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Guide 58


Because it is a content from a visual novel and has a lot of content, so I separate the main information.

𝓓𝓾𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓪𝓵 𝓥𝓲𝓼𝓾𝓪𝓵 𝓝𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵

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Bianka and her adjutant Rita begin their adventure on a small island that’s threatened by the sea creature Leviathan. They team up with Miguel de Cervantes and embark on a small reef boat to kill the monster, only for it to be immediately destroyed by a mysterious submarine. The crew invites them on the ship called Caledonia.

They meet the ship’s captain: Marian William Shakespeare, the boatswain: Lalla Sayyida al Hurra, the engineer: James (Jimmy) Watt and “Iron mask”: a masked figure that wishes for her identity to remain secret. Honkai energy in this world is much weaker than the one they came from so Rita and Bianka challenge Shakespeare and Iron Mask to a fight to prove that they can handle themselves anyway.

The valkyries lose, and tell their reason for coming to this world: their mission is to explore “a topological formation that exists between the dimensional manifolds”, called the Ether anchor point. Basically, the Ether anchor holds together worlds that follow a fixed set of laws. Using technology from the previous era, Otto created a device called Gnius that allows the user to travel between the main world and other bubbles. One downside to it is that from their side of reality it can only be activated at a specific point in time, the nearest being on February 29th.

Another property of the Ether anchor is that it allows bubble universes to interact with one another. That means the bubble the valkyries were sent to explore is made of elements of other bubbles stitched together.

A few hours pass, and Bianka gives Rita a decorative fang made from the Leviathan’s corpse as a birthday present. Shakespeare interrupts their heart-to-heart to fill them in on the current situation: refugees from other worlds are increasing, and it might be connected to whoever is running Europe (of this world) right now. Because this world is wacky, the principles are also different, and the Caledonia can travel through ultra speed currents to get to different places extremely fast.

Arriving at Gibraltar, they come across a wall of honkai energy surrounding the entirety of Europe. The wall keeps expanding and is threatening the life of citizens. Shakespeare pulls out a sword that she calls the Durandal, and asks the valkyries to help restore it’s power by bringing back it’s 6 remaining gems. Bianka grips the handle of the sword and the locations of the gems come into her mind. She also feels overwhelming power that could be used to destroy the energy wall. After that, they pick up a fallen pilot named Manfred Albrecht von Richtofen.

Their next destination is Alexandria. The crew splits in groups of 2 to explore the city, and Bianka gets paired with Jimmy. There, Thales approaches them as they seem interesting and she gives them a tour. Jimmy gets kidnapped in the Great library, and Bianka gets Michelangelo and Champollion’s help to find out what happened to him. With the help of a girl named Neith, they arrive at a sulphur lake and have to wait for Michelangelo to send them gas masks.

Meanwhile, Jimmy wakes up in a prison cell and is greeted by a girl that introduces herself as Alice. She’s a machine made of human brains, and because her creator died recently she kidnapped someone to perform maintenance so she doesn’t die. While Jimmy teaches her how to do it herself, Alice tells him the story of “Alice in Wonderland”. The two of them fall in love while talking.

While this is happening, “Iron mask” meets the president of the city, Shelley, and she reveals herself as being the dimensional traveller Erwin Reanna Schrodinger. Schro tells her that the AI robots in the city are suspiciously advanced and Shelley reveals that she’s using the gem of reason to operate them (unrelated to the Herrscher of Reason). Suddenly, the machines go rogue and the city’s in danger.

The cause of the disturbance is a cyber attack caused by Faust, Alice’s creator. He planned to merge human brains together and achieve immortality, and was exiled from the city 18 years ago because of that. Schro deletes the program, while Bianka and the squad take control of the facility where Alice and Jimmy are. They find the bodies of Faust, his assistants, and the people they kidnapped from the Great library.

In the end, Jimmy and Manfred stay behind to help Alice which now runs the AI robots in the city as community work. The gem of reason was given to Shakespeare and her squad, which made the Durandal sword wake up and gain consciousness.

The sword tells them its story: it was created by a version of the previous era's people before the Mu continent fell. Because it considered the people of that era boring, it went to sleep until the paladin Roland woke it up. It also tells the story of how Roland got her heart broken, which makes Bianka mad that such an important person could be shaken by such a trivial matter.

The next day they hold a funeral for Faust and Schrodinger reveals her identity to the rest of the group. She found the Durandal sword at the bottom of the abyss after the physical form of her body got disintegrated. Since they couldn’t find a beacon to return to their original world, they made a random leap and arrived in this bubble universe.

The next location is the Yucatan peninsula, and the first thing they do is save a tribe from federation people. They meet the elder of the village and the oracle Eikenal. Bianka gets along with her but she then gets defeated by a spicy taco.

That night, Bianka is invited to take part of a ritual with Eikenal. When she entered the cave though, she saw her lying on the floor with a stake going through her heart. The valkyrie tried performing a blood transfusion but neither Bianka nor Rita’s blood types were compatible with hers. All the young girl could do was carry Eikenal’s dying body out of the cave and hold her a funeral.

The next day they pay the federation a visit. The people there call them “nakom” (super human) and treat them with great respect because they got beaten up by Bianka the day before. The squad introduces bikes to the civilization and they meet the High priestess, Esther Zarathustra.

Esther invites them inside a building in a giant meteorite and she tells them the legend of The Serpent King Zahhak; only that now Gray serpent is also there as a witch. She says that the legend is actually true, and that she was artificially created by the Gray Serpent. Her father killed the witch and stayed in her den to study her magic, which is how he invented a serum that gave her superhuman powers and a device from the previous era called Gnius. Esther used it and got sent to this world.

𝓓𝓾𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓪𝓵 𝓥𝓲𝓼𝓾𝓪𝓵 𝓝𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵

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Since Gray Serpent’s power lets her gain the power of those that she eats, Esther puts Bianka and the rest to sleep with anesthetic gas to kill them. But, Rita is prepared for situations like these so she hid the Durandal sword and managed to kill Esther and save everyone.

Bianka wakes up on Rita’s lap and Bertrand, colonel of the French army, pops out of a lake. He’s also a dragon, and was imprisoned there by Esther. He tells them that when Napoleon Bonaparte got exiled on St Helena, a mad scientist moved the entire island with Gnius to an unknown world. The scientist became a honkai beast by drinking a serum and attacked the French army. Napoleon also drank from the mysterious liquid, but because he had a stigma he acquired superhuman strength instead. The emperor went on to create a new nation in this world, and was the one to activate the honkai energy wall. The Durandal sword also found the gem of domination on Bertrand’s back, which can violate the direction of particles in a convenient way to violate the laws of thermodynamics. Bertrand resumed his story: Napoleon wanted to share his superhuman strength, which is why he erected the energy wall that was supposed to give everyone the same kind of powers. But, things didn’t turn out that way: only 10% received that power, the rest either turned into ash or, just like Bertrand, turned into beasts. Bertrand couldn’t stand seeing this and fled from Napoleon’s army, after which he met Esther and was trapped in the lake.

Bertrand becomes the Federation’s new ruler and they hold a ball game similar to soccer to celebrate. At night, Rita tells Bianka the story about how she became a Valkyrie but the younger girl falls asleep mid way through.

A few days later they continue the search for the gems and arrive on the ABC islands. They find a statue of Jingwei and are confronted by soldiers from the Republic. One of the soldiers is Roland herself, though she appears to not remember the Durandal sword at all. Roland asks for their help to fight off the honkai and Bianka and the rest accept. They embark on the Caledonia and in a video call they find out that Michelangelo is actually a spy from the republic. They talk about the Huaca tunnel: a formation that goes through the centre of the world. It turns out the Huaca tunnel is actually the Ether anchor itself, and that the Ether anchor is a failed prototype of the “Moonlight throne” (aka Selene) made 50,000 years ago. It’s purpose was to act as a “space waste treatment plant”, with it’s energy volume being around that of the 1st or 2nd herrscher.

Roland also tells them about the Republic’s problem: Napoleon is sending honkai beasts to attack, and they have no way of communicating with him and sorting things out. Roland was getting along great with the crew, and Bianka became jealous that she can live her life without knowing what her old self was like.

Then they arrive in South America and take the train going through the Huaca Tunnel. They are greeted by Anne Charles Darwin, the daughter of the person who wrote “On The Origin of Species”. It is revealed that the original Anne is dead, and she’s just an afterimage created by the Ether Anchor. They also meet Ilona Draculesti, who doesn’t rely on the ether anchor to exist as she’s been drifting in the Sea of Quanta for over 500 years.

The Durandal sword feels the presence of the gem of love, and they find out it belongs to Shigure Kira, now an idol of this world. The gem gives Kira the ability to sing and act well: she’s awful without it. Kira accepts to give them the gem, but they have to promise to bring it back after they’re done with it. They watch a video about the history of the Republic that ends with Sophia Henry Thoreau telling them that she has a gift and that she’s waiting in the capital of the Republic.

So, they take the train to the capital and Kira follows them. She has a heart-to-heart with Bianka, where they talk about Otto, Cecilia and the way they choose to live their lives. When they arrive at the capital, Kira tells them she has a secret they’re going to find out about soon, which intrigues Bianka. Rita tells her about Shub-Niggurath, one of Kira’s comrades, which has been reported dead for 4 times. At the time, Otto told her not to worry as there will always be a few “travelers” between the valkyries and think about the big picture.

They meet with Sophia, who explains that they already have a plan of attack but they need Bianka to carry it out. The first phase has a 99% success rate, and for the 2nd she can’t put it into numbers. Bianka said she’ll decide after they retrieve the gem of prosperity from Rapa Nui island.

Two days later they arrive on the island and meet Caravaggio, who guides them to the top of the mountain. There, a honkai energy vortex is present, making breathing difficult, and in the center of it is a person. It is Sanada Yukimura, who's been crystallized in a vegetative state for 7 years after stopping a flood of honkai energy connected to the Ether Anchor. Since the world needs the gem, Caravaggio attempts to shatter Yuki but Bianka stops her. Schrodinger tells them that there is a way to save Yuki: Bianka can use the Durandal to force the honkai energy out of her body, and suck it all in herself. But, if her resistance is weaker than Yuki’s, she’s will die.

Bianka succeeded, but fell asleep for a while. She mumbles something in her sleep, dreaming about talking with Ragna. Rita stays by her side the entire time, and she remembers the first time Otto told her about Bianka: he told her to always stay by her side, even when Bianka realizes that the overseer isn’t the sweet man she thinks he is. He gave her the documents of 4 people who suffered similar fates: Theresa, Reanna, Eleanor and Octavia. She also remembers Ragna telling her maids are invincible, similar to when people say “mothers are invincible”. Rita recalls reading a passage in the book “Catcher in the Rye”, about catching children that play in a field of rye when they eventually reach the cliff, a book which belonged to the valkyrie Reanna that has long betrayed Schicksal. Rita sees many similarities between herself and the owner of the book, and ponders whether Bianka would still be lonely if Reanna was still alive.

Bianka wakes up, and at the edge of the bed she sees Rita sleeping. She used to consider her a freak, but regardless of what Otto told the maid, now Bianka knows that Rita values her as a person more than the mission at hand.

𝓓𝓾𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓪𝓵 𝓥𝓲𝓼𝓾𝓪𝓵 𝓝𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵

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It’s time for them to carry out the plan: Bianka is to use the Durandal sword and literally cut out the Europe portion of the world. Because the structure of this bubble, such a thing is possible. Bianka is nervous about it, but Schro has a talk with her. She tells the young valkyrie that she should learn to enjoy the process more than the end result, and even though Schro doesn’t like Otto, she proposes to ask Sophia to give her the data about the Ether Anchor.

They arrive in Chile. Kira and Sophia give Bianka the last 3 gems and the Durandal sword takes its true form. Shakespeare tells her what actually happened with the Durandal: she found the sword many years ago, but because she wasn’t worthy enough the gems scattered all across the world and Durandal lost it’s memories of the incident. Only when she met Schrodinger and they found the gem of courage could they continue with the plan. Next, Sophia picked up on the energy fluctuations when Bianka and Rita arrived in the world with the help of the ether anchor and sent Shakespeare to meet up with them.

Bianka gets ready for the operation. She takes off, and merges with the power of the holy sword. She begins to slice the root of space: at the core of the Ether anchor, space from different dimensions were cluttered together like vines. She lost count of how many she cut. The honkai energy within her was boiling in her veins, but she knew she must hold on. A starry sky appeared in the distance, the horizon of the bubble world.

She did it. The slicing operation was complete.

Bianka gives Roland the signal. Anne opens fire, and the sky clears up. Everything seemed to be going well, until a strange monster appeared.

The monster was a gate-like thing with tentacles, and it had already been rapidly pushing back the Republic’s forces. Champollion came forth on the battlefield, and revealed herself to be Napoleon Bonaparte himself. He’s now only a corpse of the monster he became, and the moment he touched the gate a white light enveloped everything.

Bianka wakes up half asleep, with Rita giving her injections of diluted Holy Blood as a treatment. She regains her energy, and Rita explains what happened: Champollion was another version of Napoleon Bonaparte, and she readjusted her body composition with the Ether Anchor to turn herself into a weapon and eliminate the evil Napoleon. Now Schrodinger has discovered strange honkai crystals appearing and they go there to assess the situation.

On the way there, they meet up with Roland who is heading to meet with Sophia to discuss countermeasures; the world is still unstable from the prior events. She also tells them that Kira might have been corrupted.

When they arrive, Kira looks like she’s been half engulfed in a black alien. She explains what’s actually happening: that is indeed an alien life form called “Niggurath”, just like the Shub-Niggurath Valkyrie they know. The alien life form is able to replace its host’s damaged tissues with healthy ones, which is how Shub was able to live after being reported dead 4 times.

However, when the 2nd eruption came and Shub died for real, the Niggurath lifeform chose Kira as its new host. After she lost her consciousness, she woke up in this world and could feel Niggurath’s feelings even if it isn't a complex life form. After going through the 2nd honkai war, Shigure doesn’t want to go back again.

Then, after a shockwave, Kira looses consciousness and was saved by Niggurath. Schrodinger was also able to quantize and avoid fatal damage. Instead, the one who was corrupted was Roland herself. They need to get to the Huaca tunnel control centre fast, and Bertrand comes to help with that. He’s felt a strange shockwave from Yucatan and came to check what happened. Bertrand picks up Bianka, Rita, and the Durandal. Manfred also comes in and transports Kira and Schro in his plane.

When they get there, Roland isn’t really Roland anymore, and they call themselves “La Niña”. They’re the subjects Napoleon transformed into beasts, merged into a hivemind. While the team was wasting time with them, La Niña synchronised themselves with the Ether Anchor, becoming the “Son of God” itself. Bianka eventually defeats them, but the disintegration of the world bubble begins. Schro tells them there is a way for them to save the world: Bianka can use the Durandal and seal the Ether Anchor within herself, becoming the “God” of this world. The young girl wastes no time thinking about it. She uses the sword, seals the bubble within herself, and Rita uses Gnius to escape.

Fours years later, Bianka and Rita come to visit. They’re rehearsing one of Shakespeare plays. Ten years have passed in the bubble universe. Miguel has grown old, so has Jimmy, who’s of course in a romantic relationship with Alice. Rita now calls Bianka “Durandal”, as a form of respect for the sword. Durandal tells Shakespeare that hopefully one day, they will connect the bubble to the Imaginary tree and solve it’s problems. The story ends with Rita teasing Durandal, telling her that she was actually really into the scene where she asks her to sleep together. Durandal blushes and tells her to cut it off.

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