yard.

Do the East people always silence before a duel?


Both of them were searching for each other's flaws, but the third person felt a little impatient.

" Shenzhou people’s ways huh..."

This man played with a little cross in his hand.

"To figure everything out, it will take sometimes."

He threw the cross into the air and watched it melt like fog.

--At the same time, the girl suddenly took the initiative.

After a long confrontation, the Eagle finally showed his flaws.

There was only a momentary moment : his breath paused very briefly. This pause made the movement of the Qi stagnated. The form of the tiger's roar was instantly scattered.



Li Sushang didn't let go of this opportunity, and dashed forward--!

A fist's flexible strength like a breeze, a palm's force like thunder.


A sound of slap in the face.

"Eagle" stepped back, blood running down the corner of his mouth.

He spitted several times, salty bitter liquids mixed with broken teeth fell on the ancient rock.

"This is the first slap."

The girl laughed and said :

"Be careful, I will come for the second time. "

The eagle was furious.

Just now his breath went wrong, he lost all his qi in just a short breath, and the girl caught an opening and slapped him.

The mistake, though harmless, had made him feel humiliated.

But the fact Li Sushang still didn’t go for a more lethal attack,

gave him more confidence in the ‘variables’, but at the same time made him feel many times more humiliated.

He hasn’t use ‘Roaring Tiger Skill*’ in a long time, picking it up again now, he’s bound to be a little rusty.

The enemy isn’t an opponent he can easily overlook, he absolutely cannot make the same mistake a second time.

Li Sushang: “Again”

Sushang then used ‘shocked swift gracing curtain’ and immediately disappeared.

While in the air, they exchanged three moves.

They were equal, neither was able to get an advantage on the other.

The girl landed gently, ‘Opening form, Odious Crescent’ appearing once more.

The tiger’s roar shocked the flying swift.

River East Luo clan’s Tiger’s roar shakes the ninth heaven was known for being fierce and hard.

And the light and adaptive 13 Stances of the Diving Swift each have their pros.

But the more powerful little girl was only matching “Eagle,

This in itself is already an unimaginable failure.


“Eagle” bet correctly about one thing:

Since the start of the fight, Sushang has been unable to use any qi.

The fact she used the Taixuan Opening Blade Form after 13 Stances of the Diving Swift,

Proves this exact thing.

(That kind of poison should’ve had no effect on me…)

In terms of inner martial arts, the Wanderer’s House’s ‘Edge of Taixuan’ dominates all else.

Different schools in Shenzhou all have their own mantras. But they all have one thing in common, it all comes down to refining*.

If you compare qi to water, normal inner martial arts would be refining a container for water, continuously increasing the amount it can carry.

This makes improvement incredibly slow, not to mention the gueling and repetitive practice, it also risks exceeding the limits of the body.

But the ‘Edge of Taixuan’, was fundamentally different from all other martial arts.

‘Blade Mantra’ builds a ‘repository’, and not a ‘container’.

Absorbing qi from everything in the surrounding, making the qi as lively as a creek in the human body, coming and going freely, moving as one wishes.

This alternative method called 'Art of Taixuan' was created by the grandmaster Phoenix.

Great though they are, they are extremely limited.

For example, when men practice 'Edge of Taixuan', most of them are blocked in the middle of learning, and it is difficult to make progress. Non-talented youths cannot practice this marvelous skill.

Women who practice 'Edge of Taixuan' often get twice the result with half the effort, they are those gifted with natural talents, and they have learned better than men.

Sushang's master can be called the strongest swordsman in the world. A master of the inner martial art that no one can match.

Because of that, this young girl who was taught by her, also wasn't an ordinary girl.

But now, her inner strength was suffering and closed in this situation--!

A series of heavy punches directed at the girl.

Relying on human reaction and instinct, Li Sushang can either dodge or block from the eagle's punches one by one.

(This man is not weak in martial arts...However, it is me who will still win.)

The gangsters who she had fought against were just those who relied on brute force to use their swords, but the "Eagle" was not.

This person not only has the right way to advance and retreat in boxing, but also knows how to use Qi to strengthen the strength of his punches. Obviously, he has attained inner strength.

But even if she is unable to use her Qi, the girl still has an advantage. The physical strength possessed by the Blade mantra is far superior than the shape of any ordinary human sword, and it is the world's most advanced martial art.

"Guard blade•Gaunt Willow"!

Li Sushang relies only on the Guard blade form to block off countless powerful fists from the man.

Despite this, the Fist of Tiger Roar continued to strike, like violent wind and waves beating endlessly. The girl slowly backed away, imitating a sword with her hand, and using soft power to counter the steel fist.

(Hey hey...this eagle, doesn’t he get tired? )


𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻1.12:𝓣𝓲𝓰𝓮𝓻 𝓻𝓸𝓪𝓻𝓼𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓼 𝓢𝔀𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀2

"The leader of the Sands gang seemed to completely not know to get tired, and even though his fists were completely blocked by the girl's gaunt willow, he never stopped the offensive."

Powerful punches kept striking toward Li Sushang.

At this moment where there was no internal strength to protect her, if she were to be hit by this blow, her body would break easily like a tree branch.

"No, there wasn't any flaws in my 'Guard form'''

The thought flicked across Li Sushang's heart lake, and it was wiped away in an instant, without even a trace of waves.

(The way of his punches has been roughly figured out, and the six-style guarding sword is more than enough.

…It’s this man, who has exhausted his energy, and will inevitably die out soon.)

Such a simple truth like this, the Eagle wouldn't not know about it.

But why didn't he make changes and still attacked blindly?

"Let's wait a little more...."

Li Sushang is unwilling to make a rash move due to the lack of internal strength.

She must look for an opportunity, waiting for his weakness.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.13: 𝓕𝓵𝓪𝔀

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1368
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1369
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1370
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1371

The eagle, too, was looking for an opportunity, for which he intended to show his own weakness.

A weakness that would be easy to find, it was his own face.

“Eagle” already figured out the girl’s temper,

She won’t target anything else if she doesn’t give payback for that ‘slap’

If you knew the enemy’s goal

Then that goal is no longer an achilles heel, and it becomes a life saver.

While he attacks with full force, “Eagle” only needs to guard his shoulders up.

Despite also fighting for his life, the pressure on him was far lighter than the pressure on Li Sushang.

Of course he never planned to follow some ‘bet’,

The treasured sword must stay, Li Sushang’s life must also stay.

So, what if he needs to take another slap to the face?

This was an even battle from the very start.

“Eagle used everything he knew, used everything he had, but his objective wasn’t to injure the enemy,

But to get closer to where the ancient sword, ‘Xuanyuan’ was.

Once both sides started the fight, “Eagle” knew even though this girl was young but it was appalling how powerful her inner strength was.

Without mentioning how the strength of her attack, and her speed, her ability to block Tiger’s roar shakes the ninth heaven alone put her amongst the most powerful in the Pugilist World.

If this battle is prolonged, there’s no doubt he’ll lose.

-- if he followed the rules.

“Eagle” isn’t someone who follows the rules.

Neither does he want to win, but he wants victory.

This was his third advantage: ‘Objective’

Both are ‘victory’. But “Eagle’s” ‘victory’ is completely different from Li Sushang’s ‘victory’.

The girl wants the victory of the ‘match’.

“Eagle want’s the victory of the ‘war’.

‘Victory’... means getting what he wants to have, destroying wants gone.

So Li Sushang follows the rules.

While “Eagle” uses the rules.

Using the opponent’s ‘goal’ to protect himself,

Using his own ‘flaw’ to lure the enemy.

And then, using the unparalleled sharp ‘treasured sword’ to kill.

This was the trap “Eagle” set.

Everything that happened until now has matched his prediction,

The pieces are all perfectly in place.

The girl was slowly pushed back, but from her more relaxed movements and expression, he determined the girl was already used to his attack pattern.

The scale of victory won’t tip towards one side forever, advantageous signs and weights are in constant flux.

The result of this battle must be decided within a few seconds.

The Tiger roars were endless.

He keeps forcing himself forward, forcing his way to that ‘Xuanyuan’...

The precious sword was right next to him, stabbed in the black rock on the ground.

It was within reach...

“Eagle” released his left hand.

The fish trap was in place, now to pull in the net.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.14: 𝓓𝓸𝔀𝓷 𝓽𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1415
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1416
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1417
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1418
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1419
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1420
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1421
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1422
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1423
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1424
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1425
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1426
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1427
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1428
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1429

The way this fight progressed has already diverged too much from what Li Shushang imagined.

She had anticipated divine skills, adapting to each attack, a back and forth without shadows.

There was only an angry wave-like monotone and nervous attack, and a defence that formed a pattern.

… This was not the kind of match Li Sushang wanted.

Her eyes have already gotten used to the boxing style of “Eagle”,

Using ‘Blade Mantra’ to observe thus far, Tiger’s roar shakes the ninth heaven there was a counter to it.

The closest ‘flaw’ happened to appear right at this moment.

The Eagle's right fist was a false move with no power at all. But this trick is neither to lure the enemy, nor to defend. In fact it's not a clever move. It left her with plenty of time to adjust.

Suahang has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Her form of defense " Switch Form: Sailing Eagle" has changed into offense "Wrath Form: Riven Dust" to pierces the "Eagle’s" throat.

The Edge of Taixuan, Blade thrust.

If have this blade form in her hand, this move should be a fierce blade style that instills qi energy and takes the vitals of the enemy's throat.

With Li Sushang's super speed, the opponent had no other way except to forcibly take this sword. She has chosen this form and is also ready to deal with the "Eagle".

But the "Eagle" does not block or avoid it. Not only that, his entire upper body opened wide, and there were flaws everywhere.


Sushang was shocked, this was not what she expected.

If an enemy shows flaws on his own will, he either gives up resistance or is determined to fight to the death. The closer it gets, the more dangerous it becomes. In life and death situations, one can do an unexpected thing.

But in Sushang's heart there was only panic:

(Do I really need to kill him...?)

"Riven Dust" is extremely fast, and there is no leisure time for her to think. Blade Thrust. If the "Eagle" doesn't respond, he will be buried here.

In this very moment, Li Sushang suddenly understood:

From the beginning, she was never prepared for this at all.

She doesn’t actually realize what testing her sword was, what battling was, what victory was, what killing was...

She’s just a little fifteen year old girl, who naively believed she was stepping into the Pugilist world,

But she didn’t know she hadn't wiped her cherishing and awe of human life yet.

Li Sushang: “--!”

Facing the diabolical man who’s about to die by her hand....

The bet over their life, the debt of the slap, were all ignored within this one moment.

Li Sushang clenched her teeth, she chose to withdraw and pull back her hand--

Forcing the ki from the Edge of Taixuan to withdraw,

The recoil from the force of the finger all turned back into her body, putting an unbearable pain on her arm.

Because of the force from with the withdrawal, she had to tap her toes,

Used ‘Swallow’s Return’, borrowing the retire to remove the force.

At the same time, there was a sudden ssssss noise next to her foot.

A white light flashed before her eyes, slashing the space where her body just was.

Eagle: “Tch!”

While Li Sushang withdrew her attack,

“Eagle’s” left hand suddenly pulled out ‘Xuanyuan’, chopping upwards.

If the girl hadn’t stepped back, her body would likely have already been cut into two pieces.

Li Sushang’s one kind thought, unclear whether it was right or wrong,

But it did indeed save her life.

The cold of the sword bashed her face, Li Sushang, while in mid-air, saw the cruel grin that “Eagle” can no longer hide.

Eagle: “...You can’t evade anymore!”

“Eagle” rushed towards her, the precious sword in his hand reflected dazzling cold light, falling like lightning.

(Is that candlelight or moonlight?)

Li Sushang suddenly thought in the moment before her death.

Li Sushang: (Hey, such a strange thing right?)

Her clear Blade Mantra from ten years of cultivation was peaceful and calm.

The young girl who’s never touched death, was so empty the moment before death.

Li Sushang: sigh (I lost--

Not only did I lose, I’m also about to die now.)

(I couldn’t kill without emotion,

Neither could I clear the debt of the slap,

Having no experience in the Pugilist world is really deadly.

(I’m sorry, Master;

Sorry, mother;

I, Li Sushang--)

The girl’s thoughts were like wandering drifting leaves, lightly floating on the lake of Blade Mantra, creating small waves.

Suddenly, Sushang seems to have heard an echo from the center of the heart lake.

???: “...For me.”

It was a woman’s voice,

It came from a far, very far place...

Ah, who is it…?

Qin Suyi: “You need to live, Sushang, you need to live well… promise me.

It’s mother’s voice....

Qin Suyi: “Promise me!”

While the girl got lost in thought, her body already started moving on instinct.

Using Swallow’s Return’s spin as a push, Sushang acted with speed even she couldn't believe.

The young girl takes pride in her incredible speed, but she couldn’t catch an accurate form of the finger in her eyes.

Like the lightning… no, faster than lightning!

She stopped the blade within an inch of her body.

Nest, a flick of her finger.

Even when her divine consciousness was most awake, her Blade Mantra was most clear, the girl has still never used the Edge of Taixuan so skillfully.

The perfection of this flick, it could almost be compared to that of Master’s from back then.

The precious sword broke free of “Eagle’s” grasp, flying into the air.

“Eagle” was extremely angry, he struck Sushang away with his palm, then rushed to catch the sword.

This time he underestimated the girl’s Fleeting Swallow.

The girl fell on the black rock, spat a mouthful of blood, she already rolled over by the time she bounced up.

Within a moment, she was already in the air, ready to snatch it.

Both their objectives were the ancient sword ‘Xuanyuan’.

The one who gets it wins, loser dies.

(...You will help me right?)

Her body was completely handed over to her instinct,

‘The girl’ Li sushang’s consciousness mumbled:

“You’re my sword…” Sigh

When Xuanyuan rose to the highest point, it stopped for a moment, then immediately fell.

Li Sushang suddenly felt a ver familiar feeling.

This scene, where’s she seen it before?

This sword falling in front of her eyes, why does it feel so familiar


Many years ago


Her fingers were getting closer and closer to the sword handle.

It was as though the sound of the sword rung out in the girl’s head.

It was at this moment, Li Shang believes she completely understood ‘Blade Sanction’.

Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo--

But, it wasn’t her who held the handle.

Eagle: “I won!”

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.14: 𝓓𝓸𝔀𝓷 𝓽𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 2

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1528
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1529
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1530

What her ears heard, were persistent urges from death.

Eagle: “Die now, little girl--”

Li Sushang: “......”

The despair and frustration this time was greater than any before.

The young girl isn’t scared of death.

But receiving hope and then losing it, climbing to the top then the pain of falling,

Accompanying the great remorse sinking into her body,

Endless lament, endless trembling.


Even if she’s be cut into two in the next second,

Her instinct refused to admit to losing.

An extremely gloomy consciousness pushed Sushang’s knife hand,

She attacked the enemy determined to bring him down with her knowing she’ll die.

At this moment, the girl who now knows and accepts ‘death’,

Finally got that late...


𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.15: "𝓘𝓽'𝓼 𝔂𝓸𝓾"

HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1548
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1549
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1550
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1551
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1552
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1553
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1554
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1555

“Eagle’ isn’t a swordsman, but a soldier.

What he uses isn’t swordsmanship, but war knife methods.

Because of this, when he grabs the handle with his backhand, he will habitually turn his wrist,

So the sharp side of the blade face the enemy.

But tonight--

Tonight, when the exchange between winning and losing, life and death happens within a moment

“Eagle” had a wonderful idea float in his brain.

This thought unknowingly rooted and sprouted while he danced with the sword.

(Swordsmanship and the knife way should be different right…)

This was just a thought, but it could no longer be waved away.

This was just a thought, but it prompted “Eagle to abandon his wrist turning habit in this critical moment.

This helped him save a moment’s time.

If it weren’t for that moment, that last moment before the blade cut open the girl’s body, he would’ve died.

The girl’s knife hand came for his head at lightning speeds.

“Eagle” grabbed the sword handle, picking up backhanded.

The sword was different from the knife. Swords have two edges, there’s no distinction between front and back.

This way, even though it was only a moment’s difference, but the results were completely different.

This sword that could slice iron like mud, sliced across the moonlight.

The point of the sword softly touched, went through and bid farewell to the girl’s body, separating her into two.

It was as easy as ripping a thin sheet of paper.

Her sight froze somewhere in the void, it no longer moved:

That fatal knife hand also lost all power, stopping and couldn’t move forward.

“Eagle” killed the girl and stole her sword.

Although it was difficult, although it was cruel but it was still a victory.

--It should’ve been this way.

But when the sword pointed forward, about to stab Li Shushang’s abdomen, “Eagle’s” ki suddenly disappeared.

There was nothing where the tyrannical inner strength he cultivated for years was supposed to be, as if it was never there.

No matter how he urged, there was no response from the empty meridians.


The cold current called fear suddenly rushed over the veins of “Eagle”.

Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible--

There was absolutely nothing wrong with his inner qi,

He’s also sure his qi wouldn't go wrong again this time.

But, it still happened, right when he was about to be victorious.

This was the second time tonight he lost all his inner strength,

“Eagle” suddenly understood something, but, it was too late…...

His powerless hands couldn’t even hold the sword handle

The girl who was sliced across the air with ‘Xuanyuan’ with an injury deep enough to see bones embedded there, broke way from his grasp.

The girl’s knife hand hit his face.

Accompanying the slap and the sound of breaking bones, was a huge amount of pain and refusal.


Darkness from the crushed half of his skull rushed to hug him, but he used all he could to resist… his eyes spun around crazily, searching....


He saw.

A little far, in the old station’s reception room, in front of his favorite chair stood a man.


Next to this man, coffin quietly sat upright.

It’s you….

The man distantly watched him, candlelight shook, he pushed to look, he wanted to see that man’s expression clearly--

It’s you!!!!!!

His cognition only had enough time to think at much.

Just as his flames of anger rose, darkness grabbed him, and took him away.

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 1.16: 𝓐𝓫𝔂𝓼𝓼 𝓕𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻

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Fatigue and pain poured into the body, seeming to remind the girl that she has regained control of the body.

It's just, it's a cruel way of reminder.

"Ah it hurts….."

The taste of blood in her mouth was so bitter that she doubted her life.

It can't be that her internal organs were damaged? Her abdomen wounded by the sword sending forth signs of pain.

Although learning martial arts means accompanied by injury, it's the first time the girl has suffered such a blow.

If this is the taste of victory...then this victory was really too painful.

Li Sushang wandered to herself, she couldn't help but chuckle along with pain which made her clenched her teeth.

"Hey, Raksha...you're here right?"

The girl raised her voice with difficulty, asking this question while her face turned toward the moon in the sky.

No one answered, only the sound of the footsteps tap, tap.

Tap, tap

From far away, someone came over.

"He He…..it's you right?"

Li Sushang asked. Her voice was so weak, and there was a rustling sound in her ears, even she couldn't hear her voice clearly.

"It was you who saved me right?"

"Do not talk."

The Raksha man with blond hair and green eyes knelt on one knee beside her.

"You're lucky, your wound wasn't serious."

Is this wasn't serious enough ?

Li Sushang wanted to ask but decided to keep it in her mind.

She lay on her back quietly, peeking at the good-looking Raksha, wondering what magic he will use.

As expected: the Raksha spread out his palms, and the gold and blue light emitted from the void, forming the same strange thing again.

From Sushang's view, it looked like a plain white paper umbrella painted with beautiful patterns. The umbrella was tapered and very sharp.

"Are you going to poke me with it?"

"Do not talk."

The Raksha said again.

The hanging long hair covered his eyes, Sushang saw a drop of either sweat or tears fall down his face.

The Raksha held the pitch black umbrella handle, the tip of the umbrella pressed on Sushang’s wound on her abdomen, he turned his head towards her and said;

Raksha: “won’t hurt, but there will be a strange feeling…

Maybe it’ll ache, maybe it’ll be numb, can you endure it and not move?”

Sushang wanted to nod, but it affected the wound, causing a sharp pain. She could only blink her eyes.

Li Sushang: “... I believe you.”

She doesn’t know if she said it or not.

Where the tip of the umbrella touched her body, the repeating vigorous pain slowly dulled down.

Using Blade Mantra to see, Sushang knows the Raksha kept transferring Qi into that umbrella.

This clearly depleted him, his face rained with sweat.

A gold haired person, is his sweat also Golden?

Li Shushang thought, her heart felt 30% shame, 30% joy, 30% shy, and 10% apologetic towards him.

Raksha: “Mimicked things, the difference in performance is too great...”

The Raksha said to himself,

Raksha: “I’ll need some time.”

Li Sushang: “ok.”

The Raksha stopped talking, Li Sushang also closed her mouth.

The night wind lightly blow over, moving the Raksha’s long golden hair.

Her face felt itchy as strands of hair brushed over it.

Li Sushang wanted to say this, but also didn’t want to.

She simply closed her eyes.

Just like what the Raksha said, she felt all parts of her body grow numb, and some soreness. This feeling is very strange, but she can tolerate it.

Li Sushang: “Ah~”

Li Sushang reminisced the twists and turns of today.

First she defeated four bandits, then experienced what a prisoner felt like;

Had a Pugilist style fight with a man nicknamed “Eagle”, but hardly won;

Even though she wounded the head of the Golden Sand Gang severely, she also sustained heavy wounds

She also gets to know a strange foreigner, and now is watching him using magic to treat her wound.

What a long day…...

After experiencing the border between life and death, the girl felt as if she had just crossed a vast ocean. Compared her this morning and now felt like two different people.

Satisfaction and emptiness, happiness and sadness, mixed with inexplicable feelings, hovered in Sushang's heart.

Without realizing it, the pain gradually disappeared.

A small pride grew and filled Sushang's heart.

"Hey, you know, you'll have a difficult time ahead if you aren't accustomed to the Zhenzhou rules."

Li Sushang looked at the silver moon in the sky and spoke softly.

"Here, when the two of us are fighting, no one is allowed to intervene. Moment ago if there had been an onlooker, they'd have called you an unruly man who didn't respect pugilist's rules. You're a stranger here so don't get yourself into trouble.

"Okay, I’ll stay out of it and watch you get killed."


"Thank you, you're not a bad Raksha, you…..you're a nice person."


The Raksha did not look at her, only constantly put his energy into the umbrella healing her wound.

"No need to thank me, I also have something to ask you."

"Huh, what is it?"

The girl suddenly became curious,

Li Sushang: "Come on tell me, you saved my life, whatever it is, this girl will try her best to help you."

"At the prison, you said that your kung fu is called Edge of Taixuan, the unique skills of the Celestial Phoenix right?"

The Raksha asked casually,

Raksha: "Who is she? Why is she called Celestial?"

Li Sushang: "Because she is the real god, the kind with infinite magic. I heard she is neither old nor dead, she has lived for thousands of years and still looks like a girl."

The Raksha settled down, the white umbrella in his arm suddenly dissipated without a trace.

Raksha: "Do you know where she is?"

Li Sushang: "Me? I don't know."

Li Sushang proudly and said

Li Sushang: "But you asked the right person. In this world if anyone knows the whereabouts of the Celestial, it must be my Master."

"Did you know? The Celestial Phoenix accepted seven people as her disciples, Master and my mother were among them……"

"Why? Are you looking for the Celestial?"

The Raksha looked at her steadily and immediately smiled:

Raksha: "Yes."

Even he himself did not realize that this was the first time he had laughed so relaxed, so naturally, so freely since leaving western territory for Shenzhou.

Li Sushang does not know his past nor his pain, only that this man was smiling happily right now.

The girl got excited without much thought, she jumped up:

Li Sushang: "Then come with me! We'll go to see my Master and ask her to show you to the Celestial!"

𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓹𝓽𝓮𝓻 2 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓸𝓸𝓷

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓓𝓲𝓼𝓬𝓲𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓕𝓾 𝓗𝓾𝓪

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HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1718
HonkaiImpact 3rd Guide 76 image 1719
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First disciple: Lin Zhaoyu

Older zhaooyu.png

The first and oldest of the 7 disciples. She started following and serving Fu Hua at age 6 and officially became her disciple at age 18. She is the leader of the 'school of Taixuan' one of the 6 great schools of martial arts. She is married to the 6th disciple, Ma Feima but has no children.

After the burning of the original school, Zhaoyu decided not let the school created by her Master die by their hands, so she rebuilt the school, and accepted around 200 students into the new school.

She is almost always kind and caring, except when you touch the topic of Su Mei, the second disciple, and the topic of her Master's death.

She is conflicted about killing her Master, but does not regret it.

Second disciple: Su Mei

The second disciple, she about 15 years younger than Zhaoyu. She was the mastermind behind the assassination. She created her own school that walks the line between good and evil.

She appeared just in time before Suyi was about to tell Fu Hua of their plan. Afterwards she burned the school down while making sure the fire wouldn't reach the corpse. She found a burnt body where it was supposed to be and figured she wasn't dead, she kept this secret for 20 years until after the death of Suyi.

Ma Feima loves her, and she claims to be the one who understands him the most, but is very clear about not loving him.

Third disciple: Jiang Wanxi

The older twin sister to Wanru. Her fate is unknown in the VN.

Fourth disciple: Jiang Wanru

The younger, and infected twin. Her fate is unknown in the VN.

Wanxi on the left, Wanru on the right

Fifth disciple: (Cheng) Lingshuang

The fifth disciple, she's the Master of Li Sushang. She lives in the Northern Dessert. She learned Blade Mantra at an extremely early age, she reached the fourth stage by age 13. Of the seven, it's unanimously agreed she is the closest to her Master in terms of skill. She is the only one to master the Eminence essence, but she hasn't mastered Sanction and lacks a Xuanyuan sword.

She dealt the killing blow in the assassination.

Sixth disciple: Ma Feima

The sixth disciple, his original name was Ma Yanqing, the only male in the seven swords. He has a crazy attitude, usually does whatever he wants, he does things rather unusually. He's been very famous for the past 20 years.

One of the scars on his face was from the night of the assassination.

He loves Su Mei and would do anything she asks, but he is married to Lin Zhaoyu. He is often not at home with Zhaoyu and goes around picking fights with opponents he think may be worthy.

Seventh disciple: Qin Suyi

The seventh disciple, the true owner of Issen Mansion.

She became a disciple at age 8, she has no memory of anything before then. She didn't remember who she was, who her parents were, nor where she came from, she only know she woke up in Fu Hua's arms.

After the assassination, she disappeared from the martial arts community for 3 years before reappearing and marrying Li Shen. The story of their love was wide spread, but it seems it was all plotted by Li Shen who wanted the Edge of Taixuan. She is the mother of Li Sushang.

She tried warning their master before the assassination but was stopped by Su Mei. Her Blade Mantra shattered after the assassination.

Dead for reasons unknown so far.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2645545323					

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