Simple Ship Sharing Guide

Step 1

Find the game in your library and click the COG icon > Properties > Local Files > Browse...

Step 2

This should take you to the root folder of HighFleet and this is a good start but we're not done yet! Next we need to go to the Ships folder.

Step 3

Here's the hard part. I'm just kidding it's pretty easy you just click and drag that Folder to your Desktop as a Shortcut. You're doing this for ease of access purely as you can just as well follow these steps each time but why would you.

Step 4

Import in any manner a selection of ships from an external host and place them in your Ships folder. The files you'll need for each ship for import or export are the ship's name with a .png extension and ship's name with a .seria extension.

Step 5

Fire up the game and go to the Shipwork. If everything goes well you should be able to find these new ship/s in your load choices. Keep in mind you will also get more ships that will populate that list that will not be in the Ships folder by simply playing the game. Only your custom designed ships or those you import into the folder are what we're focusing on here. However, if you want to save modified designs to be shared you'd only likely need to save them under a new name which should put them in your Ships folder.

Final Words

That's pretty much it and if you're wondering why someone else didn't create a guide for such a simple thing your guess is as good as mine. With a collection of ships being shared openly I felt it was a great time to get off my butt and share my thoughts. Hopefully, we can all share our ships freely and expand the community in that direction! I will of course be taking this guide down if and when ship sharing gets native support.

Quick Start To Ship Importing Go Here!

My suggestion for where to start learning how to import ships to your game would be to get this pack


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