10 Things I Wish I Knew as Noob

You Can (and Should) Sell Extra Fuel When Leaving A Town

Don't leave hundreds or even thousands unit of fuel just sit in a town you will never visit again. Sell it and get your cash back.

Intercepting Radio Makes Salvaging Auto

Because the time proceeds when you play the radio interception minigame, the salvage site will turn to auto mode and mess your plan up. It can be extremely costly from time to time and generally not worth it. Just auto intercept it if there is an ongoing salvage.

Radio Room Is The Least Valuable Salvage

There are a lot of guides teaching you how to decode the message without one single piece of the coding paper.

Hidden People Are All Connected To Roads

Use the ground radar to look for thin lines on the ground. Sometimes they lead into the middle of nowhere and it might be hidden people.

Hidden people are usually at least 800 km away from known cities. Pairing this knowledge with proper radar can make you find all 6 of them easily.

Intel Towns Regenerate Intel Over Time

Just use them, don't need to preserve them for "important" moments.

250 Kg Aircraft Bombs Can Hide Behind Anti Air Missiles

Always have some spare cash to clear out the AAM in case there are 250 kg bombs hiding behind it

Strike Groups Preserve Sprints For Cruise Missiles

You can fire a Kh-15 or two to make them use some of the Sprint and then send in fighter strikes. They will refrain from using the rest of the Sprint for cruise missile defense and allow your fighters to bomb them with minimal risk.

Don't Shoot The Wrecks

Only parts that are not destroyed may be available in post-battle salvage. This also means you should avoid incendiary ammo as they will burn up the wreckage over time and significantly reduces available loots.

Palash Sucks

Player palash is nerfed version that cannot recharge while enemy palash recharge every 20 seconds.

Also, palash is unable to defend against AP shots, making them only useful against HE shots that are usually very easy to dodge.

Nuclear Warheads Makes The Game Significantly Easier

Don't sell nukes. However, you should also not use them, because using them starts the thermal nuclear war and enemy all throw nukes at you.

After Khiva the nuclear war is automatically started and then you will have sufficient nuke to wipe out the Typhons as soon as you locate them.

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