Best way to decode fast with 0 radio rooms. Using Callsigns.

Write It Down.

When you catch unciphered transmissions during the start of the game, write down the callsigns (for ex. TOPAZ=/ =ORION. Writing down all of them on paper or in-game using pencil tool should be enough to get you deciphering quickly.

Decipher Them.

You know that all messages start and end with a callsign. For ex:



By looking at the list you wrote down try to find a callsign that has same amount of characters as the ciphered gibberish. For ex:



We can see here that first callsign is present, and second is missing. We can see that first one is made up of 5 letters. 5-letter and more are easiest, since if you get first letter right, you will also get fifth right. So if your first knob is on point you will have:


same with 6-letterers, for ex SULTAN, wich will look like SAHJUAH, where you will have 1-S and 5-A right. Then you s[inn all knobs to the callsign, and message starts making sense(if by 3rd letter you dont recognise any words, try another callsign.

Now the reason to record them each game is to speed things up, since you will have different callsigns operating near you at different Runs and deeper into the run.

Bonus Tips.

Also, you might want to use pencil X tool to write down cipher codes, since they change once in about 2-4 days. So if you move very far away from your point of origin and fid yourself a bit lost without your old friends sending easy-to-decipher messages since in new area callsigns are differrent, you might want to revert back to old messages, but oh wait, you cant read them without the old cipher code anymore.

Also, writing down the callsign descriptors on paper or in-game with pencil helps greatly. For ex, i tend to find traders mostly using their radiochatter, and i always know where they are, since they love to talk on radio about their actions, and once in about two days will disclose their full trade route.


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