Corvettes of The King: Versatile Legion of Assassins

Corvettes of The King: Versatile Legion of Assassins


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These are "The King's Corvettes", a renowned legion of fast flying vessels who stand vigilant at day or night to eliminate threats against The Crown.

The only reason The Kingdom of Gerat lasted for so long before becoming part of the Romani empire was due to the loyalty of these Corvettes; ever-ready to mobilize against any attempted usurpers of The Throne from other Great Houses or the Military or the populace itself.

Each Tarkhan of The King's Corvettes was a decorated Harishid: Former guardsmen of the King of Gerat who had pledged their ships and their life to the Crown.

For many generations these Corvettes protected the Kingdom, and their Tarkhans believed the vassalization of Gerat to the Romani Empire to be an attack on their honor.

Despite this, The Corvettes of The King had swore an oath and fell in line when the Romani fleet swarmed into Gerat and established its presence.

It was due to their oath to the King that they stood down and years later allowed the Lord Governor of Khiva to declare a rebellion and conquer Gerat.

Upon the exile of the King to the south, many former Tarkhans of The King's Corvettes took up arms once again and battled the Governor's men, but the Rebel ships were too numerous and they found that all of their former allies had turned against them. After sustaining massive casualties, The Corvettes abandoned fighting in the north and escorted the Royal Family to their place of exile.

To guarantee the swiftest response to threats against the Crown, Elaim Corvettes never used armor or reinforced steel. But after the rebellion and with the proliferation of 180mm Proximity Fuse in the rebels' arsenal, Prince Fazil requested revisions to the Legion’s corvettes to prevent further losses in their already decimated squadrons.

While most of the ships fielded in the legion are too heavy to be Corvettes by Romani standards, Elaim ship classifications are different in that they weigh their ships before the installation of armor making these ships true Elaim "Corvettes".


The Igniter

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'The Igniter' wasn’t what this fearless Corvette was originally called by its designer, but that was the name affectionately given to it by the crew of the first prototype, after they witnessed its unbelievable effectiveness with 57mm Incendiary rounds.

In a legendary battle spoken of to this day, a lone 'Igniter' Corvette single-handedly incinerated and destroyed 4 ambushing heavy cruisers, belonging to was up to that moment, a very promising attempt at a coup.

There are 3 basic models to the 'Igniter', The first is the Mark 1 seen above

There is the fully armored armored model known as the Mark 2

There is also a budget version known as the Mark 3-B

You can choose any of the models or all of them depending on your speed and protection needs.

The Liberator

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Despite their extravagant displays of wealth and opulence, the noble houses of Gerat were notoriously tight with the purse strings of The Fleet and would often remind Tarkhans piloting the 'Liberator' of the following:

“Every time your guns are fired you will be costing the King 100 Dinars Tarkhan, if the looters find more expended shells in the sand than you have left in reserve, then the difference shall be docked from your pay…”

With the cost of ammunition in mind, The 'Liberator' is an incredibly versatile and reliable Elaim Corvette that when loaded with the right ammo, can easily deal with any threat.

Smaller enemies don't require anything more than standard H.E. but you can load the AK-100s with proximity fuse to shoot down missiles or to do extra damage. The main cannon may be loaded with Incendiary, Armor Piercing, Prox fuse or even Laser Guided Missiles depending on the situation.

This impressive choice of ammunition combinations are why The 'Liberator' was the most popular ship among Harishids of "The King's Corvettes", and the most feared among enemies to the Crown.

The model seen above is the Mark 2 fully armored version.

There is also a lighter model known as the Mark 1 that can fly at higher speeds but isn't able to endure the same levels of punishment :


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Among the Elaims, 180mm is colloquially known as "God's Caliber".

Accordingly, they believe that any force that does not have a 180mm cannon in their arsenal does not have God on their side.

This is why the 'Viper-Mk3' was so prominent in squadrons of "The King's Corvettes". The MK-2-180-SARMAT heavy twin cannon not only provides unparalleled firepower, but having the power of God on their side emboldened the crew of the entire squadron and brought the support of the people of Gerat.

Perhaps there is something to be said for Elaim superstition, as having the 180mm caliber increases your capabilities to a much higher level. There is no other weapon that can match the damage of the 180mm Laser Guided Missile or the penetration of the 180mm Armor Piercing round.

If price is less of an issue for you, then I recommend the "Falcon-Mk2B3" from "The Immortal Fleet" as your 180mm powerhouse since it can sustain more damage from all sides and fly for longer in combat.

The Aardwolf

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Professional Tarkhans will recognize the value of The 'Aardwolf' Immediately.

It's astonishing speed of 700 km/h, its anti-air missile guidance capability and the 400km radar tracking range make it a multi-purpose Interceptor, AA defense ship and Early Warning ship all fit into one! At the bottom of this guide you will find a walkthrough on how to capture any caravan without raising any alarms using The 'Aardwolf'.

Keeping one posted with your advance squadron will not only protect you from missile attacks and air raids, but also allows you to quickly and quietly capture trade caravans heading for your position and dispose of their mercenary escort with brutal efficiency.

The 'Aardwolf' should stay out of normal combat to preserve the crew's morale, but kept around for missile and caravan interception. The 2xAK-100 and MK-1-180 cannons can be used with a variety of ammunition that can help it greatly in its both roles. Such as using proximity fuse to shoot down air threats, or 180mm LGMs to destroy the cruisers escorting the valuable prize ships.

It is incredible how much damage the Sprint missiles aboard The 'Aardwolf' can sustain, but with the Mark 1 model seen above you still need to be careful not to lose the side hull holding the missiles.

Which is why the Aardwolf-Mk2 was designed, boasting the same amazing speed but with a better protected missile array:


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This great war demands that you be ready for any outcome, whether it is diminishing fuel supplies, large hostile strike groups or surprise missile attacks. Having your tanker equipped with anti-air missiles and fire control radar is a wise tactical choice, meaning that your squadrons will never be caught without some anti air potential and easily destroyed by a missile barrage.

The 'Gulf-Mk1' is a capable tanker with full ELINT and IRST range giving your squadron all possible intelligence on inbound threats or operation strike groups. It also comes with 14 AA Sprint missiles that can shield from you several cruise missiles and dive bombers.

Another fully equipped tanker such as The 'Gulf' is the "Caspian-Mk7A1" from "The Immortal Fleet" that has all the same capabilities with more on-board fuel at the price of slightly lower top speed.


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The King's Corvettes have lost too many good men and vessels to unexpected cruise missile barrages, which is why they never leave the city without an AA defence ship carrying sprint missiles.

To suit the needs of the Legion, Elaim mechanics started modifying the Skylark to be fitted with the capability to launch anti-air missiles, and thus the Skylark-AAW was born.

Both a swift light tanker and your own personal life-saver.

Aurora-Mk2 Flagship

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The Elaims and the Harishids are very proud of the capabilities of The "Aurora" flagship. Not only can it act as the core of a large strike group, but is so astonishingly quick that it may even catch city garrisons by surprise!

Speed isn't its only advantage however, it carries 6 long range missiles, 20 AA sprint missiles and 6 jet fighters on top of a huge arsenal of machine guns that can shield it against any dishonorable strike.

The "Aurora" is a modification of the much heavier "Borealis-Mk4" flagship from "The Immortal Fleet", lightened and carrying less fuel to be able to keep up with the swiftness of The King's Corvettes.

How To Silently Capture Any Caravan

We have all experienced that pesky trucker who ruins your sudden strike by instantly reporting your position from mid-air, well luckily The 'Aardwolf' will give you the ability to instantly and easily capture any trade caravan thanks to its incredible speed.

First you should know that most of the time, approaching a caravan that is already in the air will cause an immediate silent alarm, whether they have just taken off or are halfway to their destination.

The best way to avoid alarms is to time your attack on the city so that it is after the caravan has already landed there, which you can time using information from decoded transmissions.

But it is possible to capture caravans in mid-air as well if you know that they are coming and have a very fast interceptor, The 'Aardwolf' can help with you both because of its speed and F.C.R.-12 tracking radar.

You have to be in the city and landed before you attempt to capture the caravan, as the green sudden strike timer will only appear when the caravan is approaching a city,

ONLY AFTER! you see the green bar appear on top of the caravan, should you deploy your 'Aardwolf' and attempt to intercept them before they cause an alarm:

If you are on the way to a city while you spot a transport on the radar coming your way and do not want to cause an alarm you should do the following:

Detach your 'Aardwolf' and sent them back to the city you came from

Land the rest of your squadron in the desert out of the way of the transport to avoid being spotted

Wait for the transport to approach the city and your ambushing 'Aardwolf'

As soon as you see the green bar on top of the transport marker, take off and intercept

Ammunition Priority List

The optimal deployment of most of these Corvettes was reliant on the acquisition of certain very useful types of rounds. Below you will find a list of that ammunition and their priority from top to bottom:

100mm Proximity fuse | 600+ Reserve

57mm Incendiary | All you can buy

130mm LGM | 75 reserve

180mm LGM | 25 reserve

AP 100/130/180mm | 200/100/40 each

37mm Incendiary | 2,000-4,000 rounds

Prox Fuse 130mm | 50 reserve

Prox Fuse 180mm | 20 reserve

Incendiary 100/130/180mm | 100/50/30 each

Keep In Mind that losing a single ship will mean the loss of all the ammo that was on-board at the time!

Download & Installation

Link to all ships:

Simply download all the files or just the ships you want and copy them into the "Ships" folder of Highfleet's steam directory.


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